toddler stocking stuffer ideas

55 Brilliant Toddler Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Oct 30, 2022

55 Brilliant Toddler Stocking Stuffer Ideas

AHEAD: The best stocking stuffer ideas for toddlers organized by category…

‘Tis the season and ’tis time to fill those empty stockings… are you ready?

This enormous list of toddler stocking stuffer ideas will make it easy to shop for your 1 to 4 year old.

Everything here can be purchased on Amazon, so double check that you’re signed into your account before adding anything to your cart.

Let’s get shopping, Santa!

toddler stocking stuffer ideas

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Most popular stocking stuffers

Here are the TOP 5 toddler stocking stuffers that were purchased last year (2021).

Planet projector flashlight

educational toddler stocking stufferThis thing is THE COOLEST.

It was also the #1 most purchased item last year!

It comes with two reels of images of planets (and aliens). When you turn the light on, the images project onto the wall!

It also functions as a regular flashlight.

The reviews for this product are overwhelmingly positive and I can tell you from first-hand experience that this is the coolest toy ever!


No-spill bubbles

This genius product solves the #1 reason toddler parents don’t like bubbles—the sticky mess!

Drop it, knock it over, turn it upside down, it’s No-Spill. It’s refillable too.

no spill bubbles stocking stuffer


Here’s a real customer video so you can see it in action.

Wind up turtles

Wind these guys up and they start “swimming” across the tub!

Parents say their babies and toddlers love these so much, they don’t want bath time to end!

bath turtles for christmas stocking


Watch a real customer video of the turtles swimming!

Fun utensils

truck construction toddler utensils


Truck-loving toddlers will think these are the coolest! They’re dishwasher safe, sturdy, and easy for small hands to hold.

Novelty band-aids

food bandaids toddler christmas stocking


These come in pizza, tacos, donuts, ice cream, cupcakes, pineapple, bacon, and more!

There are also sports ones! Basketball, golf, baseball, soccer, etc.

basketball bandaids toddler stocking stuffer

My toddler’s most loved stocking stuffers

Here are a few stocking stuffers my own 3-year-old son is particularly obsessed with!

Paint sticks

paint sticks for toddlers

These are total unicorns.

They’re not crayons and they’re not really paint, either.

Aden has made some genuinely beautiful pictures with these.

toddler making art

They’re also budget-friendly!


Googly eyes

googly eye for toddler stocking

This one might sound like a strange stocking stuffer, but they’re pure magic for a toddler with an imagination.

Our favorite use for googly eyes is sticking them on play-doh.

They instantly bring every blob to life… and provide (literally) endless entertainment for my toddler!


Bonus idea: Make your own “Forky” from Toy Story.

Unbreakable twistable crayons

twistable crayons for toddler

Hands down, these twistable crayons take the cake for the MOST USED item I bought Aden this year.

Unlike regular crayons, they don’t break, so you can use them FOREVER.

toddler drawing crayons

No sharpening, no peeling, no breaking!


P.S. If you don’t need a 50-pack, here’s the link to the 10-pack (it’s less than $3 at the time of posting!)

Budget-friendly ideas for toddler stocking stuffers

There are tons of cool things to buy for a toddler’s Christmas stocking for less than 10 bucks.

(All pricing is obviously subject to change!)

Grab a few items from this list, add some yummy snacks, and voila, you’ve got a great toddler stocking without spending an arm and a leg.

Hugger stuffed animal

animal for toddler christmas stocking

This cute plush toy is also a slap bracelet! Your toddler can wrap it around his/her wrist, a stroller, a scooter, you name it!


If your toddler might prefer a different animal, they have dozens of others! A cat, a dinosaur, an eagle, and a monkey—just to name a few!

These are so much fun for your toddler to stick on the fridge while you cook dinner.

The magnet covers the whole back, so you don’t have to worry about a small magnet coming off and being swallowed.

Note: The box will probably be too large to fit inside a stocking, so just open up the package and let the dinos roam amongst their fellow stocking stuffers.


animal magnets


Character figurines

sesame street stocking stuffer

If your toddler is a Sesame Street fan, these are a no-brainer! (Aden’s obsessed).

We often bring Elmo and Abby in the bath.

They’re also fun to stick in little cars or trains. Aden likes to pull Cookie Monster around in his dump truck.


Magnifying glass

Educational, fun, and budget-friendly… what more could you ask for in a toddler stocking stuffer?

magnifying glass toddler stocking stuffer


Melissa & Doug products are always fantastic!

flower magnifying glass for toddler


Popper toys

These are MUST-HAVES for the car!

toddler popper toy
I’ll be honest… I didn’t understand the appeal of these until I saw my toddler in action.

Here are a few more options…

toddler popper toy xmas tree toddler popper toy rainbow
toddler popper toys popper toy toddler

Play-Doh 10-pack

playdoh stocking stuffer

Squishy, bright, non-toxic!

Divide up the package to use for multiple kids. Or, put some aside for another occasion!



stickers for toddler stocking

550 puffy stickers, whoa! This enormous pack of stickers will last forever.

Separate them into multiple stockings or save some for the future.


…and here’s a cool 160-pack of cars and truck stickers in case that’s more your toddler’s “speed” 🙂 …

…and if you’ve got a budding astronaut like I do, check these out:

planet stickers for toddler stocking

Hair accessories

If you’ve got a little toddler girl, check out these precious clips and bows! They make great stocking stuffers.

This huge set of colorful bows is a great deal…

bows toddler girl stocking stuffer

Sticky hands
Okay, I know these are pretty junky, but they’re good for at least a half-hour of play, which makes them a win in my book!

cheap toddler stocking stuffer

Fling them so they stick to the walls, ceilings, and windows. They’re stretchy, slimy, sticky, ooey, gooey and lots of fun!


Cute chap stick
cat chapstick unicorn chapstick

These are perfect for those chapped little lips!

Water Wow

I hesitated to include Water Wow because I’m assuming you already have an arsenal of these…

(If you don’t, you’ll thank me later for this rec!)

water wow stocking stuffer

They have all different ones:

This product is GENIUS and is perfect for keeping a toddler occupied in a restaurant.

Artistic toddler stocking stuffers

All of these ideas are great Christmas gifts for little artists and their developing fine motor skills!

Toddler-grip dot markers

These markers have unique spherical handles that make them easy for a toddler to use.

Beware, you’re in for a big mess… but it’s worth it… I think.

markers toddler stocking stuffer


See this customer’s video of their 2-year old artist in action!

Jumbo easy-grip paint brushes

Thousands of parents have reviewed this product. These brushes are fat and lightweight, making them perfect for toddlers with developing motor skills.

Aden loves them as you can see!

toddler using paint brush


Washable paint

This paint set is CRAZY POPULAR. The paint is nice and thick and easy for a toddler to use. Best of all, it’s easily washable!

washable paint toddler stocking


Finger crayons

These finger crayons make wonderful toddler stocking stuffers. They’re super pigmented, durable, and easy for a young child to use!


Alphabet foam stickers
abc foam stickers toddler

This is a huge set of 1300 foam capital letters! (You’ll definitely want to open the package and put a smaller amount into a bag or box).

They’re self-adhesive so no glue is necessary.

If you’ve got an ABC-obsessed toddler as I do, these will be perfect for endless art projects! (Or decorating your dog).

abc toddler stocking stufferGET THEM HERE.

Practical stocking stuffers for toddlers

Fun to open and useful… what could be better?

All of the following items are cute versions of things you’d probably need to buy your toddler anyway. Win-win!

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Novelty bandaids

Friendly band-aids are useful and relatively inexpensive stocking stuffers!

Here are several cute options…

animal bandaids for toddler


They come in sloths, dinosaurs, cats, llamas, koalas, and dogs!

See what the cat band-aid looks like on a real person!

Here are some fun characters too, in case your toddler is into Toy Story, Peppa Pig, Finding Nemo, or Avengers:

toy story band-aids for toddler

Fun plates, bowls & utensils

Especially if you’ve got a picky eater on your hands, these novelty items will help make mealtime a success.

novelty toddler eating utensils


Your toddler can stack these together like legos in between bites! They’re well made and easy for young kids to hold.

narwhal snack cup for toddler


Could there be a cuter place to put snacks? Parents are loving that their toddlers can’t grab enormous handfuls all at once.


This snack cup comes in lots of great colors like dusty rose and honey ginger.

It’s perfect for toddlers who tend to grab huge handfuls of snacks—or dump the cup upside down.

High quality baseball cap

plain toddler baseball cap


This is hands down my favorite baseball cap for Aden. It comes in all different solid colors.

No ugly designs, hallelujah!

toddler baseball cap gift

It’s labeled as an “infant” hat, but it’s perfect for a 1 to 2.5 year old. The back is adjustable velcro.

Super reasonably priced, too!

Check the price here.

Character socks

If your toddler is a fan of these very popular cartoons, these socks make a fun (but practical) Christmas gift!

daniel tiger toddler christmas gift


sesame street socks toddler stocking stuffer


Cool toothbrushes

toddler novelty toothbrush gift


These toothbrushes are made from organic plant material… how cool is that?! They’re as eco-friendly as you can get. Plus, they’re adorable. Win win.

toddler toothbrushes


I’m pretty sure these are the cutest toothbrushes I’ve ever seen. They’re compostable and biodegradable too!

Sippy cups

novelty sippy cup toddler stocking stuffer


When you pour a cold beverage into this cup, it changes color! Your toddler will think it’s magic. (I think it’s magic too).

Toddler sunglasses

toddler sunglasses

These trendy sunglasses are sturdy, bendable, and toddler-proof!

Several thousand parents are loving these for their toddlers.


If you’ve got a little girl you might like these precious round ones:

toddler sunglasses round

They’re currently 50% off at the time of posting.


Educational toddler stocking stuffers

Glow in the dark stars

glow in the dark stars

Combine these stars with the aforementioned flashlight, and you’ve got a super cool space-themed toddler Christmas stocking!

Teach your toddler how to “charge” the glow in the dark stars by shining a light on them. It’s magical.



kid toddler binoculars

These very reasonably priced “kidnoculars” are perfect for your little explorer.

They have large comfortable eyepieces, 2x magnification, and a breakaway neck strap.


RBG magnetic wardrobe

Dozens of pieces for nearly limitless options on your refrigerator, or any other magnetic surface.
ruth magnetic wardrobe toddler stocking

There’s also a Mister Rogers version!

mister rogers magnet stocking stuffer

Toddler stocking stuffers for the bath

Every toddler could use some new toys to play with during bath time! Remember, due to mold growth, avoid toys that squirt and can’t be cleaned inside.

Rain cloud
cloud bath toy stocking stuffer idea

This is the coolest bath toy!!

It’s magic/science…

rain cloud toy for toddler

And importantly, it opens up so it can be cleaned. (No mold!)


Rubber duckie alternative

This adorable bath toy doesn’t have a hole so it can’t collect water inside.

It’s environmentally friendly and made of 100% natural rubber.


Stacking cups

stacking stocking stuffer

This set of 8 stacking cups is as aesthetically pleasing as bath toys can be!

If you’re a fan of the Mushie products, you’ll find this to be a close match to their colors and texture.

The cups are especially fun in the bath for straining water since there are different types and shapes of holes.


Fun toddler stocking stuffers

We’re rounding out our list of toddler stocking stuffer ideas with these cool toys and games for 1-4 year olds.

Peppa Pig figurines

Is it just me or is Peppa Pig the best show ever?

Here are 2 options in case one of them sells out!

peppa pig stocking stuffer winter

peppa pig stocking stuffer

LED spinning wand
Realistic hand puppet animals

cat hand puppet toddler gift

hegehog hand puppet toddler gift bird hand puppet toddler gift
turtle hand puppet toddler gift money hand puppet toddler gift
frog hand puppet toddler gift
squirrel hand puppet toddler gift
Friction-powered push cars

These little cars might not look that exciting at first glance, but they’re seriously awesome.

My grandmother bought these for Aden when he was 20 months old, and they were all he wanted to play with for days.


Daniel Tiger figurines

Perfect for the Daniel Tiger-obsessed toddler in your life…

The set comes with 10 pieces!


Daniel Tiger mini plush

More Daniel Tiger, anyone?

This little guy is 7 inches tall, making it the perfect sized toddler stocking stuffer!

Check out Katerina Kittycat too!


Pretend smart phone

Aden received this as a gift when he turned 1 and it was an instant hit! He has pretend conversations on it almost every day. It’s a great toy that I can personally recommend.

pretend phone toddler stocking stuffer


Pretend car keys

toddler pretend car keys

If your toddler loves stealing your keys, these are a must have! They’re much safer (no sharp edges) and they’re still really realistic!


A helpful tip for putting together a toddler’s Christmas stocking

Keep in mind that toddlers have no idea what a toy’s packaging is “supposed to” look like.


If you purchase any set that comes with multiple items, consider opening the package, splitting up the set, and setting aside some of the toys for later.

Not only will you get more mileage out of the gift, but it also makes room in your toddler’s stocking to put other items like snacks, fruit, and random odds and ends from the dollar store (which are way cheaper).

Ditching the packaging also makes it possible to fit into the stocking any toys that come in bulky boxes or storage containers.

Age-Specific Gift Ideas for Toddlers

If you need even more ideas, either for stocking stuffers or regular Christmas/Hanukkah gifts, I figured I’d share a few of our favorite toys.

For 1-year-olds

It’s really hit or miss with children between 1 and 2 years old. It’s seriously difficult to find toys that your 1-year-old will not only love for 5 minutes but will continue to love week after week.


For the best chance of success, purchase toddler stocking stuffers or gifts with at least one of these characteristics: open-ended playtime, social interaction, hands-on learning, or physical activity.

Uncomplicated puzzles, blocks, balls, water toys, and sand toys all make great gifts at this age.

(A few of these will be too big to fit inside of your toddler’s stocking, so they’d make great regular Christmas gifts).

Holiday gifts for a 12-month-old:

Holiday gifts for an 18-month-old:

For 2-year-olds

Two-year-olds are funny little creatures. They aren’t quite babies but they’re not full-blown kids yet either.


They have rapidly developing vocabularies and are starting to understand more and more of the world around them.

Toys that involve sorting, categorizing, and arranging are a big hit at this age. They tend to enjoy simple make-believe games, toys that can be pushed or pulled, scooters, simple puzzles, ride-on toys, and musical instruments.

Here are a few of our favorites:

Holiday gifts for a 2-year-old:

  • Mega Bloks  This is one of our most-loved gifts! I actually just bought a second set so Aden and Daddy can make even bigger structures.
  • Play-Doh Fun Factory (There are countless ways to play with this! The squeezing tool is awesome.)
  • ABC Water Wow (Words can’t express how genius of an invention this is. I just bought 2 more.)
  • Play fill ‘n splash submarine (WE LOVE THIS BATH TOY!!! You suction the submarine onto the wall. You put the 3 balls into the submarine. You fill the submarine with water using the yellow cup….then you press the orange button and it all shoots out the bottom!)

For 3-year-olds

Three-year-olds are a mixed bag!


Each toddler will have his or her own interests by now (planets, dinosaurs, cooking, dress-up, coloring, etc.)

It’s always a great idea to have at least one gift that’s a sure bet—i.e. something directly related to a genre they already love.

For additional gifts, consider toys that introduce something totally new—and/or help them develop their physical, mental, and social skills.

Here are some winners in our household…

Holiday gifts for a 3-year-old:

  • Dinosaur play set  Aden’s grandparents bought this for his 3rd birthday and it’s been one of the few toys he continues to look for on an almost daily basis.
  • Whack-a-mole game The best thing about this toy is that it’s actually fun for an adult to play too.
  • Domino-laying train  I saw another version of this advertised on Instagram and was excited to find it on Amazon with free shipping. It’s super fun and really satisfying!
  • Puzzle set  This was a really successful birthday gift for my puzzle-loving 3-year-old. It’s sufficiently challenging, but doable for a toddler!

Final thoughts on stocking stuffer ideas for toddlers

The great thing about toddlers is that they’re happy to play with the simplest of things. Sometimes, the simpler the better!

Even if you just grab one or two stocking fillers from this list, and then pad the rest of the stocking with fruit or snacks, your toddler will be overjoyed.

Happy shopping and Merry Christmas!

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