second trimester of pregnancy checklist

The Ultimate Second Trimester Checklist for First Time Moms

Apr 26, 2021

The Ultimate Second Trimester Checklist for First Time Moms

Everything to take care of during your 2nd trimester of pregnancy

YAY! You’ve made it through the scariest part of your pregnancy, the doubt-filled first trimester.

Now that you’re in your second trimester, it starts to get exciting.

Not only can you start telling people you’re pregnant, but you get to start preparing to welcome your bundle of joy!

This list contains all of the little and big things you can do *now* to not only get ready for your baby’s arrival, but to make your pregnancy more enjoyable.

With each thing you do, you’re going to be saying to yourself, holy sh*t I’m going to have a baby in less than 6 months!

Let’s dive into this second trimester checklist and go through everything you should do during weeks 13 through 26 of pregnancy.


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Let’s tackle this second trimester checklist!

1Set up *MULTIPLE* baby registries

The more registries you make, the more completion discounts you get.

Take advantage of this!!!!

I had one at Amazon, Target, and Babylist.

Setting up a registry takes a couple of minutes, max, so it’s a quick win.

Here’s the link for an Amazon registry.

(Don’t skip this one since you’ll probably use Amazon for diapers and other ongoing expenses after the baby is born.)

If you’re a Prime member, you get a 15% discount on the stuff remaining on your registry!

This equates to a $300 completion discount when you spend $2,000 on eligible products.

I used my discount on an Uppababy stroller and car seat!

Amazon gives you 60 days to use the discount after your due date, so you can wait and see if there are any big ticket items that your friends/family didn’t purchase.

Here’s the Amazon registry link.

Now let’s talk about what to put on it!

2Start building your baby registry (or registries!)

It’s super overwhelming to figure out which of the zillion baby products to register for, so here are some of my personal favorite products just to get you started…

I do not recommend getting a DockATot (or any similar $$ product) as those are unsafe for sleep—despite what you see on social media. Read why here.

I have several guides to help you figure out what else to register for (and what not to!):

You may want to come back to these posts later. Now let’s continue with our second trimester checklist…

3Download a pregnancy tracking app

Apps are great for seeing

  • How many days/weeks you have to go;
  • The approximate size and weight of your baby;
  • What changes you can expect in your body;
  • and so much more!

pregnancy app for second trimester

I downloaded several apps to see which I liked best and ending up keeping them all.

  • Pregnancy +
  • Pregnancy Tracker – BabyCenter
  • Pregnancy & Baby Tracker WTE (What to Expect)

I loved seeing which fruit or vegetable Aden was that week!

4Join a due date group

Here’s how to find one on Facebook using the app:

1. Click on the icon of the 3 people at the very bottom of the screen.

facebook groups icon

2. Tap the magnifying glass at the top right.

search due date group facebook

3. Search for the month and year you’re due + “due date” or “babies”.

facebook due date groups

Pick whichever one(s) you think look good. You can always join another one later.

Fair warning: Due date groups are notoriously a mixed bag. You’ll see lots of “woo” (i.e. pseudoscience) being recommended by ‘experienced’ moms. You’ll also see lots of repetitive posts and occasionally some stupid drama.

That said, it’s comforting to see all the variations of normal and it will make you feel less alone in your pregnancy.

5Join some evidence-based groups

Without any exaggeration, the very best thing I did to prepare for my baby was join the Facebook group, Safe Sleep and Baby Care (SSBC).

I realize that sounds nuts, but it’s 100% true.

SSBC is one of the very rare places on the internet where you can ask questions and receive quality, trustworthy, evidence-based answers.

You will learn SO MUCH about all things baby care and how to keep your sleeping baby safe.

Request to join here.

There are several other excellent groups to join as well:

Go ahead and join them all now, even if things like babyproofing and feeding solids feel really far away.

Continuing on with our second trimester checklist!

6Start thinking about a baby name

I kept a running list on my phone of all of the names I liked.

I’ve got several great lists of baby names for you to check out.



I’d suggest saving this post and coming back to those links later.

P.S. If you’ve already got your heart set on a name, make sure to talk it over with your partner ASAP! The sooner you know if he hates it, the sooner you can start negotiations 😉

7Plan your baby shower

Now is the time to start thinking through the details so you can give notice to your guests.

Related: Easy Boho Baby Shower Decor [DIY a Stunning Party!]

Not everyone has a baby shower, so don’t stress about this if it’s not in the cards.

Before we get to #8 here’s a *pin* you can save to help you remember numbers 1-7!

2nd trimester to do list part 1

^ If you tap the graphic, a red Pinterest button will appear making it easy to save.

Continuing on to number 8 of this 2nd trimester to do list!

8Order a breast pump

(Or, figure out the process for ordering one).

Breast pumps are covered under most health insurance plans, so you should be able to get one for free.

I had my heart set on the Spectra S1 (by far the #1 favorite amongst moms). Since it’s considered a “premium” option, insurance covered most of it and I had to kick in a little extra.

Some insurance companies make you wait to place your order until you’re closer to your due date.

Others, like mine, let you order it in advance.

So, here’s your action item: Call your insurance company and find out what they want you to do.

OR (this is WAY easier): go through Aeroflow (a medical equipment company) and have them verify your insurance information for you. (They’re who I used and they make this super fast and easy).

P.S. Don’t forget to order at least one extra set of pump parts.

9Make a dentist appointment

Hormonal changes during pregnancy can cause gum disease, yuck!

Go get your mouth checked out.

Do not forget to tell the receptionist you are pregnant. They’ll want to make note that you won’t be getting any x-rays.

10Book a pregnancy photo shoot if you’ll be having one

(I didn’t have one).

If you’re not sure who to use, ask your local mom friends.

If you don’t have local mom friends, join a local mom group on Facebook and ask there!

Photographers book up many months in advance, so don’t wait to do this.

Start planning maternity and paternity leave

Some people prefer to begin their maternity leave during the last month of pregnancy; and others wait until the baby is born.

Start thinking about what you’ll want to do.

You have plenty of time to figure out the specifics, but it’s wise to get the ball rolling now, especially if you want to give advance notice to your boss or employees.

Read your company’s policies and make sure you know the following:

  • By when do you need to provide notice?
  • How will you be paid during maternity leave?
  • How many days are you able to take?
  • Will you need to file paperwork with the state?

You should also start thinking about whether you and your partner will take off at the same time—and whether there’s an option for your partner to stagger his paternity leave instead of taking it all at once.

(My husband took off 2 days a week for several months and it worked SUPER well for us).

Find and schedule childbirth, breastfeeding, CPR, and parenting classes

I was shocked by how early these book up. I suggest scheduling them as soon as you can.

Find out if your hospital offers classes. If they don’t, see who your OBGYN recommends.

If you have an FSA or HSA card, you may be able to pay for classes with those funds.

In all honesty, only a tiny bit of what I learned in these classes was useful, but I’m still glad my husband and I took them because it was good mental preparation.

A useful tip: It’s not the worst idea to delay scheduling a CPR class until your baby is around 6 months old. The class we took was excellent, but I’d be lying if I said I remembered everything by the time Aden was at the age where the information was relevant.

Get moving again if you’ve been sedentary

Learn from my major mistake!

I stopped working out during the first trimester and then never re-established an exercise routine.

When the 3rd trimester hit, I felt like I weighed a million pounds because I had lost all my muscle tone. It made the end of my pregnancy extra uncomfortable.

Giving birth was also SO. FREAKING. DIFFICULT.

I’m 100% sure it would have been easier if I was in halfway decent shape.

I know this is annoying to hear, but hopefully, I can motivate you a little if you’ve been sedentary.

If you don’t get into a good routine now, it’s only going to get harder and harder to do so.

Start *sale* shopping for baby clothes

Skip this if it isn’t fun for you.

The nice thing about starting your shopping early is that you can jump on deals and buy things off-season.

I bought some of the cutest winter clothes while I was pregnant in the summer.

Here’s a list of some of my favorite brands for baby clothes:

  • Zara probably my #1 favorite
  • H&M somewhat hit or miss but still my 2nd favorite
  • Target very hit or miss but I’ve had lots of great finds
  • Old Navy also very hit or miss
  • Primary great for basics and PJs
  • Childhoods Clothing pricey but great for sets and slim-fitting joggers
  • Kate Quinn great for organic colors
  • Rylee + Cru a pricey version of Zara
  • Quincy Mae a slightly cheaper branch of R+C
  • Kyte great for onesies and sleep sacks
  • Posh Peanut SO SOFT and especially cute for girl clothes
  • Jamie Kay super cute girl clothes with great details

All of these brands have amazing sales throughout the year, so keep your eyes peeled!

Buy some starter maternity clothes

Start with a few basics and then slowly buy more as your belly grows.

The very first thing I’d buy, even if you’re early in your second trimester, is comfortable lounge pants to wear around the house.


If your bump isn’t big yet, you can cuff the belly band.

These are stretchy and silky and won’t dig into your belly.

Click here to see them on a real woman in her 2nd trimester!

Now for a short list of frequently recommended items in my mom’s groups. All of these recs are from real people.

Buy and assemble a crib

You could technically wait until your third trimester to do this, but don’t count on feeling like assembling furniture when you’re exhausted and huge.

I was super glad to have gotten this out of the way during my second trimester.

Plus, having a crib set up makes everything feel real!

The ABC's of Safe Sleep baby alone back crib


Choosing a crib and a safe crib mattress can feel a little daunting, so I’ll quickly summarize what you need to know.

Click the plus signs to expand the toggles.

Choosing a crib

Per CPSC standards, as long as you buy a new crib that was manufactured after June 2011 and meets the ASTM F1169-13 standard, you’re good to go.

Cribs sold by major retailers are likely to meet these standards, but you should always double check.

I’m 100% happy with the crib we chose. It’s super cute, was very reasonably priced, and has held up well. Plus, it converts to a toddler bed!

It comes in other colors if you aren’t a fan of all white.

safe crib


The pricing fluctuates, but if you can grab it online for anything less than $400, I’d go for it. Check the price on Amazon.

Choosing a crib mattress

Unlike cribs, crib mattresses are NOT federally regulated. (Advocacy groups are pushing for this to change).

There are 2 things to look for in a safe crib mattress:

We have this Babyletto mattress.

It’s very firm and fits perfectly in our Babyletto crib.

It also comes with a washable cover.

For a more affordable option, consider this very popular Graco mattress.

I know that was a ton of info coming at you, so save this for later, then come back and tackle everything piece by piece.

Here is another *pin* to save to help you remember numbers 8-16!

2nd trimester to do list part 2

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That concludes our second trimester checklist…

If you get all this stuff done and want to get a head start on more pre-baby to-dos, you can check out 35 Things to do Before Baby (while lying in bed!)

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The Ultimate Second Trimester Checklist for First Time Moms