keekaroo peanut changer review

Keekaroo Peanut Changer Review from a Real Mom

Jan 1, 2021

Keekaroo Peanut Changer Review from a Real Mom

Wondering if the Keekaroo changing pad is worth it?

I’m picky.

There are very few baby products that I would “10/10 recommend” to a fellow parent.

I often find myself curious to try another product, simply because I don’t LOVE the one I’m using.

After having used our Keekaroo Peanut Changer for 15 consecutive months, I decided to write a review.

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Pros and Cons of the Keekaroo Peanut Changer


  • Easy to wipe clean – time saver – less laundry – no poopy laundry sitting around waiting to be washed
  • Impermeable to fluid
  • Visually pleasing
  • Long window of use (baby doesn’t outgrow it quickly)
  • Puncture resistant
  • Downward sloping so baby isn’t sitting in pee
  • Doesn’t slide around on the dresser
  • No special changing table or changing tray required – a regular dresser works fine
  • No separate changing pad covers needed


  • Expensive
  • Cold on a baby’s naked skin, particularly after bath time
  • Impossible to get rid of a stain I made with a permanent marker 🙈

Is the Keekaroo Peanut changing pad worth it and would I buy it again? I’ll give you my consensus right after the FAQs.

First, here’s a useful video from the company. Watch it for a second so you can get a sense of what the foamy material is like.

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FAQs about the Keekaroo changing pad

Is it actually water resistant?

It is!

It’s easy to wipe pee or poo right off.

Does it really not slide on the dresser?

Crazy enough, it doesn’t! It stays put.

I’ve had a wiggly baby (and now toddler) attempt all sorts of acrobatics during diaper changes—and never has this thing budged.

We haven’t used anything to anchor it down and we don’t have a tray to hold it in place either.

The foam material is naturally grippy. The changing pad is hefty enough that it doesn’t move on its own. Then, when you add the weight of a baby, it really doesn’t move.

Does a light color Keekaroo show poop stains?

Not ours!

We have the “vanilla” color, which is a gray-ish beige. It’s one of the lightest colors available.

I’d be the FIRST to tell you if our Keekaroo started to look “crappy” (no pun intended) over time.

Still no stains or discoloration after 15 months of daily use!

Update: Holding strong at 21 months!

keekaroo changing pad vanilla no discoloration staining

This was my biggest concern when I was searching for Keekaroo Peanut Changer reviews before I bought ours!

Note: I don’t think I’ve gone above and beyond to avoid staining. That said, I do keep sanitizing wipes in the dresser and I’ve never let poop sit on the changing pad for more than a couple of seconds.

Should I get a cover for the Keekaroo?

A cover defeats the purpose of this glorious invention, so no!

When it’s chilly in Aden’s room and I’m worried the pad will be cold against his skin after a bath, I put down a burp cloth under just the TOP HALF of his body to avoid having to wash it each time.

That said, you don’t need to put anything underneath your baby when he’s wearing a shirt. The pad doesn’t get that cold, just a little chilly.

How quickly will baby outgrow it?

We are still using our Keekaroo changing pad at age 15 months, and I don’t anticipate that we’ll stop using it anytime soon.

Update: Still going strong at 21 months!

keekaroo peanut changer toddler reviewI’m more than pleased with how much use we’ve gotten out of it already, and Aden hasn’t even outgrown it yet.

The pad itself is 32″ long and your baby will meet or exceed that length at around a year of age…

That said, all you need is for your baby’s bum to fit on the pad. It doesn’t matter if his legs stick out. The bottom of the pad doesn’t have raised sides so it’s still comfortable for a toddler.

The Keekaroo Peanut Changer manufacturer states that the product has a 30 lb weight limit. Many children will hit this weight at around 2.5 years old (CDC).

Will this fit on my dresser?

The Keekaroo Peanut Changer is 32″ long and 17″ wide.

Our dresser is slightly narrower than the changing pad, and it works fine.

What do you use to clean it?

As per the Keekaroo Peanut Changer user manual,

Periodically wipe clean with a mild detergent, however DO NOT SUBMERGE.

Day to day, we just use a baby wipe.

We disinfect it once a week (or as needed after messes) with a standard household cleaner.

What does the material feel like?

It’s squishy but solid. It’s a similar consistency to one of those stress balls you squeeze. It’s not hard rubber, but it doesn’t indent when a baby lies on it.

Okay, so what’s my final take?

Overall Keekaroo Peanut Changer Review

I love this product and would 100% recommend it.

Get one.

It’s expensive, but SO worth not having to do extra laundry.

Plus, I like how it looks.

Am I curious to try out another diaper-changing product to see if it’s better?

No, actually.

I can’t think of much more I could want from a diaper changing pad… unless there’s a self-cleaning version, ha 🙂

After 15 months of use (and counting), it’s still in perfect condition (except for the stupid stain I made with a marker). When the time comes, we’ll be using this again for baby #2.

Should you buy a Keekaroo Peanut Diaper Changer? Hands down, YES!


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