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Middle Names for Alex: Modern Ideas for Boys & Girls

Jan 12, 2021

Middle Names for Alex: Modern Ideas for Boys & Girls

Choosing the perfect middle name for Alex…

If you’ve decided to name your son or daughter Alex, congratulations on picking a cool gender neutral name of Greek origin.

Alex (and its variations Alexander, Alexandra, and Alexandria) means “defender”, making it a strong first name both in sound and in meaning.

Alex for a boy is currently the 182nd most popular boy’s name in the United States.

The longer version, Alexander, is extremely popular right now, coming in at #10.

Alex for a girl is not in the top 1000 baby names for girls. However, the longer name Alexandra ranks at #137 and Alexandria is #320.

The great thing about the “A” name Alex is that it works as a nickname, or as a name in itself.

Below, you’ll find a huge list of options for middle names for Alex, whether you’re expecting a boy or a girl.

Name meanings are in brackets.

Use the TOC to navigate to your baby’s gender.


middle names for alex

One syllable middle names for Alex (Boy)

Kicking off our list of middle names for Alex with single-syllable options.

Even though Alex is a one-syllable boy’s name itself, these flow really nicely.

  • Alex Banks {riverbank dweller}
  • Alex Bates {son of the trenches where seeds are planted}
  • Alex Beau {handsome}
  • Alex Beck {stream}
  • Alex Birch {tree}
  • Alex Blaine {slender}
  • Alex Blake {light}
  • Alex Blaze {fiery}
  • Alex Brant {sword}
  • Alex Brent {dweller near burnt land}
  • Alex Bridge {connector}
  • Alex Briggs {bridges}
  • Alex Brock {badger}
  • Alex Brooks {small stream}
  • Alex Buck {male deer}

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  • Alex Cade {barrel}
  • Alex Champ {winner}
  • Alex Chase {to hunt}
  • Alex Clay {earthy}
  • Alex Clyde {Scottish river}
  • Alex Cole {charcoal}
  • Alex Colt {young horse}
  • Alex Crew {group}
  • Alex Cruz {cross}
  • Alex Dane {God is my judge}
  • Alex Dash {unknown}
  • Alex Dean {valley}
  • Alex Dex {right handed}
  • Alex Drake {dragon}
  • Alex Duke {leader}
  • Alex Finn {white}
  • Alex Ford {river crossing}
  • Alex Fox {wild animal}
  • Alex Gage {money lender}
  • Alex Garth {groundskeeper}
  • Alex Graham {gravel}
  • Alex Grant {tall}
  • Alex Grey {color}
  • Alex Hawk {bird of prey}
  • Alex Hayes {hedged area}
  • Alex Holt {grove of trees}
  • Alex Huck {Huckleberry}
  • Alex Hyde {hide}
  • Alex Jace {Lord is salvation}
  • Alex Jack {God is gracious}
  • Alex James {one who follows}
  • Alex Jax {God is gracious}
  • Alex Jett {black}
  • Alex Judd {flowing down}
  • Alex Jude {praised}
  • Alex Kai {sea}
  • Alex Kane {warrior}
  • Alex Kent {edge}
  • Alex Knox {round-topped hill}
  • Alex Kyle {narrow}
  • Alex Lance {land}
  • Alex Lev {lion}
  • Alex Luke {bright one}
  • Alex Lyle {island}
  • Alex Mack {son of}
  • Alex Miles {soldier}
  • Alex Nash {by the ash tree}
  • Alex Pax {peaceful)
  • Alex Pierce {rock}
  • Alex Quinn {counsel}
  • Alex Reed {red haired}
  • Alex Reese {enthusiasm}
  • Alex Reeves {bailiff}
  • Alex Reign {sovereign}
  • Alex Rex {king}
  • Alex Rhett {advice}
  • Alex Ridge {narrow hilltop}
  • Alex Rome {strength}
  • Alex Shane {God is gracious}
  • Alex Shay {supplanted}
  • Alex Slate {grayish rock}
  • Alex Smith {blacksmith}
  • Alex Stone {solid as a rock}
  • Alex Tate {cheerful}
  • Alex Todd {fox}
  • Alex Townes {settlement}
  • Alex Trent {flooder}
  • Alex Trey {three}
  • Alex Tripp {the third}
  • Alex Troy {foot soldier}
  • Alex Vince {prevailing}
  • Alex Wade {to go}
  • Alex Walt {army ruler}
  • Alex Wells {spring}
  • Alex Zane {God is gracious}

We’ll tackle the 2-syllable list in a second.

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Two syllable middle names for Alex (Boy)

Now we’ll take a look at some double-syllable middle names to go with the A name Alex.

  • Alex Abbott {father}
  • Alex Barrett {bear strength}
  • Alex Benji {son of the right hand}
  • Alex Bennett {blessed}
  • Alex Bentley {meadow with coarse grass}
  • Alex Boden {hill}
  • Alex Bowen {son of Owen}
  • Alex Braden {wide valley}
  • Alex Brady {broad meadow}
  • Alex Braxton {Brock’s settlement}
  • Alex Brayden {brave}
  • Alex Brendon {prince}
  • Alex Brenner {charcoal burner}
  • Alex Brody {broad island}
  • Alex Bryson {son of Brice}
  • Alex Caden {round}
  • Alex Caleb {devotion}
  • Alex Camden {winding valley}
  • Alex Cannon {artillery}
  • Alex Carden {wood carder}
  • Alex Carson {son of marsh dwellers}
  • Alex Carter {transporter of goods}
  • Alex Cason {invented name}
  • Alex Clayton {town with good clay}
  • Alex Cohen {priest}
  • Alex Colby {from a coal town}
  • Alex Colton {from the coal town}

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  • Alex Connor {lover of hounds}
  • Alex Cooper {wood repairer}
  • Alex Corbin {crow}
  • Alex Curtis {polite}
  • Alex Cyrus {sun}
  • Alex Dallas {skilled}
  • Alex Dalton {valley settlement}
  • Alex Damon {to tame}
  • Alex Darren {little great one}
  • Alex Dawson {son of David}
  • Alex Dayton {place with a dike}
  • Alex Deacon {messenger}
  • Alex Declan {man of prayer}
  • Alex Denver {city}
  • Alex Dixon {son of Richard}
  • Alex Duncan {dark warrior}
  • Alex Dylan {son of the sea}
  • Alex Easton {east facing place}
  • Alex Emmett {universal}
  • Alex Enzo {Henry}
  • Alex Ethan {long-lived}
  • Alex Ezra {helper}
  • Alex Falcon {bird}
  • Alex Felix {fortunate}
  • Alex Fielder {dweller in open land}
  • Alex Forest {woods}
  • Alex Franklin {free land holder}
  • Alex Garland {flower wreath}
  • Alex Garrett {spear strength}
  • Alex Gatlin {wandering man}
  • Alex Gavin {white hawk}
  • Alex Gentry {aristocracy}
  • Alex Grady {noble}
  • Alex Granger {granary worker}
  • Alex Grayson {son of the steward}
  • Alex Harlan {rocky land}
  • Alex Harris {son of Harry}
  • Alex Hartford {shallow place in a river where deer roam}
  • Alex Hayden {hedged valley}
  • Alex Hendrix {son of Hendrik}
  • Alex Henry {estate ruler}
  • Alex Holden {hollow valley}
  • Alex Hudson {like the river}
  • Alex Hunter {one who hunts}
  • Alex Hutton {ridge enclosure}
  • Alex Jackson {son of Jack}
  • Alex Jacob {to follow}
  • Alex Jagger {carter}
  • Alex Jaxon {God is gracious}
  • Alex Jayden {thankful}
  • Alex Jonah {dove}
  • Alex Jordan {descend}
  • Alex Judson {son of Jordan}
  • Alex Kellan {swamp}
  • Alex Kingston {king’s town}
  • Alex Lander {territory}
  • Alex Landon {long hill}
  • Alex Lawson {son of Lawrence}
  • Alex Ledger {book}
  • Alex Lennox {elm grove}
  • Alex Leo {lion}
  • Alex Leon {lion}
  • Alex Levi {joined}
  • Alex Liam {protection}
  • Alex Lincoln {town by the pool}
  • Alex Logan {little hollow}
  • Alex London {great river}
  • Alex Luca {man from Lucania}
  • Alex Lucas {man from Lucania}
  • Alex Madden {little dog}
  • Alex Maddox {fortunate}
  • Alex Mason {stone worker}
  • Alex Merritt {boundary gate}
  • Alex Miller {grain grinder}
  • Alex Milo {soldier}
  • Alex Nico {people of victory}
  • Alex Noah {to comfort}
  • Alex Oakley {oak wood}
  • Alex Onyx {black gem stone}
  • Alex Otis {wealthy}
  • Alex Owen {young warrior}
  • Alex Parker {park keeper}
  • Alex Patton {fighter’s town}
  • Alex Paxton {peace town}
  • Alex Peyton {fightning man’s estate}
  • Alex Phoenix {mythical bird}
  • Alex Porter {transporter}
  • Alex Prescott {priest’s cottage}
  • Alex Preston {priest’s town}
  • Alex Radley {red meadow}
  • Alex Raiden {thunder and lightning}
  • Alex Ranger {forest guardian}
  • Alex Reagan {little king}
  • Alex Remy {oarsman}
  • Alex River {water}
  • Alex Roman {citizen of Rome}
  • Alex Roscoe {deer forest}
  • Alex Rowan {little redhead}
  • Alex Ryan {little king}
  • Alex Ryder {horseman}
  • Alex Sawyer {wood cutter}
  • Alex Saylor {boatman or dancer}
  • Alex Sylas {forest}
  • Alex Soren {stern}
  • Alex Spencer {dispenser of provisions}
  • Alex Sterling {quality}
  • Alex Talon {claw of a bird of prey}
  • Alex Tanner {leather tanner}
  • Alex Thatcher {one who makes roofs from straw}
  • Alex Topher {bearer of Christ}
  • Alex Travis {toll keeper}
  • Alex Trenton {Trent’s town}
  • Alex Trevor {from the large village}
  • Alex Tucker {fabric pleater}
  • Alex Tyler {tile maker}
  • Alex Walker {inspector of the forest}
  • Alex Warner {army}
  • Alex Waylon {roadside land}
  • Alex Wesley {western meadow}
  • Alex Weston {from the western town}
  • Alex Wilder {untamed}
  • Alex Woodrow {wooded row of houses}
  • Alex Wyatt {brave in war}

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Now let’s see some more middle names that go with the first name Alex or Alexander…

Three syllable middle names for Alex (Boy)

These are a bit more of a mouthful to say if your Alex is actually Alexander.

In my opinion, this works if your last name isn’t also 3+ syllables.

Here are some great triple syllable middle names that flow well with a first name Alex:

  • Alex Avery {ruler of elves}
  • Alex Benjamin {son of my right hand}
  • Alex Cameron {crooked nose}
  • Alex Dakota {friendly one}
  • Alex Damian {to tame}
  • Alex Diego {one who takes the place of another}
  • Alex Edison {son of Edward}
  • Alex Elijah {Yahweh is God}
  • Alex Ellery {island with elder trees}
  • Alex Ellington {Ellis town}
  • Alex Emerson {son of Emery}
  • Alex Emory {industrious}
  • Alex Everest {world’s tallest mountain}
  • Alex Finnegan {fair haired}
  • Alex Forrester {woodsman}
  • Alex Gabriel {God is my strength}
  • Alex Garrison {son of Garret}
  • Alex Hamilton {treeless hill}
  • Alex Harrison {son of Harry}
  • Alex Jameson {son of James}
  • Alex Jeremy {appointed by God}
  • Alex Joshua {Lord is salvation}
  • Alex Josiah {God heals}
  • Alex Julian {youthful}
  • Alex Julius {youthful}
  • Alex Kennedy {misshapen head}
  • Alex Maverick {nonconformist}
  • Alex Maximus {greatest}
  • Alex Nicholas {people of victory}
  • Alex Oliver {tree planter}
  • Alex Remington {raven}
  • Alex Sebastian {revered}
  • Alex Sullivan {dark eyed one}
  • Alex Theodore {God given}
  • Alex Whittaker {white field}
  • Alex Zachary {the Lord has remembered}

There are so many great options!

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Final thoughts on choosing the best middle name for the boy’s first name Alex

This concludes our list of boy’s middle names for Alex. (Keep reading if you may be having a girl).

If you’re not 100% sure you want to name your son Alex, here are some other lists to check out:

middle names for alex boy

One syllable middle names for Alex (Girl)

Single syllable middle names are particularly great if your Alex is actually an Alexandra or Alexandria.

  • Alex Belle {beautiful}
  • Alex Birch {tree}
  • Alex Blaire {field dweller}
  • Alex Blake {fair or light}
  • Alex Brie {marshland}
  • Alex Brooke {small stream}
  • Alex Bryn {hill}
  • Alex Cove {sheltered bay}
  • Alex Eve {life}
  • Alex Faye {fairy}
  • Alex Grace {goodness}
  • Alex Hale {hollow dweller}
  • Alex Hart {brave}
  • Alex Hayes {brushwood}
  • Alex Hope {great expectations}
  • Alex Jade {green stone}
  • Alex James {supplanter}
  • Alex Jane {gracious}
  • Alex Jem {precious stone}
  • Alex Jules {youthful}
  • Alex June {sixth month}
  • Alex Kate {pure}
  • Alex Layne {pathway}
  • Alex Leigh {delicate}
  • Alex Liv {life}
  • Alex Page {helper}
  • Alex Quinn {counsel}
  • Alex Rai {like ray of light}
  • Alex Reese {fiery}
  • Alex Rose {for your flower child}
  • Alex Roux {reddish brown}
  • Alex Sage {grayish green herb}
  • Alex Sloane {warrior}

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Do you have a favorite middle name for Alex so far?

Now for a whole bunch more! …

Two syllable middle names for Alex (Girl)

Next, we have a whole bunch of gorgeous double syllable middle names that flow with the girl’s first name Alex.

  • Alex Aubrey {magical being}
  • Alex Ava {life}
  • Alex Blakely {dark wood}
  • Alex Bridget {strength}
  • Alex Brinley {burnt meadow}
  • Alex Camden {winding valley}
  • Alex Charlotte {free woman}
  • Alex Chesney {oak grove}
  • Alex Clara {clear and bright}
  • Alex Dana {gift}
  • Alex Danielle {God is judge}
  • Alex Dara {oak tree}
  • Alex Demi {half}
  • Alex Emma {whole}
  • Alex Hadley {heather clearing}
  • Alex Haley {hay clearing}
  • Alex Hannah {grace}
  • Alex Harley {the long field}
  • Alex Harlow {army hill}
  • Alex Harper {harp player}
  • Alex Hartley {meadow}
  • Alex Hazel {of the hazelnut tree}
  • Alex Ivy {like the plant}
  • Alex Jolene {lord}
  • Alex Jolie {pretty}
  • Alex Kara {Cornish name for love}
  • Alex Kinsley {kings meadow}
  • Alex Kylie {a boomerang}
  • Alex Lacey {from Lassy}
  • Alex Laila {night}
  • Alex Lani {means sky in Hawaiian}
  • Alex Lauren {wisdom}
  • Alex Leah {weary}
  • Alex Leighton {meadow town}
  • Alex Lila {night}
  • Alex Lily {flower}
  • Alex Luna {moon}
  • Alex Lyla {night}
  • Alex Macie {weapon}
  • Alex Mara {a river}

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  • Alex Marie {star of the sea}
  • Alex Marin {beautiful place near SF!}
  • Alex Marley {seaside meadow}
  • Alex Maya {water}
  • Alex Mazie {child of light}
  • Alex Meadow {freely growing grassland}
  • Alex Mercy {compassion}
  • Alex Mia {mine}
  • Alex Millie {industrious}
  • Alex Morgan {of the sea}
  • Alex Nicole {victory}
  • Alex Noe {peaceful}
  • Alex Noelle {Christmas}
  • Alex Oakley {meadow of oaks}
  • Alex Olive {from a tree}
  • Alex Paisley {a cute curved pattern}
  • Alex Palmer {she who holds the palm}
  • Alex Peri {mountain dweller}
  • Alex Peyton {fighting man’s estate}
  • Alex Phoenix {mythical bird}
  • Alex Piper {flute player}
  • Alex Presley {priest}
  • Alex Reagan {little king}
  • Alex Remi {oarsman}
  • Alex Reva {rain}
  • Alex Riley {wood clearing}
  • Alex Rowan {reddish brown tree}
  • Alex Ruby {strong red gemstone}
  • Alex Ryder {horsewoman}
  • Alex Rylan {island meadow}
  • Alex Rylee {valiant}
  • Alex Skyler {scholar}
  • Alex Sophie {wisdom}
  • Alex Sutton {southern settlement}
  • Alex Taylor {seamstress}
  • Alex Teagan {little poet}
  • Alex Valli {winding plant}
  • Alex Violet {purple}
  • Alex Willow {tree}
  • Alex Zoey {life}

Hopefully, you found a few strong contenders. Now let’s see some more!

Three syllable middle names for Alex (Girl)

These are a bit more of a mouthful to say if your Alex is actually Alexandra or Alexandria.

A name like Alexandria Ellington O’Brien would be 11 syllables, which is fairly long. You might love this or hate this, depending on your style.

Either way, here are some great middle names that flow well with the girl’s first name Alex:

  • Alex Amelia {work}
  • Alex Arielle {lion}
  • Alex Athena {goddess}
  • Alex Aurora {dawn}
  • Alex Avery {elf king}
  • Alex Briella {God is my strength}
  • Alex Delilah {delicate}
  • Alex Emilia {excel}
  • Alex Evelyn {wished for child}
  • Alex Everly {brave}
  • Alex Fiona {white or fair}
  • Alex Harriet {home}
  • Alex Indigo {blue or Indian dye}
  • Alex Ivory {white}
  • Alex Juliet {youthful}
  • Alex Kennedy {helmeted chief}
  • Alex Lavender {a lovely purple}
  • Alex Madelyn {woman from Israel}
  • Alex Madison {son…or daughter of Matthew}
  • Alex Malia {bitter}
  • Alex Melissa {honey bee}
  • Alex Melody {song}
  • Alex Natasha {birthday}
  • Alex Ophelia {help}
  • Alex Remington {raven}
  • Alex Savannah {treeless plain}
  • Alex Sierra {mountain range}
  • Alex Sofia {wisdom}
  • Alex Vienna {Austria capitol}

Tips for choosing Alex’s initials

With the first initial A, it’s easy to spell lots of words. ATE, ALL, ANT, APT, ART, ARE, ARC, ARK, ARM, AIM, APE… etc!

It’s important to make sure you’re not spelling anything too crazy.

For example, you wouldn’t want to name your child Alex Stone Smith. See why?

Also keep in mind that the letter A starts the word American, which means that there are tons of agencies whose abbreviations start with A.

  • AAP – American Academy of Pediatrics
  • AAO – American Association of Orthodontists
  • ABA – American Bar Association

… and so on.

Just make sure that you’re comfortable with any parallels.

Final thoughts on choosing the best middle name for the girl’s first name Alex

Finalizing your baby’s name can be really hard. The good news is that if you’ve decided on the name Alex, you’ve already got a solid first name that’s both modern and classic at the same time.

If you’re not 100% sure you want to name your daughter Alex, here are some other lists to check out:

Congratulations on your pregnancy and good luck choosing the perfect middle name that goes with Alex!


middle names for alex girl

Middle Names for Alex: 400+ Amazing Options for Boys & Girls