160+ Fancy Boy Names that Exude Sophistication

Jan 9, 2023

160+ Fancy Boy Names that Exude Sophistication

AHEAD: The ultimate list of elegant names for baby boys.

If you’re looking for a classy and sophisticated boys’ name, you’re in the right place.

This curated list includes a variety of handsome choices with that certain je ne sais quois that you’re probably going for.

This list doesn’t include names like Axel, Cole, Hudson, and River, which are all really amazing baby names… but don’t necessarily have an elegant vibe.

Fancy names tend to be less cute or edgy; they’re usually a bit longer, classic, timeless, and have a recognizable ring of sophistication.

fancy baby boy in bow tie and top hat

Elegance, of course, is totally subjective—especially when it comes to a baby name. What one person might find fancy, another might find too stuffy and outdated—or on the flip side, too modern and trendy.

So I’ve tried to mix it up a bit, with both classic and more fashion-forward names on this list.

I’ve also included each name’s meaning and current popularity—which will hopefully help you narrow down your list of favorites.

So without further ado, here are over 160 fancy baby names for your little boy…

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Perfect fancy boy names for modern babes

These names are a little bit fancy and a little bit modern.

The source for popularity data is SSA.


  • Name meaning: Riverbank dweller.
  • Popularity: #503


  • Name meaning: Handsome.
  • Popularity: #94


  • Name meaning: Beehive.
  • Popularity: #198


  • Name meaning: Blessed.
  • Popularity: #90

2024 list fancy boy names


  • Name meaning: Small stream.
  • Popularity: #77

Emmett or Emmitt

  • Name meaning: Universal.
  • Popularity: Emmett ranks #103 and Emmitt ranks #544.

fancy baby boy in blue bow tie


  • Name meaning: Gravel.
  • Popularity: #161


  • Name meaning: A fierce or dangerous person.
  • Popularity: #232


  • Name meaning: Son of James.
  • Popularity: Jameson ranks #80 and Jamison is #522.


  • Name meaning: Son of Lawrence.
  • Popularity: #362


  • Name meaning: Will. Resolution. Helmet. Protector.
  • Popularity: #1

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  • Name meaning: Noble or famous.
  • Popularity: #60


  • Name meaning: Olive tree.
  • Popularity: #3


  • Name meaning: Priest’s estate.
  • Popularity: #241

Theodore or Theo

  • Name meaning: God given. Divine gift.
  • Popularity: Theodore ranks #10 and Theo is #142.

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  • Name meaning: Spring or person who lives near a spring.
  • Popularity: #479


  • Name meaning: Might mean ‘from Wine’s town’ or ‘from a friend’s town’.
  • Popularity: #411

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Classic and elegant boy names

old fashioned fancy baby boy and girl

The following fancy boy names have stood the test of time.


  • Name meaning: Defender.
  • Popularity: #13

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  • Name meaning: Defender.
  • Popularity: This elegant A name isn’t ranking.


  • Name meaning: Person from Athens.
  • Popularity: #266


  • Name meaning: Free person.
  • Popularity: Charles ranks #50 and Charlie is #189.


  • Name meaning: God is my strength.
  • Popularity: #38


  • Name meaning: One who follows.
  • Popularity: James ranks #5 and Jimmy is #758.


  • Name meaning: Brave people.
  • Popularity: This elegant L name isn’t ranking.

Linden or Lyndon


  • Name meaning: People of victory.
  • Popularity: Nicholas ranks #92, Nicolas is #188, and Nikolas is #587.


  • Name meaning: Might mean courageous heart, one who praises, or gift of God.
  • Popularity: #820


  • Name meaning: Conquerer. Winner.
  • Popularity: #209


  • Name meaning: Powerful warrior, bright warrior, forest warrior.
  • Popularity: #271


  • Name meaning: Vehement protector.
  • Popularity: #6

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Sophisticated names for boys

baby boy in tux with bow tie lying down

Here are some big names for a fancy little boy to grow into!

Amadeo or Amadeus

  • Name meaning: Love of God.
  • Popularity: Neither version of this fancy Italian boys’ name is ranking.


  • Name meaning: Magnificent.
  • Popularity: #457

Bartholomew or Bates

  • Name meaning: Son of the trenches where seeds are planted.
  • Popularity: Neither version of this sophisticated B name is ranking.


  • Name meaning: Either means brother or is a family name.
  • Popularity: This classy Irish name last ranked in 2014.

Calloway or Callaway

  • Name meaning: Place of pebbles.
  • Popularity: This fancy boys’ name isn’t ranking.


  • Name meaning: Ellis town.
  • Popularity: This elegant E name isn’t ranking.


  • Name meaning: Italian and Spanish variation of Emil, meaning work.
  • Popularity: #171


  • Name meaning: Son of Jeffrey.
  • Popularity: #723

Lachlan or Lochlan

  • Name meaning: War-like. Lake land.
  • Popularity: Lachlan ranks #724 and Lochlan is #790.


  • Name meaning: Italian and Spanish variation of Leonard, meaning brave lion.
  • Popularity: #87


  • Name meaning: Raven.
  • Popularity: This bird name ranks #231 for boys and #348 for girls.


  • Name meaning: Man of peace. A biblical name.
  • Popularity: #422

Valentino or Valentin

  • Name meaning: Strength.
  • Popularity: Valentino ranks #561 and Valentin is #821.

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Classy southern names

elegant baby boy pretend mustache tuxedo

Brimming with southern charm, these preppy names are perfect for a fancy little gentleman.


  • Name meaning: Bear strength.
  • Popularity: #192


  • Name meaning: Hill.
  • Popularity: Boden ranks #827. Bowden and Beauden aren’t ranking.


  • Name meaning: Son of Owen.
  • Popularity: #367


  • Name meaning: Broad river crossing.
  • Popularity: This fancy water name isn’t ranking.


  • Name meaning: Crooked nose.
  • Popularity: #62


  • Name meaning: Lover of hounds.
  • Popularity: Connor ranks #97, Conor is #462, and Conner is #514.


  • Name meaning: Son of Emery.
  • Popularity: This classy nonbinary name ranks #279 for boys. For girls, Emerson ranks #167 and Emersyn is #148.


  • Name meaning: Tall.
  • Popularity: #212

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Hartford or Hart

  • Name meaning: Shallow place in a river where deer roam. The capital of Connecticut.
  • Popularity: This badass name, chosen by Stassi Schroeder for her daughter, isn’t currently ranking for either gender.


  • Name meaning: Hollow valley.
  • Popularity: #236


  • Name meaning: Boundary gate.
  • Popularity: This fancy M name isn’t ranking.

southern fancy boy names


  • Name meaning: Fighter’s town
  • Popularity: This elegant baby name isn’t ranking.


  • Name meaning: Priest’s cottage.
  • Popularity: This fancy boys’ name isn’t ranking.


  • Name meaning: Bailiff.
  • Popularity: This sophisticated R name isn’t ranking.


  • Name meaning: Advice.
  • Popularity: #148

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  • Name meaning: Inspector of the forest.
  • Popularity: #129

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Posh names for baby boys

sophisticated baby boy with vest and bow tie

These fancy boy names sound refined and dignified.


  • Name meaning: An English surname that might mean ‘from the homestead.’
  • Popularity: #222


  • Name meaning: Loved one. War chief.
  • Popularity: #970


  • Name meaning: Town of free men.
  • Popularity: This elegant boys’ name isn’t ranking.


  • Name meaning: Chancellor or gamble.
  • Popularity: This sophisticated baby name isn’t ranking.


  • Name meaning: Fortress.
  • Popularity: This classy boys’ name isn’t ranking.


  • Name meaning: Cliff or slope.
  • Popularity: This fancy male name isn’t ranking.


  • Name meaning: A habitat with low-growing woody vegetation.
  • Popularity: #958


  • Name meaning: God is gracious.
  • Popularity: This classically elegant French boys’ name isn’t ranking.


  • Name meaning: Treasurer. Also a gemstone.
  • Popularity: #128


  • Name meaning: Spear king.
  • Popularity: This dignified name last ranked in 2020.


  • Name meaning: Lover of horses.
  • Popularity: This fancy boys’ name isn’t ranking.


  • Name meaning: One who makes roofs from straw.
  • Popularity: #813


  • Name meaning: Son of Walter.
  • Popularity: #596

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Unique fancy boy names

fancy baby boy standing in tuxedo

These elegant male names are unique alternatives to classics like William.


  • Name meaning: Loved.
  • Popularity: #756


  • Name meaning: Son of Ben.
  • Popularity: #585


  • Name meaning: Son of Edward.
  • Popularity: #615


  • Name meaning: Alder tree. Part of the Birch family, Alder trees grow along rivers and on wetlands.
  • Popularity: This name isn’t ranking for either gender.


  • Name meaning: Child of Elias.
  • Popularity: This classy name isn’t ranking for boys and ranks #902 for girls.


  • Name meaning: Grove settlement.
  • Popularity: This boys’ name isn’t ranking.


  • Name meaning: Treeless hill or crooked hill.
  • Popularity: This fancy boys’ name isn’t ranking.


  • Name meaning: Wooden land. Part of the Netherlands.
  • Popularity: This baby name isn’t ranking for boys but ranks #638 for girls.


  • Name meaning: German, Dutch, and Scandinavian version of John, meaning God is gracious.
  • Popularity: This German boys’ name isn’t ranking in the U.S. but is popular in Germany.

Layton or Leighton

  • Name meaning: Town by the meadow.
  • Popularity: For boys, Layton ranks #630 and Leighton is #378. For girls, Leighton ranks #378.


  • Name meaning: Tribe + spear.
  • Popularity: #574


  • Name meaning: Cultivated land.
  • Popularity: #430


  • Name meaning: Town by the pool or settler by the lake.
  • Popularity: #45


  • Name meaning: Rock. Son of Piers.
  • Popularity: #499


  • Name meaning: Gatekeeper (occupation).
  • Popularity: #441


  • Name meaning: Son of the king.
  • Popularity: #392


  • Name meaning: Little dark-eyed one.
  • Popularity: #373

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Fancy boy names you don’t hear every day

toddler boy suspenders suit cap lavender field

The following elegant male names are super rare.


  • Name meaning: Follower of a nobleman. With divine protection.
  • Popularity: This fancy boy’s name isn’t ranking.


  • Name meaning: Golden.
  • Popularity: This boy’s name isn’t ranking.


  • Name meaning: Cities in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the UK, and the US.
  • Popularity: This fancy male name isn’t ranking.


  • Name meaning: Bright town. A resort town on the coast of England.
  • Popularity: This boys’ name isn’t ranking.


  • Name meaning: A city near Boston and also in England.
  • Popularity: This elegant-sounding baby name isn’t ranking.

Carlton or Carleton

  • Name meaning: Town of free men.
  • Popularity: Carlton last ranked in 2005 and Carleton isn’t ranking.


  • Name meaning: A place in the UK.
  • Popularity: This distinguished name isn’t ranking.


  • Name meaning: Short land.
  • Popularity: This boys’ name isn’t ranking.



  • Name meaning: Aristocracy.
  • Popularity: This fancy G name isn’t ranking.


  • Name meaning: High stone. A seaside town in England.
  • Popularity: This elegant H name isn’t ranking.


  • Name meaning: Raven.
  • Popularity: This fancy I name isn’t ranking.


  • Name meaning: Graced by God.
  • Popularity: This posh J name isn’t ranking.


  • Name meaning: Fame and power.
  • Popularity: This boys’ name isn’t ranking.

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Formal names with cute nicknames

smiling toddler checkered bow tie

These fancy boy names sound distinguished in their long forms and friendly in their short forms.

Anderson  “Andy”

  • Name meaning: Son of Anders.
  • Popularity: #328

Benjamin  “Ben” or “Benji”

  • Name meaning: Son of my right hand.
  • Popularity: Benjamin ranks #7 and Ben is #763.

Bradley  “Brad”

  • Name meaning: Wide meadow.
  • Popularity: #313

Edmond  “Eddie”

  • Name meaning: Wealth or fortune. Prosperous. Guardian or protector.
  • Popularity: This sophisticated boys’ name isn’t ranking.

Edward  “Eddie”

  • Name meaning: Wealth or fortune. Prosperous. Guardian or protector.
  • Popularity: Edward ranks #217 and Eddie is #774.

Emmanuel  “Manny”

  • Name meaning: God is with us.
  • Popularity: Emmanuel ranks #191 and Emanuel ranks #510.

Finnegan  “Finn”

  • Name meaning: Fair-haired.
  • Popularity: #376

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Frederick  “Freddie”

  • Name meaning: Peaceful ruler.
  • Popularity: #476

Geoffrey  “Geoff”

  • Name meaning: Peace.
  • Popularity: This name hasn’t ranked since 2005. Jeffrey ranks #385.

Macallister  “Mac”

  • Name meaning: Son of Alasdair.
  • Popularity: This posh boys’ name isn’t ranking.

Maximilian  “Max”

  • Name meaning: The greatest.
  • Popularity: #547

Nathaniel  “Nate”

  • Name meaning: He has given.
  • Popularity: Nathaniel ranks #133 and Nathanael is #780.

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Fancy names you haven’t thought of

Here are some more elegant boy names worth considering!


  • Name meaning: Father.
  • Popularity: This name isn’t ranking.


  • Name meaning: Breath.
  • Popularity: #196

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short fancy names for boys


  • Name meaning: Exalted father or father of many.
  • Popularity: #584


  • Name meaning: Christian.
  • Popularity: This fancy boys’ name isn’t ranking.


  • Name meaning: Several possible meanings: From Dorus, a legendary Greek hero. From Doris, a district of Ancient Greece. Child of the sea.
  • Popularity: #567


  • Name meaning: Free land holder.
  • Popularity: #395


  • Name meaning: One who cuts down.
  • Popularity: #310

Julian or Julien

  • Name meaning: Youthful.
  • Popularity: Julian ranks #33 and Julien is #618. Neither name is ranking for girls.


  • Name meaning: Youthful.
  • Popularity: #319


  • Name meaning: Lion man.
  • Popularity: This fancy boy name isn’t ranking.


  • Name meaning: Young lion.
  • Popularity: #663


  • Name meaning: God protects.
  • Popularity: This fancy boys’ name isn’t ranking.


  • Name meaning: Wealth. Son of Ode.
  • Popularity: #647

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  • Name meaning: Person from Sebastia.
  • Popularity: #19


  • Name meaning: Welshman, stranger, or foreigner.
  • Popularity: #897

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​Fancy boy names that are past their prime

While many of these sophisticated names are currently ranked in the top 1000, I personally think they’ve seen better days.

That’s of course for you to decide! Here they are…


  • Name meaning: Bear-like.
  • Popularity: #155


  • Name meaning: Place of cow sheds.
  • Popularity: #751


  • Name meaning: Son of the red warrior.
  • Popularity: This fancy C name isn’t ranking.


  • Name meaning: Bright.
  • Popularity: This sophisticated baby name last ranked in 2010.


  • Name meaning: Horn.
  • Popularity: This polished name hasn’t ranked since 2008.

sophisticated baby names for boys


  • Name meaning: Dark one.
  • Popularity: This fancy D name isn’t ranking for either gender.


  • Name meaning: Frenchman or free man.
  • Popularity: #466


  • Name meaning: Spear king.
  • Popularity: #954


  • Name meaning: Military power or army ruler.
  • Popularity: #962


  • Name meaning: Tall stone. Long town.
  • Popularity: #750


  • Name meaning: Person from Laurentum, an ancient Roman city.
  • Popularity: Lawrence ranks #578 and Larry is #866.


  • Name meaning: Brave or strong lion.
  • Popularity: #649


  • Name meaning: Eighth.
  • Popularity: This elegant O name isn’t ranking.


  • Name meaning: Relating to Easter.
  • Popularity: This fancy P name isn’t ranking.

Philip or Phillip

  • Name meaning: Lover of horses.
  • Popularity: Philip ranks #451 and Phillip is #523.


  • Name meaning: Advice + ruler.
  • Popularity: #563


  • Name meaning: Meaning unknown. (An ancient Roman poet).
  • Popularity: This sophisticated V name isn’t ranking.

Did you find the perfect fancy name for your son? If you’re still on the hunt for the perfect one, check out the lists below…

Final thoughts on fancy names for baby boys

Hopefully, you’ve found a few lead contenders on this list of fancy boy names, or at least come away with some baby name inspiration.

Now, the tricky part is narrowing down your list of favorites!

unique fancy names for boys list

My best advice to you is to save them all on a list on your phone. Read the list over every day. One by one, erase any name that doesn’t seem sufficiently sophisticated. If you do this enough times, eventually you’ll get to ‘the one’!

Congratulations and good luck choosing the perfect elegant baby name for your son!

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