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250 Hippie Names for your Boho Baby

Feb 26, 2021

250 Hippie Names for your Boho Baby

The best artsy earthy hippie baby names — plus their meanings — and middle name ideas!

Whether you’re looking for a groovy 60s and 70s vibe, or a modern boho baby name, you’re in the right place!

This enormous list of hippie names is inspired by nature, animals, music, love and peace!

hippie baby names mom to be

I did my best to only include names that are quirky and beautiful, without being too out there.

Be sure to check out the last section of this post for some pretty incredible first and middle name combinations, if I do say so myself.

So, break out your sandals, flower crown, and your favorite flowing dress, and let’s dive into this huge list of hippie baby names for your baby boy or girl…


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Hippie Names: Flowers

Starting off our mega list with some flower power! Check out these fragrant flower names for boys and girls!


Flower names for boys

It’s surprisingly difficult to come up with masculine names in the flower category. But, I’ve got you covered with some truly great male flower baby names!

  • Aster // a daisy-like flower // they come in blue, white, and purple and are known to attract butterflies // Greek origin
  • Bud // as in flower bud! // a name that’s symbolic of a budding future // also short for “Buddy” and means friend // American origin
  • Miller // as in Dusty Miller, a silver-leaved perennial flower // popular as a last name but unique as a first or middle name! // Irish or Scottish origin
  • Quince or Quincy // a type of shrub in the rose family // means “apple-like fruit” // Latin origin
  • Ren // means lotus in Japanese // the lotus flower is a symbol of self-growth and enlightenment // makes a great middle name for a boy or girl
  • Rhodes // where roses grow // Greek origin // maybe he’ll grow up to be a Rhodes Scholar!
  • Rosen // means roses in German // a popular Jewish surname that makes a unique first name or middle name

For a boy’s name with some serious flower power, try combining these! Think: Aster Rhodes, Bud Rosen, Quince Miller. 

baby boy flowers

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Some of the aforementioned flower names for boys work for a girl too!



Flower names for girls

flower child baby boho

The options for girl flower names are endless… but… most of them don’t have the boho vibe you’re looking for. (Think: Cynthia, Heather, Florence, etc.)

These hippie girl names for your flower child may do the trick!

  • Daisy // happy white flowers with yellow centers // symbolic of the hippie movement // English origin
  • Elodie // a type of pink lily with double-layered petals // sounds like melody! // French origin
  • Hanna or Hannah // means flower in Japanese // also means Grace in Hebrew
  • Lacey // from the perennial blue lace flower, a dome-shaped flower made of hundreds of tiny Forget-Me-Not flowers // French origin
  • Poppy // the prettiest red flower for your little hippie // a favorite garden ornamental flower // Latin origin
  • Rosie // roses are red, violets are blue, Rosie’s a sweet hippie girl name, and that is true! // also a great feminist name after Rosie the Riveter // English origin
  • Tansy // yellow, button-like flowers on a reddish stem // used for medicinal purposes // Latin origin
  • Zara // blooming flower // not sure if the retail chain kills the hippie vibe, but this is a great Z name! // Hebrew and Arabic origin

For an interesting name combination, use Bloom, Meadow, or Field(s) as a middle name! Think: Lacey Meadow, Tansy Fields, Poppy Bloom, Elodie Field.

Continuing our list of boho names with more organic options…

Hippie Names: Plants and Trees

Nature-loving families can’t go wrong with these strong and simple botanical baby names.

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Tree & plant names for boys

hippie babies plants trees

Most of these plant names for boys are unusual enough that you won’t have to worry about your little one’s classmates all having the same name!

  • Alder // an alder tree’s wood is used to make electric guitars // English origin
  • Arlow or Arlo // evergreen barberry tree // an adaptable and hardy shrub // Spanish origin
  • Asher // one who lives by an ash tree // also means blessed and happy // Hebrew origin
  • Birch // a white slender tree that can bend to the ground without breaking // English origin
  • Calyx or Calix // a husk or pod // the funnel-shaped part of a flower // Greek and Latin origin
  • Cane or Kane // a stalk of sugar for your sweet babe // this one-syllable boys’ name makes a great middle name // English origin
  • Carver // wood carver // cool when paired with another earthy name // English origin
  • Cedar // a beautiful tree known for its scented wood // Latin origin
  • Forrest // a land of trees and magnificent nature // English and Scottish origin
  • Greene // makes an excellent middle name when paired with a botanical first name // maybe your baby will grow up to be an environmentalist! // English origin
  • Hollis // of the holly tree // known for its lovely red berries // English origin
  • Huck // like the huckleberry fruit // the state fruit of Idaho // reminiscent of Huck Finn // English origin
  • Linden or Lyndon // a large deciduous tree with a sturdy trunk // English and German origin
  • Perry // dweller near a pear tree // usually a last name so it’s unique as a first or middle name // English origin
  • Reed or Reid // a tall grass // also means red-headed // English origin
  • Ripley // strip of clearing in the woods // a cute and spunky name // English origin
  • Rowan // a reddish-brown tree // also means “little redhead” // Scottish and Irish origin
  • Sage // an herb with grayish-green leaves // also means wise // Latin origin
  • Silas // man of the forest // awesome when paired with another nature name // Latin origin
  • Timber // growing trees // wood suitable for building // English origin

For a boldly botanical boy name, consider combining these. Think: Arlow Birch, Linden Greene, Rowan Sage, Lyndon Forrest, Silas Reed, Timber Hollis. Be sure to check out all of the additional first and middle name combos at the end!

Many of these tree and plant names for boys are wonderful organic girl names too!



Plant & tree names for girls

baby eating fruit in nature

Pick your hippie girl’s name right out of this garden of fresh choices.

  • Arden // great forest // “valley of the eagle” // Latin and English origin
  • Ash // like the tree // in the lilac and olive family // English origin
  • Ashby // ash tree farm // a less common variation of Ashley // English origin
  • Aspen // a quaking tree with heart-shaped leaves // also a place in Colorado // English origin
  • Ayla // oak tree // also means moonlight // Hebrew and Turkish origin
  • Clementine // a small citrus fruit that’s juicy and sweet // French origin
  • Dara // oak tree // also means pearl of wisdom // Hebrew origin
  • Eden // like the garden // this E name means place of delight // Hebrew origin
  • Ginger // a snappy name for a sassy lady // also means pure // English origin
  • Hazel // a broad leaved-plant with edible nuts // hazelnuts make Nutella, yum! // English
  • Ilana // oak tree // its fruit is a nut, the acorn // means tree in Hebrew
  • Ivy // a climbing vine // an evergreen woody plant // English origin
  • Juniper or Junie // a small evergreen shrub // also means young // Latin origin
  • Meadow // a grassland that’s allowed to grow unchecked // perfect or a free spirit! // English origin
  • Nala // might mean a stem or hollow reed… true meaning unknown // African origin
  • Oakley // meadow of oak trees or oak clearing // English origin
  • Olive // grows on Mediterranean trees // the olive branch is a symbol of peace // Latin origin
  • Pepper // for a little girl with some spice // Latin origin
  • Samara // a winged seed that falls from a tree (we used to stick these on our noses as kids!) // Hebrew origin
  • Valli // a winding plant // sounds like Valley, which could be an alternate spelling // makes a great middle name // Latin origin
  • Zetta // olive // Z names are so awesome! // Hebrew origin

Fruits and veggies actually make amazing hippie names! For a fresh take, consider these combinations: Pepper Oakley, Ginger Eden, Aspen Valli, Arden Ivy, Hazel Meadow, Olive June. I’ve included a bunch more middle name ideas at the end of this post!

Continuing on with more earthy and organic names for your modern-day little hipster…

Hippie Names: Earth

Continuing our huge list of 250 hippie names!

If you aren’t sold on a plant name for your baby but are still looking for a natural vibe, here are a bunch of great names that mean earth…


Earthy names for boys

baby boy in the forest

All of these earthy boy names are about the land: the hills, the mountains, and the raw materials. Here are 20 male or nonbinary names that mean earth…

  • Berg // mountain or cliff // makes a cool middle name // German origin
  • Brent // from a steep hill // English origin
  • Bryce // as in Bryce Canyon National Park // also means speckled // Scottish origin
  • Canyon // a gorge with a river flowing through it // for a deep person with layers // Spanish origin
  • Clay // as earthy as it gets // fine-grained earth // English origin
  • Cliff // a steep rock face // English origin
  • Coal or Cole // a natural resource // a dark gray or black color // English origin
  • Denver // green valley // a place in Colorado // English origin
  • Everest // as in the world’s tallest mountain // this 2-syllable boys’ name is great for an adventurous family who loves to hike
  • Hutton // a ridge enclosure // English and Scottish origin
  • Jasper // a red, yellow, brown, or green gemstone // also means bringer of treasure // Persian origin
  • Jet // a coal-like organic gemstone // makes a great descriptive middle name // English origin
  • Knox // a round-topped hill // Knoxville is a place in Tennessee // Scottish origin
  • Lander // territory // a fresh take on Landon // German origin
  • Lyle // topographic name for one who lives on an island // Scottish, English, and French origin
  • Onyx // a black gemstone // this makes a great middle name and would be especially interesting paired with a Z name for XYZ // Greek origin
  • Ridge // a long narrow hilltop // an elevated strip of land // English origin
  • Sawyer // woodcutter // one who saws Timber // English origin
  • Stone // a baby name that’s solid as a rock // makes a strong middle name // German origin

For an earth-shattering hippie baby name, try combining these! Think: Onyx Ridge, Lander Knox, Hutton Stone, Silas Jet, Forrest Ridge.



Earthy names for girls

baby hippie in the woods

Gemstones and mountains make excellent earthy girl names! Here are 15 female names that mean earth:

  • Amber // golden fossilized tree resin // orangey-red color // English origin
  • Bryn or Brynn // hill // also makes a great middle name // Welsh origin
  • Ellery // island with elder trees // if you’ve ever heard of Elderberry, it comes from an elder tree! // English origin
  • Embry // flat-topped hill // reminds me of Ember, a name I also love // English origin
  • Gem or Gemma // precious stone // Italian origin
  • Hartley // stag meadow // cute because “hart” sounds like “heart” // English origin
  • Honey // for your little honey bee // a sweet term of endearment // English origin
  • Jade // a beautiful green stone // means “stone of the side” // symbolic in Asian and Mexican art // Spanish origin
  • Lana // little rock // this “L” name reminds me of Lana from Smallville! // English origin
  • Opal // a glittery white gem // the birthstone of October // Sanskrit origin
  • Peri // mountain dweller // also means fruit or fairy // Hebrew, Greek, Persian origin
  • Ramsey // low-lying land // also means garlic island… good for keeping away vampires! // English origin
  • Ruby // a lovely red stone for a lovely little lady // one of the strongest gemstones // Latin origin
  • Sierra // this “S” name means mountain range in Spanish
  • Terra // earth // the Roman earth goddess // a different take on Tara // Latin origin
  • Tula // mountain peak // also means tranquility // Hindi, Kiswahili, Choctaw origin
  • Vale // means valley // a nature and a geographical name // Latin origin
  • Zola // ball of earth // if you’re a Grey’s fan you’ll recognize this name as Meredith’s daughter! // Latin origin

There are so many great options for baby names meaning earth!

For a hippie girl name that’s as earthy as it gets, consider one of these combinations: Amber Sierra, Gemma Bryn, Opal Embry.

We’ll cover more hippy name combinations later!

Hippie Names: Sun, Fire, and Light

Continuing with our list of 250 baby names! Now for some more hippie names that literally shine!

“Here comes the sun do, do, do” 🎶  -The Beatles

“Come on baby light my fire…” 🎶 -The Doors


Boy names that mean sun and fire

These are some “hot” hippie names for boys that are sure to spark your interest!

  • Abner // father of light // creator of the sun and stars // Hebrew origin
  • Aden or Aiden // little fire // this short boys’ name also means attractive // I’m kind of biased toward this name! // Irish and Hebrew origin
  • Blaze // a fiercely burning fire // English origin
  • Brenton // fire or flame // town of fire // English origin
  • Flint // a stone that makes a spark // English origin
  • Iggy or Iggie // fiery one // English origin
  • Nova // a star that has a burst of light // a unique astronomy name // also means “new” // Latin origin
  • Sorin or Soren // sun // a name that “soars”! // Romanian origin

For a fiery name combination, think: Iggy Abner, Aden Blaze, Sorin Flint. Stay tuned for the full list of middle name ideas at the end of this post!

As always, many of these hippie boy names also make great girl names!

girl in sunshine


Girl names that mean daylight and sunshine

For the baby girl who’s going to light up your life, these make great hippy names…

  • Alba // sunrise or dawn // this A name also means white // Latin origin
  • Ember // a golden fragment of a fire // French origin
  • Enya // fire // also means grain // Irish origin
  • Goldie // golden like the sun // Yiddish origin
  • Rai // like a ray of light // also of Japanese origin meaning “next child”
  • Zia // light or splendor // Latin origin
  • Zora // dawn // Arabic, Slavic, African origin

For a dazzling hippie girl name, consider combinations like Zora Rai and Zia Ember!

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Continuing our “elemental names”…

hippie family walking

Hippie Names: Water

For an earthy baby name that literally flows, check these out!

Hippie names for boys inspired by water:

Any one of these baby names for boys is sure to make a splash…

  • Brooks // small streams // one who dwells by a brook // English origin
  • Calder // rocky water // a rough stream that your tough little guy can totally handle! // English origin
  • Callan // flowing water // Scandinavian and Gaelic origin
  • Dylan // son of the sea // Welsh origin
  • Hurley // sea tide // Gaelic origin
  • Kai // sea in Hawaiian // ocean, restoration, or recovery in Japanese
  • Moses // delivered from the river // Hebrew origin
  • Nile // the longest river in Africa // also means champion // Greek origin
  • Remy // oarsman // one who drives a boat forward // French and Latin origin
  • Rivers or River // flowing water // a large winding stream // Latin origin
  • Rivo // stream // perfect for a little dude who goes with the flow // Italian origin
  • Saylor or Sailor // for a nautical vibe // a mariner on a watercraft // also a rope-maker // German origin
  • Trent or Trenton // gushing or flooding water // English origin
  • Wade // at the river crossing // like wading through the water! // English origin
  • Zale // power of the sea // the diamond store might kill this vibe though // Greek origin

For a hippie boy name that’s sure to make waves, try combining a water-inspired first and middle name! Think: Remy Brooks, Dylan Kai, Calder Wade. 

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hippie baby water ocean


Hippie names for girls inspired by water and rain:

For a refreshing name that sparkles as much as your baby girl…

  • Brooke // a small stream // this will be really cute when your baby starts babbling! (babbling brook) // English origin
  • Cora or Coral // Cora means goddess of spring or “maiden” … which sounds like coral, a semi-precious reef // Greek origin
  • Cove // a sheltered bay // English origin
  • Indra // drops of rain // warrior god of sky and rain // Sanskrit origin
  • Mara // a river flowing through Kenya and Tanzania // also means bitter // Hebrew origin
  • Marin // the sea // also a gorgeous place near San Francisco // Latin origin
  • Maya // water // also the goddess of spring // many possible origins including Greek and Hebrew
  • Mira // sea // also means peace and female ruler // Latin origin
  • Muriel // of the bright sea // Irish origin
  • Rain or Rainn or Rayne // a cleanse from the sky // English origin
  • Reva // rain // Hebrew and Hindi origin

For a picturesque baby name, try combining any of these with a color! Think: Maya Blue, Indigo Wade, Mira Jade. Or, for a hippie name that glistens, mix and match these water names: Reva Marin, Indra Rain, Muriel Brooke, Maya Cove.

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Hippie Names: Air and Sky

Now for some breezy hippie names that represent the atmosphere!

Hippie names for boys inspired by the sky

There are several masculine weather-related names on this list…

  • Raiden // thunder and lightning // Japanese origin
  • Storm // storms a brewing… but he’s too cute to get in trouble
  • Thor // thunder // god of thunder, strength and rain // Norse origin
  • Zeus // god of the sky, thunder, and lightning // Greek origin

Pair any of these names with a first or middle name Grey for an evocative combo! Raiden Grey would make an awesome hippie name.

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Storm and Raiden might make cool middle names for a girl too!

baby sky names

Sky names for girls

Here’s a selection of airy hippie girl names…

  • Aria // air // also means lion // the name of the most badass character from GOT // Hebrew and Italian origin
  • Audra // storm // also means noble strength // English origin
  • Ayla // halo of light around the moon // Hebrew and Turkish origin
  • Clara // clear and bright // Latin origin
  • Lani // means sky in Hawaiian // also means bright shining one
  • Lumi // snow // Finnish origin
  • Lumin // like luminescence // I made this one up 🙂
  • Luna // moon // goddess of the moon // Latin origin
  • Moon // as hippie as it gets! // English origin
  • Rayleigh // the scattering of sunlight in Earth’s atmosphere // the reason for the blue color of the daytime and twilight sky
  • Sky or Skye or Skyler // sky’s the limit! // lovely when paired with a color or another nature name // Dutch origin
  • Tyndall // light scattering by particles // a very cool science-y name

For a breezy and beautiful baby girl name, consider combinations like Rayleigh Moon, Tyndall Aria, and Lumi Sky.

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baby dressed as animal

Hippie Names: Animals

There are lots of great names here for your wild child! I didn’t realize until I made this list that there are so many amazing baby names inspired by animals!

Animal hippie boy names

These unique bohemian names will have your little boy leading the pack…

  • Ari // means eagle (Nordic) or lion (Hebrew) // you get two animals in one!
  • Buck // a male deer for your little dear // English origin
  • Colt // a young horse less than 4 years old // Swedish origin
  • Corbin // crow // great for a sister named Raven! // Latin origin
  • Eagle // a bird representing freedom // soaring through life // also a great patriotic name // English origin
  • Falcon // a bird symbolizing victory // English origin
  • Finch // a cute and colorful small bird // English origin
  • Fox // for your smart baby boy // I love this as a middle name! // Dutch and German origin
  • Hawk or Hawke // one of the most intelligent birds // Germanic and English origin
  • Lynx // a wild cat with luminescent eyes // Greek origin
  • Lyon // a twist on Lion! Grrrr! // French origin
  • Phoenix // a mythical bird symbolizing immortality // Greek origin
  • Talon // the claw of a bird of prey // French origin
  • Tiger // a beautiful creature from head to tail // Greek and Latin origin
  • Wolf // a pack animal that howls at the moon // German origin

Bold animal names like Wolf, Tiger, and Fox make excellent middle names if you’re looking for a hippie name that’s more ‘tame’.

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hippie baby with animal

Animal hippie girl names

Totally by coincidence, all of these girl names are birds! Great for a little one whose spirit is free as a bird!

  • Crane // a long-legged bird // makes a great middle name // English and German origin
  • Lark // a bird known for its elaborate songs // the expression “happy as a Lark” comes from this bird’s cheerful tunes // English origin
  • Meena // a bird or blue semiprecious stone // many possible origins including Egyptian, Arabic, Chinese, and Japanese
  • Phoenix // a mythical bird // a symbol of immortality // also means dark red // Greek origin
  • Raven // a black bird // your baby girl is sure to take flight with this one! // English origin
  • Wren // a small brown songbird // known for their charisma and ability to defend themselves // English origin
  • Yara // a small butterfly // Brazilian and Arabic origin

For a hippie name that truly soars, consider combining one of these bird names with an atmospheric name! Think: Aria Crane, Tyndall Lark, Meena Lumin, Yara Skye, and Ayla Wren.

toddler chasing birds

Hippie Names: Peace and Love

Make Love, Not War! Grab your heart-shaped glasses and let’s pretend it’s the Summer of Love in 1967! Check out these hippie names connoting peace and love.

Hippie boy names symbolizing harmony, friendship, and love

  • Bridge // build bridges not walls // Germanic origin
  • Cordian // of the heart // sounds like “accordion” which is cool if you’re a musical family // Latin origin
  • Corwin // heart’s friend // also means one who lives near a castle // English origin
  • Darrell // beloved // French origin
  • Felix // happy and fortunate // Latin origin
  • Fenmore // dear love // English origin
  • Fritz // peaceful ruler // German origin
  • Jayden or Jaden // thankful // Hebrew origin
  • Jonah // means dove // a symbol of peace // Hebrew origin
  • Leif // loved // also means descendant // bonus points because this sounds like a nature name // Scandinavian origin
  • Levi // joined in harmony // one of my favorite hippie names! // Hebrew origin
  • Lev or Liev // heart // Yiddish origin
  • Milo // peaceful and calm // also means soldier // Latin and German origin
  • Pax or Paxton // peace or peace town // Latin origin
  • Salem // safe // this makes me think of the Salem witch trials, but it’s still a cool name! // Arabic origin
  • Shiloh // tranquil // Hebrew origin
  • Ziggy // victorious peace // reminiscent of Ziggy Marley // German origin

For some lovely name combinations for your baby boy that are sure to warm your heart: Shiloh Leif, Ziggy Felix, Jayden Bridge, Jonah Fritz. 

“Love is all you need.” ― The Beatles

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flower child hippie names

Hippie girl names connoting peace and love

  • Daryl // beloved // French origin
  • Dove // a bird that’s an excellent flier // a symbol of peace // English origin
  • Erin // peace // also means “from the island to the west” // Irish origin
  • Kara // Cornish name for love // also means friend // Norse origin
  • Mabel // lovable // Latin origin
  • Mila // dear one // Russian origin
  • Milena // love, warmth, and grace // Czech origin
  • Mina // love // also means child of the red earth // German, Scottish, and Polish origin
  • Mira // peace // also means female ruler or destiny // Latin origin
  • Nava // lovely // makes a cute middle name! // Hebrew origin
  • Noe // peaceful // also means rest // there’s a nice part of San Francisco called Noe Valley // Hebrew origin
  • Shiloh // tranquil // Hebrew origin
  • Suki // loved one // also the name of one of my favorite Gilmore Girls characters (spelled Sookie) // Japanese origin
  • Zuma // peace // also the name of a beautiful California beach // Arabic origin

Any of these adorable hippie names can be combined with the middle names Love or Hart (a twist on Heart). Think: Shiloh Love, Mila Love, Noe Hart, Mina Hart.

hippie children playing guitar

Hippie Names: Music and Musicians

Now for the fun baby names! If you want to pass along your love of the 60s and 70s to your little one, what better way than to name him or her after the decades’ most influential musicians and famous songs?

Unisex musical hippie names

  • Henley // after Don Henley from the Eagles
  • Lennon // after John
  • Rigby // as in Eleanor Rigby by The Beatles

Musical hippie names for boys

  • Axl or Axel // as in Axl Rose from Guns N Roses
  • Dylan // after Bob
  • Bowie // after David
  • Casey // “Casey Jones you better watch your speed” ~Grateful Dead
  • Harrison // after George
  • Hendrix // after Jimi
  • Jagger // after Mick
  • Jefferson // as in Jefferson Airplane
  • Jett // like Joan Jett
  • Jude // “Hey Jude” by The Beatles
  • Morrison // as in Jim from The Doors
  • Robinson // from the Simon & Garfunkel hit song
  • Rod // like Rod Stewart

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Musical hippie names for girls

These baby names are inspired by rockstars and famous songs from the 60s and 70s…

  • Abbey // as in Abbey Road
  • Althea // a Grateful Dead favorite tune
  • Layla // Eric Clapton’s hit song
  • Lucy // …in the sky with diamonds
  • Joan // like Joan Baez
  • Joni // like Joni Mitchell
  • Page // as in Jimmy from Led Zeppelin
  • Penny // like “Penny Lane” by The Beatles
  • Rhiannon // a Fleetwood Mac classic
  • Ruby // like “Ruby Tuesday” by the Rolling Stones
  • Scarlet // as in “Scarlet Begonias” by the Dead
  • Stevie // like Stevie Nicks
  • Taylor // after James

Lots of these can be combined too! Think: Abbey Page or Ruby Taylor!

A bunch more first + middle name combos coming up shortly…

boho pregnant mother and daughter

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More Bohemian Names for Boys and Girls!

Now that you’ve been overloaded with the best hippie names for baby boys and girls, let me hit you with a few final names! All of these have that quirky indie vibe that I know you’re looking for in a baby name…

  • Arrow // shot by cupid! // good for a straight shooter too // English origin
  • Art // for the artistic little person you’re welcoming into the world // means noble one // similar to Arthur which means bear // Latin origin
  • Astrid // divinely beautiful // Scandinavian origin
  • Atlas // a geographical name for a travel-loving family // means bearer of the heavens // Greek origin
  • Creed // a system of beliefs // Latin origin
  • Damon // to subdue // a symbol of friendship // Greek origin
  • Dax // leader // French origin
  • Echo // a reverberating sound // Greek origin
  • Enzo // started as a nickname for Lorenzo // Italian origin
  • Haley or Hayley or Hailey // hay field // from the hay clearing // English origin
  • Hart // strong and brave // stag // sounds like heart! // English origin
  • Idris // interpreter // studious and smart // Welsh and Arabic
  • Indy or Indie // kind of the perfect hippie name // could be short for Indigo // English origin
  • Jules // youthful // soft // Latin and Greek origin
  • Juno // a Roman goddess name for the little girl who will rule your world // queen of the heavens // Latin origin
  • Lane or Laine // a path // makes a great middle name! // English origin
  • Lila // means night in Arabic // play in Sanskrit // playground of the gods in Hindu // dark beauty in Hebrew
  • Liv // life // Norse origin
  • Millie // industrious one // gentle strength // German and English origin
  • Odin // god of wisdom, healing, knowledge, and poetry // Norse origin
  • Rebel // for your little rebel who’s going to change the world // English origin
  • Rex // king // also like the dino! // Latin origin
  • Rider or Ryder // horseman // English origin
  • Sutter // shoemaker // English origin
  • Tanner // leather tanner // English origin
  • Zane // God is gracious // English origin

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This completes our massive list of hippie name ideas! Now let’s check out some beautiful combinations of first and middle names…

father with hippie baby

Hippie name combinations

Choosing a middle name can be just as difficult as choosing a first name, especially if you aren’t planning to incorporate any family names.

Consider combining two bohemian names such as two names meaning earth—or using a color as a first or middle name—for a baby name that’s sure to stand out.

I’m a little obsessed with these hippie name combinations…

First + middle boho baby names for boys

  • Abner Knox
  • Aden Blaze (fire hot!)
  • Alder Oak
  • Arden Clay
  • Arlow Birch (double botanical name)
  • Arlow Ezra
  • Aster Rhodes (the ultimate flower name for a boy!)
  • Atlas Tripp
  • Axel Nash
  • Blaise Flint
  • Calder Slate
  • Calder Reese
  • Calder Wade (water name x 2)
  • Callan Hawk
  • Calyx Reed
  • Denver Knox
  • Dylan Kai (double water name!)
  • Eagle Quince
  • Everest Ridge
  • Falcon Troy
  • Forrest Rhodes
  • Forrest Ridge
  • Hollis Greene
  • Hutton Stone
  • Iggy Abner (fiery!)
  • Indigo Wade
  • Jasper Rex
  • Jayden Bridge (peace)
  • Jonah Fritz (peace)
  • Lander Knox
  • Linden Greene
  • Miller Birch
  • Milo Bridge
  • Onyx Ridge (super earthy gender neutral hippie name!)
  • Onyx Tiger
  • Quince Miller (another flower name for boys)
  • Raiden Grey
  • Raiden Storm
  • Remy Brooks (water name!)
  • Remy Bryce
  • Rowan Sage (double organic hippie name)
  • Ryder Brooks
  • Shiloh Leif (as peaceful as it gets!)
  • Shiloh Stone
  • Sorin Flint
  • Silas Jet
  • Tiger Zane
  • Tiger Maverick
  • Ziggy Felix (peace!)

hippie baby and mom

First + middle boho baby names for girls

  • Abbey Page (musically inspired)
  • Amber Sierra (names meaning earth)
  • Arden Sage
  • Aria Crane
  • Aspen Valli
  • Ayla Wren
  • Daryl Nava
  • Eden Gem
  • Elodie Field
  • Gemma Bryn
  • Ginger Eden (double botanical hippie name!)
  • Hazel Cove
  • Hazel Meadow
  • Indie Rivers
  • Indra Hart
  • Indra Rain (double water name)
  • Lacey Meadow
  • Lacey Violet
  • Lani Page
  • Lumi Sky (airy name!)
  • Maya Blue
  • Maya Cove
  • Meena Shay
  • Mila Jade
  • Mila Love
  • Mina Hart
  • Mira Brooke
  • Muriel Brooke (double water!)
  • Muriel Moon
  • Noe Aspen
  • Noe Hart
  • Olive June
  • Opal Embry
  • Opal Rainn
  • Phoenix Taylor
  • Poppy Bloom
  • Rayleigh Moon (atmospheric name)
  • Reva Marin (double water name!)
  • Rosie Henley
  • Ruby Skye
  • Scarlett Ember
  • Shiloh Love
  • Sierra Bryn
  • Stevie Onyx
  • Tansy Fields
  • Tyndall Lark
  • Yara Skye
  • Zara Jade
  • Zia Ember (double fire-inspired name!)
  • Zia Sage
  • Zora Rai

mom hippie baby beach

Hippie names gone wrong

The name you choose for your child is—needless to say—entirely up to you! If you’re a lover of music, nature, and symbols of peace, and you want to choose a hippie baby name that reflects that, go for it!

That said, be sure to give some thought as to whether you’re saddling your child with a name that will attract teasing and embarrassment.

Think twice before going with a name like “Moon Unit”, for example.

Yes, you read that right. Rock ’n Roll hall of famer, Frank Zappa, named his eldest daughter Moon Unit. Her siblings? Dweezil, Diva, and Ahmet. (Ahmet got lucky!)

Final thoughts on choosing the best boho hippie baby name

Deciding what to name your child is tough! You want to pick a name that you and your partner both love, which is tricky in and of itself. Plus, you want the name to represent who you are as a family, while still giving your child the opportunity to shape his or her own future. This is no easy task!

My best advice to you is to choose a name (whether it’s a hippie name or not) that makes you happy when you hear it and see it in writing.

Jot some names down on a handful of post-it notes. Stick them all around the house. Every time you pass by the name, think about whether it gives you good vibes. Ditch any that don’t.

I also recommend keeping a “short list” of baby names on your phone. Write out the first, middle, and last name combinations. Take a peep at your list every now and then and see if there are any names that continue to give you pause. Cut these from your list. Rinse and repeat until you’ve got it narrowed down!

P.S. If you’re not totally sold on a hippie baby name, check out these awesome name combinations for AdenAlex, Grayson, Carter, and Theo! Or, get some middle name ideas for Madelyn, Piper, or Aubrey!

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