12 Uncommon Baby Registry Items (That are Extremely Useful)

Apr 6, 2020

12 Uncommon Baby Registry Items (That are Extremely Useful)

Ahead: Lesser known items you’ve never seen on a baby registry list.

If you’ve started your baby registry, chances are, you’ve already got the basics covered: diapers, wipes, clothing, bottles, etc.

Get excited because the list you’re about to see goes beyond the basics to include uncommon and lesser known products for your baby registry.

These 12 extremely useful items—all of which I personally own and love—are things I never would have thought to register for (but very much wish I did, in retrospect).

I hadn’t seen most of these on any baby registry lists when I was pregnant, and I bet you haven’t either!

After the list of my personal favorites, I’ve also included a bonus list of baby products other moms told me they wish they’d registered for…

…so be sure to check out the last section of this post for a useful crowdsourced list of frequently forgotten baby registry items!

UPDATE: One more bonus section has been added…

I’ve included links to simple evidence-based guides for choosing safe baby products for sleep (crib mattresses, bassinets, etc).

Alright, let’s dive in and check out these uncommon baby registry items!

unusual baby registry items

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Lesser-known baby registry must-haves:


This is a uniquely shaped wearable blanket that you’ll come to rely on when you have to stop swaddling.

Not only is it a great product, but it’s arguably the only safe swaddle transition product for babies who can roll over.*

(P.S. If you haven’t learned about when to stop swaddling yet, I’ll include the link for you again at the end of this post!)

*I’d be remiss if I didn’t state that the Zipadee-Zip technically falls into a gray area of safety. Most experts agree that the risks are extremely low.

The Zipadee-Zip contains a baby’s arms, while still allowing them to have free range of motion.

This product is a little pricey, so it’s great if a friend or family member is willing to buy you one!

(I wish I had registered for two, actually).

Drawer dividers

If you’re OCD about organizing baby’s stuff like I am, you’re going to want these.

Baby clothes are so teeny tiny that you need some extra structure in your drawers in order to make them all visible.

drawer dividers baby registry nursery organization

I liked these so much I ended up buying more for the dresser in the master bedroom too.

I love that they’re spring-loaded and adjust to fit any size drawer.

Disposable changing pads

AKA puppy pads.

These are must-haves for your diaper bag — especially during travel.

They’re *PERFECT* for diaper changes when you’re in a dirty place.

Disposable changing pads were first recommended to me when I was preparing to take Aden on a cross-country flight.

They’re ideal if you’re changing baby in an unsanitary place and don’t want to carry a germy pad around afterwards.

Dishwasher basket for bottle parts

I actually DID register for this but I needed a second one!

These are *BY FAR* some of my most used baby items.

dishwasher sanitize baby bottles basket new mom hack

Using the dishwasher to clean your bottles is a huge time saver, and if yours has a Sanitize setting you can use it as a sterilizer too.

This product is amazing because it keeps all the little parts from falling into the bottom of the dishwasher.

It also holds the nipples in the right direction, ensuring that they’re cleaned properly.


8 Things to DELETE from Your Baby Registry

You may be surprised to learn that certain popular baby products are actually extremely unsafe.

This genius cooler bag

This thing is the best. It’s a cooler with built-in icepacks.

You just pop the entire thing in the freezer.
I use it every single night to keep Aden’s next bottle cold next to my bed. Saves me from having to go downstairs to the fridge in the middle of the night!

It’s also wonderful for traveling.

Top-rated air purifier

If you’re OCD about creating (and sustaining!) a clean environment for your newborn like I am, you’ll love this product.

It makes a major difference in the CO2, chemical, and PM 2.5 levels. (We know this from our air quality monitor).

This air purifier was the clear winner across the board from all of my most trusted sites that review consumer products. I’m so glad we bought it!

We have one running 24/7 in Aden’s room and another one in the living room.

Sleep sacks

I had plenty of swaddles on my baby registry, but I didn’t include any sleep sacks.

If you didn’t know (I didn’t), there are crucial (life-saving) differences between a sleep sack and a swaddle when it comes to the risk of SIDS.

Swaddling is only safe for teeny tiny newborns who can’t roll yet.

sleep sack baby crib baby registry

I suggest registering for a bunch of sleep sacks in all different sizes and thicknesses.

Turn your baby into an avocado or a strawberry with these cozy ones. (This brand makes lots of other cute styles too: bumble bee, caterpillar, bear, etc.)

*Note that the hats are unsafe for sleep.

If you’re looking for long sleeves, I like these.

We don’t own a Woolino, but this is the high-end cult favorite. It’s considered “all season” and amazingly, it will fit your baby for 2 years.

8This portable night light

This thing is ideal for nighttime feedings and diaper changes.

I bought it out of curiosity, expecting that I might return it for something else. I ended up loving it and using it every night.

It’s cordless and rechargeable. It has a touch sensor that allows you to dim the light very low.

Very cool little device.

baby registry essentials night light smart lightbulb

The coolest lightbulb ever

Once your baby starts developing a circadian rhythm, it becomes especially important to keep the lights low before bed time.

Not only can you dim this light super low (my FAVORITE feature), it also gives you 16 color options, and bonus: it comes with a remote!

I now use this every night during our bedtime routine and control the lamp via remote from the rocking chair across the room.

10A heating pad — AKA an amazing tool to help your baby fall asleep!

new mom hack heating pad get newborn baby sleep bassinet crib

Trust me, you’re going to want every (safe) tool under the sun to get your newborn to sleep in their bassinet.

Use it to heat the sleep space before putting baby down.

A label maker and extra labels

Definitely not your typical baby registry item, but incredibly useful nonetheless!

Labeling things makes me ridiculously happy and if you’re the slightest bit OCD like I am, you need one in your life too.

label everything in plastic bins new mom hack The added perk is that the labels make it easier for your partner and other caregivers to find things.

nursery organization bin for outgrown clothes new mom hack

I have labeled bins and baskets with the following, just to name a few:

  • Bottle lids
  • Extra pump parts
  • Burp cloths
  • Bibs and feeding supplies (spoons, bowls, etc.)
  • Teethers
  • Outgrown clothes

One pack of label tape lasts a long time, but I always have an extra on hand in case of a labeling emergency! 🙂

Tubby Todd

This stuff is liquid gold for when your perfect little creature starts breaking out like a teenager. (If you didn’t know, baby acne is extremely common!)

This is a great baby registry item because it’s kind of on the expensive side and shipping isn’t free (it’s not sold on Amazon).

Important read for new parents who are worried about SIDS:

What is the Difference Between a Swaddle and a Sleep Sack? (and why does it matter so much?)

Bonus: Crowdsourced Baby Registry Additions!

These are the items some mamas in my groups said they wished they’d registered for but didn’t.

Note: Don’t forget about the final section (below this one) that I just added! It contains a list of evidence-based guides for choosing safe baby products.

Now for some more baby registry items you may not have thought of yet…

  • Wine. So many people said this and I’m not sure that any of them were kidding!
  • A wipeable diaper changing pad. This happens to be one of my all-time favorite baby products. Check out my detailed Keekaroo Peanut Changer review.
  • Books.
  • Baby Dome. This Baby Dome is popular for good reason. It’s small, portable, and most importantly, it’s safe for sleep!
  • Drool bibs. I love bandana bibs… check out these awesome ones Aden wears all the time…

  • Bouncer. Everyone seems to love the Baby Bjorn bouncer. We don’t own one—we actually have a much cheaper version—so I don’t actually know why everybody recommends this thing, but they do. It’s crazy popular. Ask your friends about it.
  • Sun hat. Aden has this one.
  • Silicone bibs. These are for when you start solids (around 4-6 months). We have these and they’re great. Also, I just found these trendy ones below that I think I need in my life ASAP…

TIRED AND HUGE? Check out my new ultimate guide of 35 things to do before baby while you’re lying in bed!

Bonus #2: Registering for Baby Products that are Safe for Sleep

There are so many products marketed for infant sleep. Knowing which ones are safe can be virtually impossible.

Here are some evidence-based guides that will help you register smartly:

12 Uncommon Baby Registry Items (That are Extremely Useful)