gifts for avocado lovers

44 Absurdly Cool Avocado Gifts

Oct 7, 2021

44 Absurdly Cool Avocado Gifts

AHEAD: Novelty gifts for avocado lovers that will guac their world. 🥑

Are you shopping for a cool present for an avocado lover?

In case you couldn’t tell by my logo, I happen to be one myself.

If something comes in a cute avocado design, chances are, I want it. Forget baby registry advice—this is my real area of expertise!

Below, I’ve rounded up every single amazing avocado gift idea that I could find on Amazon.

gifts for avocado lovers

As you’ll see below, there are dozens of novelty items that are perfect for avocado lovers of every variety—coworkers, family members, new parents, pet owners, and more.

Whether you’re hunting for a Christmas gift, a birthday gift, a baby gift, or ‘just because,’ you’ll find perfect presents for the avocado-obsessed person in your life.

Let’s guac on and check out the best avocado gifts…

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avocado gifts

Novelty avocado gifts

Choosing from all of these unusual avocado-themed products will put you between a guac and a hard place.


avocado charm


avocado storage case


avocado mug


avocado stainless steel travel mug


avocado iphone case


avocado microwaveable heating pad


avocado insulated lunch bag



1 jeweled avocado charm | This sterling silver avocado pendant is decorated with colorful czs and green enamel. It will fit on a Pandora bracelet (or similar) and is SURE to be noticed and complimented by fellow avocado lovers.

2 avocado storage case | This little 3D avocado pouch is advertised for use with school supplies, but the storage possibilities are endless! Think makeup, jewelry (for travel), charging cables, hand sanitizer, etc.!

3 avocado mug | This 11 oz ceramic coffee (or tea) mug is a great gift for a caffeine lover, a work colleague, or any collector of novelty avocado paraphernalia.

4 stainless steel travel mug | This precious S’ip by S’well travel mug is double-walled and vacuum-insulated, which will keep an avocado lover’s drink cold for 16 hours or hot for 4 hours!

5 avocado phone case | Assuming you know the correct iPhone model of the gift recipient (this is for an iPhone 12 or 12 Pro), this beautiful but tough avocado-decked case is an absolute winner!

6 microwaveable heating pad | This is a brilliant invention—and it just happens to come in a cute avocado version! It’s a buckwheat-filled pouch that you heat in the microwave. It does WONDERS to relieve cramps and sore muscles.

7 insulated lunch bag | This spacious lunch tote keeps food and drinks warm or cold for 4-6 hours.

8 guacamole kit | Holy guacamole, this is the cutest gift set! It includes an avocado tool, avocado salt and pepper shakers, and guacamole seasoning.

Small avocado gifts + stocking stuffers

Avo look at these mini gifts that are everything your loved one has avo wanted.

9embroidered avocado appliqué

10avocado bandaids


12avocado luggage tags


avocado stress ball


avocado airpods case



9 embroidered avocado appliqué | This 2.5 inch embroidered patch can be ironed or sewn onto a hat, jacket, bag—you name it!

10 avocado bandaids | The avocado lover in your life might just look forward to their next boo boo with this 24-pack of avocado bandaids. They aren’t just cute—they’re actually really great bandaids.

11 waterproof avocado vinyl stickers | There are endless uses for this 50-pack of avocado stickers! They measure between 2 and 3.5 inches and can be stuck on a water bottle, laptop, helmet, notebook, or anything you can think of.

12 avocado luggage tags | This 3-pack of silicone luggage tags is the perfect gift for a traveler and lover of all things avocado. Because who doesn’t want to bring avocados on vacation with them?

13 avocado stress ball | This 4″ stress ball is a great stocking stuffer! It’s the perfect size to stick in a desk drawer, purse, or back pocket.

14 avocado airpods case | This silicone AirPods protective case comes in all different avocado designs. These are especially great because the pods can be charged while still in the case.

Avocado socks, hats, and accessories

You may think all this avocado paraphernalia is just wrong… but to me, it feels ripe.

15novelty avocado necktie


women's avocado socks


women's avocado toast socks


embroidered avocado hat


avocado bucket hat


avocado cash wallet


avocado bracelet


men's avocado socks


15 avocado necktie | This budget-friendly novelty tie is sure to earn the recipient constant compliments.

16 women’s avocado socks | These fun socks fit most women’s sizes. They’re guaranteed to be adored by any female avocado lover.

17 women’s avocado toast socks | Here’s another cool pair of avocado socks. These are perfect for someone who enjoys an avocado toast brunch above all else.

18 embroidered avocado hat | This 100% cotton hat also comes in black and tan. It’s marketed as a “dad hat”—but it’s adjustable for all to enjoy!

19 avocado bucket hat | This unique hat also comes in green, blue, and orange. It’s perfect for the beach or for normal daily wear.

20 avocado cash wallet | Believe it or not, some people still carry cash around with them. This cute avocado-studded wallet holds cash, credit cards, and a phone.

21 avocado bracelet | Give ’em something to guac about with this trendy avocado bangle bracelet. It comes in brass-tone and silver-tone, as well as two different sizes.

22 men’s avocado socks | It’s always guac o’clock in these cotton novelty avocado socks for men!

Avocado gift wrapping, mailers, and more

It would be pit-iful not to use avocado-themed wrapping for your avocado-themed gift.


avocado mailer envelope


avocado tissue paper


23 avocado mailer | The photos don’t do this product justice! These are the CUTEST mailers and the perfect way to send an avocado gift to a loved one who lives out of town.

24 avocado tissue paper | Presentation is everything! Think how cute your avocado gift will be wrapped in this novelty tissue paper!

Avocado gifts for babies and kids

Have you avo seen such cute ideas for what to buy new parents?


avocado sleep sack



avocado rattles


avocado toast sleeper

28avocado swaddle


taco tuesday set


avocado bibs


avocado swaddle blanket

32silicone nesting avocado toy


avocado swaddle + toast rattle

34soft avocado blanket


25 avocado sleep sack | This wearable blanket is one of my all-time favorite baby purchases. I recommend it to everyone!

26 avocado rattles | Guac and roll with this adorable avocado stroller toy. Its two halves open and close to reveal a clear rattle “pit” center with colorful beads.

27 avocado toast sleeper | There couldn’t be a cuter pattern for a baby outfit. This is a unique avocado gift that I guarantee the recipient has never seen before!

28 avocado swaddle | This super-soft blanket is made from bamboo and spandex. It’s great for swaddling—or it can be used as a stroller blanket, nursing cover, tummy time mat, and more!

29 taco tuesday set | The fabric taco features a variety of textures for a baby to explore, and the avocado rattle with rollerball and the citrus clackers are perfect for shakin’ up playtime.

30 avocado bibs | This set of silicone avocado toast bibs has front crumb catchers and adjustable neckline closures. Truly, there is no cuter bib for sale than the white one covered with avocados. Obsessed.

31 avocado swaddle blanket | This is an extremely high-quality swaddle blanket made from bamboo and cotton. It’s a lovely premium avocado-themed gift for anyone with a young baby.

32 silicone nesting avocado toy | This stacking toy (which also makes a great teether) is made of high-quality food-grade silicone.

33 avocado swaddle + toast rattle | This incredible muslin swaddle is decked with avocados and comes with a sweater knit rattle. It’s literally the perfect gift set for any avocado-loving family.

34 soft avocado blanket | This blanket is extremely soft and much better quality than it appears in pictures. (We own it!) It’s the perfect stroller blanket for an avocado lover.

Avocado gifts for pets

Cats and dogs deserve to avo good time too, right?


taco and avocado squeakers


avocado bow tie collar


catnip avocado toy


avocado toast squeaker


3-piece avocado squeaker set


avocado bandana


35 6″ avocado+ taco squeakers | Reviewers say their dogs are obsessed with the avocado squeaker!

36 avocado bow tie collar | There isn’t a dog collar that’s cuter than this one! It’s made out of thick canvas and it’s adjustable.

37 avocado catnip toy | This little guy makes a great avocado gift for a cat owner.

38 avocado toast squeaker plush | This 7″ avocado toast is not only fun for a dog, but will actually look cute laying around the house.

39 3-piece squeaker set | These 4.5″ toys have loud squeakers and will make both humans and dogs happy!

40 avocado bandana | We have one for the dog and one for the cat… these are high quality and absolutely precious.

Avocado Christmas ornaments

Avo yourself a merry little Christmas…


avocado ornament


avocado toast ornament


realistic avocado ornament


avocado ornament


41 sliced avocado ornament | This beautiful glass and resin ornament is sparkly and will look stunning on a Christmas tree.

42 avocado half ornament | This hand-crafted ornament is made of molten glass that’s been mouth-blown into a finely carved mold.

43 realistic avocado ornament | Believe it or not, this ornament is made out of foam! It’s sure to delight any avocado lover.

44 avocado toast ornament | The detail on this glass Christmas ornament is incredible!

Other places to look for avocado gifts

If you’re still looking for avocado gifts, these stores are worth checking out, both online and in person.

  • Nordstrom Rack sometimes has some unusual avocado finds. I recently snagged a cool avocado doormat. Their inventory changes regularly, so keep checking if you don’t find what you’re looking for.
  • T.J.Maxx and Marshalls have new goodies all the time. I found a giant avocado blanket, lots of baby stuff, some gift bags, birthday cards, and all sorts of other avocado-themed odds and ends.
  • Target is another spot to check for avocado gifts. I’ve found avocado Christmas wrapping paper, birthday cards, stickers, and more.
  • Etsy is a treasure trove of avocado gifts! You can search for pretty much any type of item and you’ll find an avocado-studded version of it.

Absurdly Cool Avocado Gifts