5 Modern 1st Birthday Outfits for Baby Boys

May 6, 2021

5 Modern 1st Birthday Outfits for Baby Boys

Ahead: Seriously handsome birthday outfits for your soon-to-be one year old baby boy

Can you believe your son’s first birthday is already coming up?!

Whether you’ll be throwing a birthday party or just celebrating at home, your 1 year old is going to need something cute to wear!

After all, pictures are forever.

Below, I’ve rounded up 5 adorable outfits, each with a different style, and some more casual than others.

The best part? All of these clothes, shoes, and accessories are from Amazon!


So let’s dive in and get your baby boy an adorable outfit to wear on his first birthday!

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first birthday outfit boy

Birthday outfit #1: "The little man"

One of my all-time favorite looks for a little boy is a “men’s” polo shirt and a pair of jeans.

baseball cap for 1 year old


short sleeve polo for one year old boy

baby jeans

gray boots for 1 year old


We own this entire outfit, so I can tell you from first hand experience that it’s adorable and all of the items are high quality.

Even though Lacoste shirts are luxury items, they often go on clearance in the exact size you need for a 1 year old, so you’re in luck!

BUYING TIP:  To see the Lacoste polos that are on sale, be sure to select SIZE 1.

Then check the different colors to see which are discounted the most.

If you can find any colors you like for less than $22, it’s a GREAT deal for this premium brand.

Click here to check the price.

Aden wears his gray chukka boots all the time and we constantly get compliments. 🙂 I’m planning to buy them again when he outgrows them.

Now let me tell you about the baseball cap.

Here’s why I love it this hat:

1) No ugly writing or labels! WHY oh why are baby boy’s clothes always covered in words or dinosaurs?!

2) The quality is great and the price is quite low. I’m talking less than 10 bucks low.

Even if your son doesn’t end up wearing this cap on his first birthday, it’s a wardrobe staple he’ll use 100 times in the future. See it here.

Now for the next *adorable* baby boy’s birthday outfit…

First birthday outfit #2: "The little hipster"

Especially if your baby is turning one in the fall or winter, this little outfit is to die for!

beanie for baby or toddler

plaid button up shirt for one year old


denim joggers for baby or toddler

brown leather moccasins for one year old baby

The brown Carhartt hat is widely adored and actually quite trendy at the moment. (20,000 reviews don’t lie!)

BUYING TIP: If your baby has a small or average sized head, get the TODDLER sized hat.

If he has a large head (or you want room to grow), get the YOUTH size.

Click here to see the TODDLER size on an 11-month old.

Now I have to tell you about the leather moccasins.

I bought them on a whim when Aden was in the very early stages of walking. Actually, he was mostly crawling and I needed something to protect the tops of his feet.

They’re the best.

These leather mocs check several boxes for me:

1) They only take 2 seconds to put on, thanks to the elastic.  (Toddler shoes are notoriously difficult).

2) They’re soft soled, which is what’s recommended for new walkers.

3) They’re stylish and real leather!

4) The price is right.

See a real customer’s pictures of the moccasins here.

On to our next 1 year old birthday outfit…

First birthday outfit #3: "The wild one"

This casual look is perfect for an untamed little dude.

1 year old birthday crown1ST BIRTHDAY CROWN

wild one birthday shirt first birthday

camo joggers for baby or toddler


black and white converse sneakersBLACK & WHITE CONVERSE

Most first birthday shirts are worn once and then they become pajamas or donations.

But this adorable Wild One t-shirt is cute for daily wear beyond your son’s first birthday party.

I love the black, but check out the other colors (and styles)!

P.S. This birthday shirt would also look great with a pair of distressed jeans, if you happen to already own a pair.

Ok, ready for another handsome 1 year old boy birthday look?

First birthday outfit #4: "The classy mini man"

Your baby boy will look like the perect gentleman in this sophisticated outfit… until he sticks his face in the cake, that is.

black button up shirt for baby or toddler

gray baby chinos


sperry baby shoesSPERRY SHORESIDERS

I’m obsessed with this look from head to toe! It’s really easy to recreate in different colors, too.

For less than 10 bucks, those chino pants are an absolute steal.

You may even want to grab a few pairs in future sizes.

They work best for a baby or toddler who is tall and slim.

See how they look on this adorable little boy.

And now for one last 1 year old birthday outfit! …

First birthday outfit #5: "The trendy cutie"

You can’t go wrong with this VERY popular color…

“COFFEE” LONG SLEEVE SHIRTlong sleeve brown shirt


boots for one year old


This long sleeve shirt is a STEAL. I was shocked to see how thick the fabric was when it arrived in the mail.

The color is super on trend this year. Online boutiques are selling similar brownish neutral toned solid color shirts for twice the price.

The “1T” size was perfect for Aden at 12 months old.

If you’re on the fence about what size to get, definitely size up. See the sizes here.

A few more favorites for a 1 year old boy

While you’re grabbing your little boy’s first birthday outfit on Amazon, check out these 2 other items.

Tips for 1 year old birthday outfits

Here are some other things to take into consideration when selecting your baby boy’s 1 year old birthday outfit.

  • If you’re on a budget, consider minimizing any birthday-specific pieces of clothing. It’s more cost-effective to buy a cute outfit that your baby will wear over and over again.
  • If you decide to buy a birthday shirt, get something comfy that can become pajamas after the big day.
  • If your baby isn’t walking yet (don’t worry, most 1 year olds have only taken a few steps at most), feel free to skip the shoes and just go with a cute pair of socks like these.
  • Don’t forget to take the weather into consideration! If it’s chilly (or really air-conditioned inside), you’ll want to choose a sweater or jacket that you won’t mind seeing in pictures.

Final thoughts on choosing your baby boy’s first birthday outfit

First some general advice:

Remind yourself that it’s 100% okay if your son’s first birthday doesn’t go perfectly.

It will still be memorable… even if the weather sucks, your baby is in a bad mood, your family isn’t getting along, and so on.

Que sera sera… whatever will be, will be…

The same goes for what your baby boy wears on his birthday.

Choose something cute for pictures—but expect that it will get dirty quickly. (If it doesn’t, you’ll be pleasantly surprised!)

Plan a backup outfit—something you won’t mind seeing in lots of pictures—but don’t overthink it.

Your son’s handsome face, which may soon be covered with cake, will be getting all of the attention, anyway!

And hey, worst case you ditch the “first birthday outfit” and let him wear his “birthday suit”! 😉

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5 Modern 1st Birthday Outfits for Baby Boys