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Are Memory Foam Crib Mattresses Safe?

Are Memory Foam Crib Mattresses Safe?

If you’re confused about which baby mattress to get, you’re not alone! This evidence-based guide will help you choose the safest crib mattress for your baby.

How Long Can a Baby Sleep in a Bassinet?

How Long Can a Baby Sleep in a Bassinet?

Are you planning where your newborn will sleep and wondering how long you can use a bassinet? Whether you're currently expecting, or already in the thick of the 4th trimester,...

my favorite baby gear...

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Not a single complaint about this infant bath tub--which says a lot! It worked from 0-8 months.

As soon as Aden hit ~5 months old he thought this rainforest gym was the best thing ever!

baby aden in Moby wrap carrier

I truly could not have survived Aden's first months without this wrap carrier.

baby must have zipadee zip

I'm a big fan of this unique swaddle transition product, Zipadee-Zip.
Read my post about it.

...definite must haves!

We loved our newborn lounger! It was the only place Aden would let us put him down. (But remember, not safe for sleep).

This (super cheap) giant sponge is the absolute greatest. Pop it on top of any bath tub.

This is a great option for a bassinet. We used it until Aden was 4 months old.

This entire outfit head to toe was purchased on Amazon (for cheap!)... Links: hat, romper, bandana bib, booties.