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Boho Baby Shower Decor {DIY a Stunning Party!}

Apr 15, 2021

Boho Baby Shower Decor {DIY a Stunning Party!}

If you’re throwing a boho-themed baby shower, this post is for you…

Scrolling through Pinterest and Instagram is great for boho baby shower inspiration

But, unless you’re planning to hire a party planner ($$$$$), it’s up to you to scout out all those cool decorations for yourself.

I’ve done this for you 🙂

boho baby shower inspo @gabysballoons_Inspo from @gabysballoons_

I’ve curated the best boho party decor I could find and read all the reviews to make sure you’re getting high quality stuff for reasonable prices.

Literally all you have to do is make sure you’re logged into your Amazon account and ‘add to cart’.

*I strongly suggest doing this on a computer, rather than your phone — way easier.

And voila, you’ve got the makings of a gorgeous boho baby shower!

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boho baby shower decorations

Boho baby shower table decor

An instagrammable lunch or dinner table isn’t complete without things like woven plate chargers, rustic napkin rings, and a table runner (or table cloth).

boho table setting baby showerInspo from @thehiphoorayco

Don’t forget vases filled with flowers, greenery, or pampas grass (which is the ultimate boho favorite).

The great news:

ALL of the items in this section can be reused for future parties and/or home decor.

Check out these tablescape additions below…

Woven plate chargers

Sticking a braided hyacinth mat under each plate amps up the boho vibe big time.
braided woven plates


This comes as a 6 pack and it often goes on sale.

If you can snag them for less than $3 a piece, I’d jump on the deal. Check the price here.

(Note: You can use these over and over again for future parties!)

Wooden napkin rings with jute tassels

Whether you’re doing paper or fabric napkins, these wooden napkin rings with jute tassels will look fantastic on the table. wooden napkin ring with tassel


These come as a 10-pack and they’re very reasonably priced, particularly given the high quality. Don’t forget, you can use them for future events as well!

See them on a real customer’s table.

Pampas grass

Pampas grass is extremely trendy right now. It’s beautiful and rustic. I have to say, I’m a fan.

It looks great on the table or interspersed throughout a balloon garland.

pampas grass in vase


The only problem is that it’s a gamble to order real pampas grass online, as it commonly arrives broken.

It’s also shockingly expensive. (This blows my mind as it grows wild along the highways here in California).

All of this said, I’ve narrowed down your best options for real and faux papas grass.

woman holding pampas grass


  1. The large faux pampas grass (above) comes with 3 fluffy stems. Reviewers are thrilled. They’re loving how full the branches are and that they don’t shed like real pampas. Get them here.
  2. These real pampas grass stems are huge! They’re 4 feet tall! They’re not exactly cheap, but they’re very well reviewed so it may be worth it. Get them here.
  3. This white and brown pampas grass is MUCH more budget friendly than the others. They’re a lot smaller and less fluffy, but they come in a pack of 30. You could separate them into multiple small vases, or have them all together in one. Get them here.
  4. One more budget friendly option: this 60-pack of richly colored pampas grass. With that many stems, you’ll have lots of options for how to display them. Get them here. 

(I’d personally go with option #1, the top-rated faux pampas grass, and then put them in a vase in my entryway after the baby shower’s over. But choose whichever you like best!)

rustic boho table decorInspo from @beach_andboho

Next, I’m going to share my favorite finds for wall decorations and photo backdrops. If you’d rather skip ahead, use these links:

boho balloon garland pampas grass ballonbar miamiInspo from @balloonbar_miami

Boho baby shower photo backdrops and wall decor

When it comes to the decor hanging in the background, here’s my advice if you’re on a budget:

Instead of a “watered down” boho themed shower where decorations are spread far apart, have 1 or 2 spectacular spots for photos.

These spots might include:

  • A gift table or gift opening station
  • The lunch/dinner table
  • A designated backdrop for photos

In whichever spot(s) you choose, DO IT UP! Make it something eye-catching and special.

What NOT to do is buy lots of little decorations and spread them out over a huge venue. They’ll get swallowed up by the big space and won’t get the glory they deserve.

Here are a few amazing backdrops for a boho baby shower…

Boho rainbow wall hanging

Nothing says boho more than an earth-toned rainbow!

This gorgeous 4.5-foot wall hanging has almost entirely 5-star reviews. It’s made of high-grade cotton utility fabric.

boho rainbow wall hanging


Not only is this an adorable photo backdrop during the party, but it’s also a sweet addition to the baby’s nursery!


Boho macrame tapestry

This 3-foot wide macrame is another option that can transition into home decor after the baby shower!

macrame tapestry


Reviewers are thrilled with the quality of this tapestry. (It’s seriously gorgeous).

If you can snag it for less than $35, it’s a steal.


Woodland animal backdrop

This enormous backdrop is 7-feet wide!

It’s perfect for a boho baby shower, even if you’re not technically doing a woodland animal twist. boho woodland animals backdrop


This wall hanging has overwhelming 5-star reviews! Just be sure to leave time to iron out the creases before displaying it.


Next, I’m going to share my favorite DIY balloon garland kits for a boho baby shower. If you’d rather skip ahead, use these links:

Boho baby shower balloons

If the majestic balloon garlands you’re seeing on Pinterest and Instagram look intimidating, I’ve got good news for you:

They’re SUPER easy (and cheap) to make.

Depending on your pace, you could probably assemble the entire balloon garland in 1 to 2 hours. Maybe faster!

neutral boho baby showerInspo from @thesocialset_up

Garlands are an excellent bang for your buck (as long as you have a little patience) since they’re so impressive and large.

If you decide to go for it, I’ve got a detailed guide for you that I put together after I made a garland for Aden’s first birthday.

P.S. Don’t forget to buy an electric balloon inflator to make this SO much faster and easier. I really don’t suggest taking on this project without one.

Sage, white, and gold garland

This garland is S-T-U-N-N-I-N-G! It’s also perfect for a more gender neutral baby shower.

boho baby shower balloon garland


The kit comes with everything you need: balloons of different sizes, a balloon strip (also called balloon tape), and balloon glue.

Lots of reviewers recommended grabbing a second kit for extra fullness like the photo above. Here’s a perfect kit to combine it with!

And if you want the faux eucalyptus leaves, get them here.

All you need to have handy is string or hooks to secure the garland to the wall.

P.S. I’m reminding you again about the electric balloon inflator! It’s crucial and worth every penny.

White, gold, and peachy blush

Here’s another gorgeous option!

white peach gold boho balloon arch


This kit also comes with everything you need.

Don’t forget to grab an electric balloon pump sold separately.

And again, be sure to read my detailed tips for how to assemble your own balloon garland.

(The tips are in step #1 of this birthday party article).

Boho baby shower statement decorations

If you really want to take your boho baby shower to the next level, these large decorations will look fantastic. They’ll give all of your photos that “extra something”…

teepee boho baby showerInspo from @bizziebeecreations


For a boho photo backdrop, or even better, a place to put presents, a teepee is ideal!

boho teepee


Take a peek at this gorgeous setup a real mom had for her baby’s first birthday!

Which reminds me: you can re-use this for future birthday parties too.

It’s also adorable in the nursery.

If you can snag this stunning lace tent for less than 50 bucks, it’s a steal! Check the price here.

You may also like this mustard-colored teepee or this simple gender neutral one.

Transparent balloon boxes

These B-A-B-Y boxes are great because of their size. Each box is a foot tall, so the stack is 4 feet tall. It’s huge and makes an excellent statement piece!

B-A-B-Y boxes for baby shower


You can put whatever color balloons you want inside! Or, for a twist, fill them with faux greenery, tissue paper, or toys!

P.S. Reviewers recommend using double sided tape! (It’s not expensive; get this one!)

Get the transparent boxes here.

Boho baby shower partyware

Whether you’re planning a formal sit-down meal or a casual buffet, you’re going to need plates, napkins, cutlery, and cups.

Here’s some trendy (and well-rated) boho baby shower partyware.

Paper plates

I’m obsessed with these cute and friendly llama plates!

llama boho paper plates


They’re perfect for a casual boho baby shower; you’re guaranteed to receive compliments.

Grab the matching llama napkins too!

Nothing screams “boho” more than this next set! This brownish orangey color is super trendy right now, and so are boho rainbows (on the cups)!

brown orange boho plates cups


The above set also comes in other colors. (1) Green and brown tribal/animal theme and (2) tropical jungle in earth tones.

Next, check out these gorgeous dark coral and metallic gold paper plates!

tribal boho paper plates coral gold


If you’re into the “boho chic” vibe, you might like these rose gold paper plates! Simple and stunning.

rose gold paper plates


And how about these floral plates rimmed with gold foil! …

gold and floral paper plates


Grab the matching napkins too (they’re even prettier than the plates)!

More boho paper plates you might like:


Now, let’s talk napkins.

Don’t feel like your napkins have to “match” your plates and cups. Sometimes it’s fun to mix it up, as long as you stay within your boho theme.

Here are some lovely paper napkins for your boho baby shower…

These feather napkins are subtle yet SO pretty.feather boho napkins


I’m also a huge fan of incorporating cacti into a boho themed baby shower. These are cactus napkins


These pink cactus napkins come with matching plates and matching tumblers!

And here’s some more cactus for you (how cool are these?!)

mint cactus napkin


These would be cute with any plates that have yellow gold.

More napkins you may like for your boho baby shower:


On to utensils!

My all-time favorite plastic cutlery is this rose gold set below. You’re going to be sad to throw it away after the baby shower.

rose gold white plastic cutlery


For less than a dollar per guest, this is the perfect elegant boho baby shower cutlery! See a real customer’s video here!

If you like this look but you’re doing yellow gold, get these similar ones in gold!


Whether you’re serving water, soda, juice, or alcohol, these should do the trick!

These first ones are technically meant for coffee, but I would use them for regular drinks too (without the lid). They’re substantial and I’m in love with the gold texture!

textured gold cups


More pretty gold paper cups to consider…

shiny gold cups

Now for some rose gold! These are pure class. Obsessed.

rose gold rimmed cups

You can even grab these amazing rose gold straws to go with them!

Next, let’s round out your decorations with some fabulous boho accents!

boho baby shower decorationsInspo from @_wishdustballoons

boho baby shower pampas balloonsInspo from @kenziesevents

More boho decorations with big impact

Rounding out our list with these beautiful bohemian elements that will be the icing on the cake at a boho baby shower!

Boho dream catcher

These boho dream catchers are SO SO pretty. I would get as many as you can squeeze into your budget and hang them around the table or from the teepee.

boho dream catcher


Reviewers are thrilled with the quality and say they look even better in person!

Paper flowers

These super fluffy large paper flowers are a show stopper.

paper flowers in boho colors

They definitely require a little time and patience, but the result is GORGEOUS. Plus, they’re the perfect boho colors.

Use them as table decor or hang them overhead.

This review is super helpful and has a picture so you can see what they look like in person.

String lights

Think: Picnic under the stars!

Nothing creates more of a magical atmosphere than little white lights overhead.

If your baby shower is at night or during the early evening, this would be a must-have in my book!

boho baby shower inspoInspo from @picnicsinthecity

Other easy boho baby shower decor you might like:

I’d love to see what you put together! Send over a picture of your boho baby shower for me to swoon over! [email protected]

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