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The Best Spring Baby Names for Boys

Jan 3, 2024

The Best Spring Baby Names for Boys

AHEAD: The ultimate list of Spring-themed names for baby boys.

Expecting a boy this Spring?

Below you’ll find all of the best baby names that celebrate the season!

I’ve rounded up every single Spring-related boy’s name that’s even the slightest bit cool.

I’ve combed through thousands—and I mean thousands—of baby names and put all of the best ideas right here.

From classic favorites to unique and unexpected choices, get ready for an epic compilation of baby names to celebrate your little bloom.

spring names for boys

First, my favorites:

These are the spring-themed boys’ names I’m loving right now!

The source for popularity data is SSA.


  • Name meaning: Beehive.
  • Popularity: #195


  • Name meaning: Hill.
  • Popularity: #859


  • Name meaning: Winding valley.
  • Popularity: #187


  • Name meaning: Young horse.
  • Popularity: #240

Corbin or Korbin

  • Name meaning: Crow.
  • Popularity: Corbin ranks #428 and Korbin is #942.


  • Name meaning: White hawk.
  • Popularity: #206


  • Name meaning: Elm field.
  • Popularity: This L name ranks #248 for boys and #613 for girls.


  • Name meaning: Child of May. Might be related to “maize” (like corn).
  • Popularity: This cool M name isn’t ranking.


  • Name meaning: By the ash tree.
  • Popularity: #251

Reid or Reed

  • Name meaning: A tall grass. Red-haired.
  • Popularity: Reid ranks #325 and Reed is #414.


  • Name meaning: Roses.
  • Popularity: This boys’ name isn’t ranking.


  • Name meaning: Spring or person who lives near a spring.
  • Popularity: #466

Wilder or Wylder

  • Name meaning: Untamed.
  • Popularity: Wilder ranks #373 and Wylder is #863.

If you haven’t found the perfect name yet, these next lists are for you…

6 Spring-Related Baby Name Lists

Below, you’ll find many hundreds of baby names for boys sorted into specific spring-related categories.

Click on the link(s) to read whatever sounds most interesting!

1 121 Plant Names for Boys That Are Actually Cool

This list has over 100 botanical baby names inspired by herbs, flowers, trees, shrubs, and grasses. You’ll also find some cool ideas relating to meadows, forests, gardens, and farmland.

spring plant names for boys


2109 Incredible Bird Names for Boys

Here you’ll find tons of cool bird-related names along with their respective meanings and current popularities. Some of the names on this list literally mean “bird” and others are inspired by specific types of birds.

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3 77 Handsome Names for Rainbow Babies [Boys Edition]

Even if you’re not having a “rainbow baby”, you’ll find plenty of great names that capture the symbolism of Spring. This list contains names that mean light, happiness, and hope; as well as names relating to the sky, weather, and colors of the rainbow!

spring rainbow baby names


4 117 Majestic Tree Names for Boys

This list has every single tree-related boys’ name that’s even the slightest bit cool. You’ll find a variety of ideas ranging from popular to rare, each with a tree- or forest-inspired meaning.

spring tree names for boys

Here’s another…

5 250 Hippie Names for your Boho Baby

While not outwardly a “spring names” list, this one is chock full of boys’ names inspired by nature, animals, music, love, and peace! It also has tons of incredible middle name ideas.

spring hippie boy names

Last, but not least…

6215 Epic Earthy Boy Names for your Outdoorsy Dude

This mega list has it all! You’ll find a wide variety of nature-themed names that range from trendy to traditional to totally rare. Each name is accompanied by its current popularity ranking, and of course, its meaning!

earthy boy names for spring


Best of luck with your name search, congratulations, and HAPPY SPRING!