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250 Southern Boy Names: The Coolest Baby Names for 2024

Jun 29, 2021

250 Southern Boy Names: The Coolest Baby Names for 2024

The ultimate list of southern baby boy names — plus their meanings — and middle name ideas!

Whether you’re looking for a country-sounding name, an old southern name with classic charm, or a modern moniker that’s trendy and cute, you’re in the right place!

This enormous list of southern boy names is inspired by geographical locations in the South, country music stars, athletes, famous characters, and historical figures.

southern boy wearing hat

I did my best to only include names that capture the essence of the South, without being too outdated or far out there.

Be sure to check out the second half of this post for a huge list of first and middle name combinations.

Grab your cowboy boots, and let’s dive into this list of southern names for boys!

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Country Boy Names

southern baby boy

Kicking off our 250-name list with country names for boys that have an undeniably southern ring to them.

All name meanings are in {brackets}!

  • Austin {magnificent} This is the 89th most popular baby boy’s name in the U.S.
  • Colton {from the coal town}
  • Curtis {polite}
  • Dallas {skilled}
  • Dalton {valley settlement}
  • Deacon {messenger}
  • Declan {man of prayer}
  • Dixon {son of Richard}
  • Easton {east facing place}
  • Garrison {son of Garret}
  • Garth {groundskeeper}
  • Gatlin {wandering man}
  • Gentry {aristocracy}
  • Granger {granary worker}
  • Huck {Huckleberry}
  • Jackson {son of Jack} This is the 17th most popular baby boy’s name in the U.S.
  • Landon {long hill}
  • Oakley {oak wood}
  • Sawyer {wood cutter}
  • Tanner {leather tanner}
  • Travis {toll keeper}
  • Trevor {from the large village}
  • Tripp {the third}
  • Wade {to go}
  • Walker {inspector of the forest}
  • Waylon {roadside land}
  • Wyatt {brave in war} This is the 29th most popular baby boy’s name in the U.S.

Why these make great southern baby boy names…

All of the country baby boy names in this first batch are recognizably southern, which is perfect if you’re a proud resident (or lover) of the South. Plus, most of these don’t crack the top 100 baby names, which makes them both southern and rare country boy names!

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Preppy Southern Boy Names

Preppy Southern Boy Names

This next list is full of fresh and clean-cut southern boy baby names that have a certain modern, yet classic, sophistication.

  • Abbott {father}
  • Banks {riverbank dweller}
  • Barrett {bear strength}
  • Bates {son of the trenches where seeds are planted}
  • Bennett {blessed}
  • Bentley {meadow with coarse grass}
  • Boden {hill}
  • Bowen {son of Owen}
  • Brock {badger}
  • Brooks {small stream}
  • Camden {winding valley}
  • Cameron {crooked nose}
  • Clayton {town with good clay}
  • Connor {lover of hounds}
  • Dawson {son of David}
  • Duke {leader}
  • Edison {son of Edward}
  • Ellington {Ellis town}
  • Emerson {son of Emery}
  • Emmett {universal}
  • Emory {industrious}
  • Franklin {free land holder}
  • Hamilton {treeless hill}
  • Hartford / Hart {shallow place in a river where deer roam}
  • Hayden {hedged valley}
  • Holden {hollow valley}
  • Jameson {son of James} This is the 79th most popular baby boy’s name in the U.S.
  • Kennedy {misshapen head}
  • Kingston {king’s town}
  • Lawson {son of Lawrence}
  • Merritt {boundary gate}
  • Parker {park keeper}
  • Patton {fighter’s town}
  • Porter {transporter}
  • Prescott {priest’s cottage}
  • Preston {priest’s town}
  • Reeves {bailiff}
  • Remington {raven}
  • Saylor {boatman or dancer}
  • Wells {spring}
  • Weston {from the western town}

Why these are great southern baby boy names…

Brimming with southern charm, these preppy names are perfect for a little gentleman who’s ready to take over the world! They’ll be cute when your son is in preschool, and they’ll also look professional on a resume or presidential ticket.

Old Southern Boy Names

old southern boy names

Everything old is new again!

This next batch is interesting because they’re old-school names that are cool again in the 2020s. Check out these baby boy names with deep southern roots.

  • Atticus {Athenian}
  • Beau {handsome}
  • Briggs {bridges}
  • Clyde {Scottish river}
  • Gage {money lender}
  • Graham {gravel}
  • Henry {estate ruler} This old time southern boys’ name the 9th most popular baby boy’s name in the U.S.
  • Jack {God is gracious} This old southern male name is the 21st most popular baby boy’s name in the U.S.
  • James {one who follows} This is the 6th most popular baby boy’s name in the U.S.
  • Jude {praised}
  • Mack {son of}
  • Miles {soldier} This old southern name is the 59th most popular in the U.S.
  • Otis {wealthy}
  • Reagan {little king}
  • Rhett {advice}
  • Smith {blacksmith}
  • Thatcher {one who makes roofs from straw}
  • Theodore / Theo {God given} This old southern name is the 23rd most popular baby boy’s name in the U.S.
  • Whitney / Whit {white island}
  • Whittaker {white field}
  • Woodrow {wooded row of houses}

Why these are great southern baby boy names…

These old southern names have been around for centuries, making them perfect for families who want to honor the traditions of the South.

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Trendy & Cool Southern Boy Names

If you’re looking for modern southern boy names, this next list is for you. These cool southern baby boy names are hot right now!

  • Ashton {ash tree town}
  • Braxton {Brock’s settlement}
  • Brayden {brave}
  • Brody {broad island}
  • Caden {round}
  • Chase {to hunt}
  • Crew {group}
  • Cruz {cross}
  • Harrison {son of Harry}
  • Hayes {hedged area}
  • Hendrix {son of Hendrik}
  • Jagger {carter}
  • Jax {God is gracious}
  • Judson {son of Jordan}
  • Knox {round-topped hill}
  • Madden {little dog}
  • Maddox {fortunate}
  • Miller {grain grinder}
  • Nash {by the ash tree}
  • Pax {peaceful)
  • Paxton {peace town}
  • Pierce {rock}
  • Rowan {little redhead}
  • Soren {stern}

Why these are great southern baby boy names…

These modern southern baby names are growing in popularity but haven’t yet reached the top of the charts for southern male names. Since you’re ahead of the trends, you won’t have to worry about your son being one of many kids with the same name.

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Uncommon and Unique Southern Boy Names

unique southern boy names

For unusual and not-overdone southern baby boy names, consider one of these!

  • Arrow {shot from a bow}
  • Atlas {heavens bearer}
  • Blaine {slender}
  • Blake {light}
  • Braden {wide valley}
  • Brenner {charcoal burner}
  • Brent {dweller near burnt land}
  • Bridge {connector}
  • Cannon {artillery}
  • Carden {wood carder}
  • Cason {invented name}
  • Champ {winner}
  • Cyrus {sun}
  • Dakota {friendly one}
  • Dane {God is my judge}
  • Dash {unknown}
  • Dayton {place with a dike}
  • Denver {city}
  • Dex {right handed}
  • Duncan {dark warrior}
  • Fielder {dweller in open land}
  • Ford {river crossing}
  • Garland {flower wreath}
  • Holt {grove of trees}
  • Hutton {ridge enclosure}
  • Hyde {hide}
  • Jett {black}
  • Kent {edge}

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  • Lance {land}
  • Lander {territory}
  • Ledger {book}
  • Lyle {island}
  • Onyx {black gem stone}
  • Quinn {counsel}
  • Radley {red meadow}
  • Raiden {thunder and lightning}
  • Ranger {forest guardian}
  • Roscoe {deer forest}
  • Sterling {quality}
  • Topher {bearer of Christ}
  • Townes {settlement}
  • Trent {flooder}
  • Warner {army}

Why these are great southern baby boy names…

All of these unique southern names are uncommon without being too far out there. They make excellent choices if you’re looking for a southern boys’ name that’s memorable and a little off the beaten path.

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Strong Southern Boy Names

Strong southern boy names

For a southern baby boy’s name that packs a punch with its rugged charm, check out these manly monikers connoting strength…

  • Archer {bowman}
  • Axel {father of peace} This is the 72nd most popular baby boy’s name in the U.S.
  • Blaze {fiery}
  • Brant {sword}
  • Bryson {son of Brice}
  • Cade {barrel}
  • Damian {to tame}
  • Damon {to tame}
  • Darren {little great one}
  • Drake {dragon}
  • Garrett {spear strength}
  • Grant {tall}
  • Hunter {one who hunts}
  • Judd {flowing down}
  • Kane {warrior}
  • Peyton {fightning man’s estate}
  • Rex {king}
  • Ryder {horseman}
  • Trenton {Trent’s town}
  • Troy {foot soldier}

Why these are great southern baby boy names…

All of these masculine names set the tone for the tenacious personality of your little man to be. Maybe he’ll be a strong leader, a strong thinker, a strong communicator, a physically strong athlete… or even all of the above!

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Nature Southern Boy Names

Nature Southern Boy Names

For organic southern baby boy names that mean water, plant, earth, or animal, check out these options!

  • Buck {male deer}
  • Clay {earthy}
  • Cole {charcoal}
  • Colt {young horse}
  • Corbin {crow}
  • Everest {world’s tallest mountain}
  • Falcon {bird}
  • Forest {woods}
  • Gavin {white hawk}
  • Harlan {rocky land}
  • Hawk {bird of prey}
  • Jonah {dove}
  • Kellan {swamp}
  • Leon {lion}
  • Phoenix {mythical bird}
  • Ridge {narrow hilltop}
  • River {water}
  • Slate {grayish rock}
  • Stone {solid as a rock}
  • Talon {claw of a bird of prey}
  • Wilder {untamed}

Why these are great southern baby boy names…

Nature names make excellent southern baby names because they capture the outdoorsy culture that’s prevalent in many parts of the South. These names may be perfect for families who enjoy fishing, hiking, four-wheeling, and spending days at the lake.

P.S. If you like nature names, you might also like this amazing list of hippie names!

Cute Southern Boy Names

Cute Southern Boy Names

Here are some seriously adorable southern boy’s names…

  • Ace {unity}
  • Archie {truly brave}
  • Arlo / Arlow {literary name}
  • Benji {son of the right hand}
  • Brady {broad meadow}
  • Colby {from a coal town}
  • Cooper {wood repairer}
  • Felix {fortunate}
  • Finnegan / Finn {fair haired}
  • Grady {noble}
  • Reed / Reid {red haired}
  • Reese {enthusiasm}
  • Tate {cheerful}
  • Todd {fox}
  • Trey {three}
  • Tucker {fabric pleater}

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Why these are great southern baby boy names…

These cute southern boy names have ‘boyish charm’ written all over them! They sound cheerful and sweet, qualities that your son will hopefully possess.

Timeless Southern Boy Names

timeless southern boy names

These southern baby names for boys have stood the test of time. They’re classic, yet modern, and might be just what you’re going for!

  • Avery {ruler of elves}
  • Dean {valley}
  • Dylan {son of the sea} This is the 43nd most popular baby boy’s name in the U.S.
  • Jacob {to follow} This is the 15th most popular baby boy’s name in the U.S.
  • Jeremy {appointed by God}
  • Joshua {Lord is salvation} This is the 54th most popular baby boy’s name in the U.S.
  • Josiah {God heals} This is the 50th most popular baby boy’s name in the U.S.
  • Julian {youthful} This is the 34th most popular baby boy’s name in the U.S.
  • Noah {to comfort} This is the 2nd most popular baby boy’s name in the U.S.
  • Owen {young warrior} This is the 22nd most popular baby boy’s name in the U.S.
  • Ryan {little king} This is the 57th most popular baby boy’s name in the U.S.
  • Shane {God is gracious}
  • Spencer {dispenser of provisions}
  • Sullivan {dark eyed one}
  • Tyler {tile maker}

Why these are great southern baby boy names…

What’s great about this particular list of timeless southern boy names is that on paper, it won’t be clear to anyone what decade your baby was born in. They’re truly timeless!

Hang tight because now we’re going to talk middle names!


Best southern middle names for boys

With 250 names on this list, it may be hard to choose the perfect southern middle name for your baby boy.

The good news is that there are certain names that work with almost any first name.

Here are some great southern boy middle names:

  • Birch
  • Blake
  • Brooks
  • Cole
  • Ford
  • Gabriel
  • Grant
  • Grey
  • Hayes
  • Hyde
  • James
  • Jameson
  • Knox
  • Reed / Reid
  • Reese
  • Ridge

You’ll notice that most of these are one-syllable boys’ names, making them easy to say. They pair especially well with southern names that are two, three, or four syllables.

If these southern baby boy middle names don’t do it for you, there are a whole bunch more below.

Let’s see some beautifully flowing name combinations…

First and Middle Name Combinations

Here are some seriously good southern boy names to try on for size.
(Consider mixing and matching these southern first and middle names, too!)
Abbott Brooks
Ace Brenner
Archer Reed
Arlow Rowan
Arrow Ridge
Asher Grey
Ashton Romeo
Atlas Wilder

Atticus Blaine
Austin Maverick
Avery Kane
Axel Maddox
Banks Whittaker
Barrett Hunter
Bates Alexander
Beau Emerson
Benji Graham
Bennett Hayes
Bentley Jameson
Blaine Hutton

Blake Colton
Blaze Wilder
Boden Clay
Bowen Ryder
Braden Grant
Brady Jacob
Brant Rowan
Braxton Cole
Brayden Dash

Brenner Luke
Brent Pierce
Bridge Dawson
Briggs Lander
Brock Kingston
Brody Cruz
Brooks Hayes
Bryson Cole
Buck Corbin
Cade Fielder
Caden Buck
Caleb Lynx

Camden Birch
Cameron Jude
Cannon Holt
Carden Gabriel
Carson Wyatt
Carter Ashton
Cason Saint
Chase Harrison
Clay Alexander
Clayton Bridge

Clyde Rivers
Colby Tucker
Cole Garrett
Colt Dixon
Colton Gray
Connor Beau
Cooper Barrett
Corbin Hendrix
Crew Finnegan
Cruz Gabriel
Curtis Weston

Cyrus Blaze
Dakota Blake
Dallas Preston
Dalton Ranger
Damian Cruz
Damon Judd
Dane Wilder
Darren Noble
Dash Kennedy
Dawson Reign

Deacon James
Dean Garland
Declan Cruz
Denver Hayes
Dex Brayden
Dixon West
Drake Tyler
Duke Alexander
Duncan Joseph
Dylan Chase
Easton Quinn

Edison Blake
Elijah Gabriel
Ellington Gage
Emerson Hawk
Emmett Ford
Emory Shane
Everest Cole
Falcon Crew
Felix Chase
Fielder Reed

Finnegan Wolf
Ford Jameson
Forest Gatlin
Franklin Asher
Gabriel Dash
Gage Dixon
Garland Hyde
Garrett Adams
Garrison Henry
Garth Joseph
Gatlin Holt
Gavin Duke

Gentry Jameson
Grady Hamilton
Graham Oakley
Granger Hawk
Grant Deacon
Grayson Cole
Hamilton Chase
Harlan Grant
Harrison Aden
Hartford Chasten

Hawk Dixon
Hayden Cole
Hayes Lucas
Hendrix Cruz
Henry Asher
Holden Grant
Holt Beckett
Huck Fielder
Hudson Jett
Hunter Benjamin
Hyde Benedict

Jack Henry
Jackson Oliver
Jacob Gatlin
Jagger Nash
James Deacon
Jameson Drake
Jax Henson
Jaxon Everest
Jayden Oak
Jeremy Lyle
Jett Harland

Jonah Kent
Joshua Hudson
Josiah Weston
Judd Austin
Jude Kennedy
Judson Hayes
Julian Thatcher
Kane Judson
Kellan Creed
Kennedy Lawson

Kent Hudson
Kingston James
Knox Harland
Lance Dalton
Landon Brant
Lawson Pierce
Ledger Knox
Leo James
Leon Maddox

Liam Alexander
Lincoln Pierce
Logan Ridge
Lucas Porter
Luke Patton
Lyle Hudson
Mack Parker
Madden Drake
Maddox Rhys
Mason Ryder
Maverick Luke

Merritt Winston
Miles Parker
Miller Reese
Nash Braydon
Noah Ryder
Oakley Quinn
Oliver Phoenix
Onyx Raiden
Otis Bridge

Owen Reeves
Parker Chase
Patton Reeves
Pax Wilder
Paxton Bennett
Phoenix Rivers
Pierce Walker
Porter Lawson
Prescott Slate
Preston Bates
Quinn Talon
Radley Tyler
Ranger Finnegan

Reed Harrington
Reese Walker
Reeves Gabriel
Remington Wade
Rex Urban
Rhett Jackson
Ridge Sawyer
River Phoenix
Roscoe Todd

Rowan Shane
Ryan Patton
Ryder Maverick
Sawyer Flynn
Saylor Quinn
Sebastian Tate
Shane Archer
Silas Hutton
Slate Hudson
Smith Talon
Soren Grant
Spencer Graham

Sterling Chase
Stone Gregory
Sullivan Jones
Talon Wilder
Tanner Reid
Tate Oliver
Thatcher Stone
Theo Archer
Todd Waylon
Topher Radley

Townes Gideon
Travis Whittaker
Trent Jackson
Trenton Wilder
Trevor Shane
Trey Maverick
Tripp Everest
Troy Jameson
Tucker Mason
Tyler Patton
Wade Phoenix

Walker Prescott
Warner Reeves
Waylon Pierce
Wells Aston
Wesley Tripp
Weston Ridge
Wilder Reese
Wyatt Grant

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What are these southern names inspired by?

This huge list of southern names for boys is inspired by all of the things that give the South its distinctive flair.

For starters, several of the names on this list come from geographical locations in the South.

For example, before the Civil War, the Mason Dixon Line separated the North from the South. It’s no coincidence that the names Mason and Dixon make amazing southern baby boy names!

Other names on this list are inspired vibrant southern cities: Austin (the capital of Texas), Dallas (a big city in North Texas), Jackson (from Jacksonville, a city in northern Florida), Nash (from Nashville, the capital of Tennessee), Knox (from Knoxville, a city in East Tennessee), and Gatlin (from Gatlinburg, a mountain town in East Tennessee).

Two of the names on this list, Duke and Emory, are even inspired by southern universities!

Several southern boy’s names on this list capture the beloved rustic and outdoorsy culture prevalent in certain parts of the South. The names Colt, Ridge, and Buck are a few examples.

Other names are shamelessly inspired by famous musicians: Garth Brooks, Blake Shelton, Luke Bryan, Alan Jackson, Dierks Bentley, Waylon Jennings, Buck Owens, Randy Travis, Kane Brown, Kix Brooks (of Brooks & Dunn), John Denver, Townes Van Zandt, Porter Wagoner, and many more!

Another big category on this list of southern names for boys is famous characters from movies and television shows that take place in the South.

Noah was the heartthrob in The Notebook, which was set in South Carolina. Forrest, was, of course, the main character in the famous Alabama-set movie, Forrest Gump. Rhett was the famous male lead in Gone with the Wind, which took place in Georgia.

The TV show, Nashville, was also loaded with inspiration, with names like Deacon and Avery.

And let’s not forget southern athletes, like some of the greatest players in SEC history: Rex Grossman (Florida), Wes Chandler (Florida), Woodrow Lowe (Alabama), Jack Youngblood (Florida), Champ Bailey (Georgia), Darren McFadden (Arkansas), Archie Manning (Ole Miss), and Peyton Manning (Tennessee), to name a few!

A bunch of these southern boy names were inspired by presidents from the South: Andrew Jackson (South Carolina), William Henry Harrison (Virginia), Abraham Lincoln (Kentucky), James Polk (North Carolina), Woodrow Wilson (Virginia), and Jimmy Carter (Georgia).

Choosing a Southern Baby Boy Name

Choosing a baby name for your son can be tough. Below are ways to come up with (and narrow down) great baby names that will establish your baby’s southern identity from day one!

  • Emulation names | These names honor someone you admire and respect. A good way to find them is by looking at your family tree.
  • Descriptive names | Choose names that describe what you think or hope your son will be like.
  • Sentimental places | Think about your favorite memories with your partner and where they’ve taken place. Cities, counties, and even venues make great baby names.
  • Historical figures | Give your son a southern identity by naming him after someone who did something important for the country.
  • Famous country artists and musicians | There are so many talented people who have shaped the culture of the South — why not name your son after one?

Names to Avoid

You might think you’ve found the perfect southern boy’s name, but before you finalize anything, here are a few red and yellow flags to look out for:

Initials that are the same as medical conditions

Names that share initials with medical conditions can be unexpected, especially if you don’t work in healthcare.

Here’s an example: Chase Hunter Davidson might sound innocuous. But CHD also stands for Coronary Heart Disease.

Here’s another one that’s much worse: Hayden Parker Vaughn sounds like a totally adorable name… until you realize your son’s initials would spell HPV.

You may or may not care about this, but either way, it’s worth a quick Google search before you pull the trigger on whichever southern name you’re considering.

Initials that are organizations

The same goes for companies, industries, and organizations. You never know what those 3 letters might be known for… so be sure to Google them!

If you go with an A name, for example, there are thousands of organizations that start with ‘American’, so be extra careful.

Most of the time it probably won’t matter, but every now and then you’ll come across an organization that you don’t want to be reminded of or affiliated with.

Initials that form words

Another thing to watch out for is initials that spell undesirable 3-letter words or slang.

For example, Brady Reagan Anderson is a cool southern boy’s name, but it spells out BRA.

If your initials come up with any undesirable words, try reversing them.

Names that make for embarrassing email addresses

Don’t forget to take a look at the first letter of your baby’s first name + his last name, particularly if your last name starts with a vowel!

For example, Felix Atkins could easily become [email protected].

Infamous historical figures, celebrities, and characters

Bundy and Manson probably would have made cute southern names, but they’re also the names of serial killers… so those are out!

Be sure to watch out for spellings too. For example, Lennon works; but Lenin does not.

Names that may invite teasing

We’d all like to think that kids are better than this nowadays, but it doesn’t hurt to take teasing opportunities into consideration.

Be careful with names like Woody, Chester, Butler, Hancock, and Gaylord.

Names with strong associations, good or bad

Even if you like the person who comes to mind, your child may not love hearing “Oh, Bernie, like Bernie Sanders!” all his life.

The same goes for characters in the movies and on television like Chandler (from Friends), Dexter (the killer), Wilbur (the pig), and Woody (from Toy Story).

The name you choose for your son is 100% personal preference, of course.

Hopefully, it goes without saying that this is just MY opinion! Choose the southern name that YOU love for your baby boy.

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250 Southern Boy Names: The Coolest Baby Names