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121 Plant Names for Boys that are Actually Cool

Jun 27, 2022

121 Plant Names for Boys that are Actually Cool

AHEAD: The ultimate list of plant baby names—plus their meanings and popularity.

If you’re looking for an incredible baby name with a plant-inspired meaning, you’re in the right place!

Below, I’ve rounded up well over 100 actually great plant names for boys.

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The botanical baby names on this list are inspired by herbs, flowers, trees, shrubs, and grasses. You’ll also find some cool ideas relating to meadows, forests, gardens, and farmland.

Feel free to use the Table of Contents to jump to a specific category, or keep on scrolling and view all of these awesome plant baby names.

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Cool plant-related boy names

baby boy among plants grass

This next batch of male monikers has some “green” names that are a bit more rare!


  • Name meaning: Relating to mountains. A type of plant.
  • Popularity: This plant-inspired A name isn’t ranking.


  • Name meaning: Royal. Best known as a delicious green herb. (Pronounced BAZ-el).
  • Popularity: This botanical royal boys’ name isn’t ranking.

Bentley or Bentlee

  • Name meaning: A meadow with coarse grass.
  • Popularity: Bentley ranks #142 and Bentlee is #889. Bentley last ranked for girls in 2011.


  • Name meaning: Town in the bent grass.
  • Popularity: This plant-related baby name last ranked in 2017.

Calix or Calyx or Kalix

  • Name meaning: Husk or pod.
  • Popularity: None of the spellings of this unique boys’ name are ranking.


  • Name meaning: A habitat with low-growing woody vegetation.
  • Popularity: #958


  • Name meaning: Short for Huckleberry, a berry related to the blueberry.
  • Popularity: This 4-letter boys’ name isn’t ranking.


  • Name meaning: Child of May. Might be related to “maize” (like corn).
  • Popularity: This nature-inspired M name isn’t ranking.

Ramsay or Ramsey

  • Name meaning: Low-lying land. Also means garlic island… good for keeping away vampires!
  • Popularity: This plant-related R name isn’t ranking.

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Flower names for boys

baby boy in field holding flowers

These are all of the [reasonably cool] boy plant names with floral meanings.


  • Name meaning: A daisy-like flower. Derived from the Greek word for star.
  • Popularity: This botanical name isn’t ranking for either gender.


  • Name meaning: As in flower bud!
  • Popularity: This boy plant name isn’t ranking.


  • Name meaning: Flower wreath.
  • Popularity: This perfect winter baby name isn’t ranking.


  • Name meaning: Lotus. Perfection, superiority, accomplishment, beauty. Pale red.
  • Popularity: This boys’ flower name isn’t ranking.


  • Name meaning: A type of shrub in the rose family. Means “apple-like fruit”
  • Popularity: This French boys’ name isn’t ranking.


  • Name meaning: Watered, plentiful, or heaven’s flower.
  • Popularity: #662

Rhode or Rhodes

  • Name meaning: Where roses grow. Woodland clearing.
  • Popularity: Neither spelling of this male plant name is ranking.


  • Name meaning: Roses.
  • Popularity: This boys’ name isn’t ranking.

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Tree names for boys

little boy walking amongst trees holding leaf

The following male names that mean plant are specifically related to various types of trees.


  • Name meaning: A tree in the birch family. Fun fact: an alder tree’s wood is used to make electric guitars.
  • Popularity: This badass boys’ name isn’t ranking.


  • Name meaning: A tree with heart-shaped leaves. A ski resort town in Colorado.
  • Popularity: This cool plant name isn’t ranking for boys but ranks #201 for girls.


  • Name meaning: Tree.
  • Popularity: This cool baby name isn’t ranking.

Braddox or Braddock

  • Name meaning: Broad oak tree.
  • Popularity: This plant-inspired boys’ name isn’t ranking.


  • Name meaning: Large fast-growing evergreen tree.
  • Popularity: This C name isn’t ranking.


  • Name meaning: Alder tree. Part of the Birch family, Alder trees grow along rivers and on wetlands.
  • Popularity: This earthy E name isn’t ranking for either gender.


  • Name meaning: Yew tree. Son of Iver. Warrior.
  • Popularity: This unique I name isn’t ranking.


  • Name meaning: Pine tree. Overseer of a wine cellar.
  • Popularity: This plant-inspired K name isn’t ranking.


  • Name meaning: Large trees with long lifespans.
  • Popularity: This 3-letter baby name isn’t ranking.

Oren or Orin or Orrin

  • Name meaning: Ash or pine tree. Little pale green one.
  • Popularity: None of these Irish names is ranking.


  • Name meaning: Rock or pear tree.
  • Popularity: This organic P name isn’t ranking.


  • Name meaning: Growing trees. Wood suitable for building.
  • Popularity: This plant-related T name isn’t ranking.


  • Name meaning: Alder tree. Full of life. (A very popular U.S. city name).
  • Popularity: This nature-inspired V name last ranked in 2003.

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Forest-inspired names for boys

baby boy and dad in forest clearing

The following plant names for boys have meanings related to lush forests.


  • Name meaning: From the eagle valley. Forest.
  • Popularity: This nonbinary name isn’t ranking for boys and last ranked for girls in 2019.


  • Name meaning: Forester or one who lives in the woods.
  • Popularity: This plant-related boys’ name isn’t ranking.


  • Name meaning: People of the forest. One of the largest cities in Germany.
  • Popularity: This German boys’ name isn’t ranking.


  • Name meaning: Woodsman.
  • Popularity: This outdoorsy F name isn’t ranking.


  • Name meaning: Forester.
  • Popularity: #963


  • Name meaning: Grove settlement.
  • Popularity: This unusual G name isn’t ranking.


  • Name meaning: Someone who lives by a grove. Might also mean grave digger.
  • Popularity: This plant-related boys’ name isn’t ranking.


  • Name meaning: Brushwood.
  • Popularity: #229


  • Name meaning: Wooden land. Part of the Netherlands.
  • Popularity: This woodsy name isn’t ranking for boys but ranks #638 for girls.


  • Name meaning: Grove of trees.
  • Popularity: This male plant name isn’t ranking.


  • Name meaning: Elm field.
  • Popularity: This nature-inspired baby name ranks #254 for boys and #599 for girls.


  • Name meaning: Pleasant wood.
  • Popularity: For boys, Marley last ranked in 2020. For girls, Marley currently ranks #215.


  • Name meaning: Forest guardian.
  • Popularity: This woodsy boys’ name isn’t ranking.


  • Name meaning: Inspector of the forest.
  • Popularity: #129


  • Name meaning: Forest warrior, powerful warrior, bright warrior.
  • Popularity: #271

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Boys’ names inspired by gardens and farms

baby boy in garden surrounded by plants

Who knew this would work as a category?

All of these plant-related boys’ names have meanings related to farming, planting seeds, and cultivating the land.

Bartholomew or Bates

  • Name meaning: Son of the trenches where seeds are planted.
  • Popularity: Neither version of this gardening-related boys’ name is ranking.


  • Name meaning: Farmer or peasant. Neighbor or fellow citizen.
  • Popularity: This plant-related boys’ name isn’t ranking.


  • Name meaning: Peasant farmer. (This name brings to mind James Bond!)
  • Popularity: This cool boys’ name isn’t ranking.


  • Name meaning: Garden. Carmel is a scenic beach city in Northern California. It’ also a mountain ridge in Israel that’s mentioned in the Old Testament.
  • Popularity: #683


  • Name meaning: The garden of Eden. Place of pleasure.
  • Popularity: This plant-inspired baby name ranks #501 for boys and #121 for girls.


  • Name meaning: Farmer.
  • Popularity: #134


  • Name meaning: Italian version of George, meaning farmer.
  • Popularity: This Italian boys’ name isn’t ranking.


  • Name meaning: Cultivated land.
  • Popularity: #430


  • Name meaning: Ridge farm.
  • Popularity: This earthy name isn’t ranking for either gender.

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Plant names for boys that mean “meadow”

baby boy in meadow tall grass

These plant baby names are inspired by meadows—open fields vegetated by grasses, herbs, and other non-woody plants.


  • Name meaning: Wide meadow.
  • Popularity: #313


  • Name meaning: Broad meadow.
  • Popularity: #272


  • Name meaning: Deer meadow.
  • Popularity: This nature name isn’t ranking.


  • Name meaning: Fern clearing.
  • Popularity: This plant-related name isn’t ranking for either gender.


  • Name meaning: Hunter’s meadow.
  • Popularity: This boys’ name isn’t ranking.


  • Name meaning: King’s meadow.
  • Popularity: This gender-neutral baby name is not ranking for boys and ranks #564 for girls.


  • Name meaning: King’s meadow.
  • Popularity: This name ranks #705 for boys and is not ranking for girls.


  • Name meaning: Meadow.
  • Popularity: #698


  • Name meaning: Red meadow.
  • Popularity: This cool plant-related name isn’t ranking for either gender.


  • Name meaning: Stoney meadow.
  • Popularity: #791

Wesley or Wes

  • Name meaning: Western meadow.
  • Popularity: Wesley ranks #84 and Wes is #865.

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More plant-related boy names

little boy planting a garden

Are you ready for one last batch of plant names for boys? All of these baby names are related to vegetation.

Boden or Bowden or Beauden

  • Name meaning: Hill.
  • Popularity: Boden ranks #827. Bowden and Beauden aren’t ranking.


  • Name meaning: Place in Colorado meaning green valley.
  • Popularity: This D name ranks #505 for boys and #776 for girls.



  • Name meaning: Ridge enclosure.
  • Popularity: This boys’ name isn’t ranking.


  • Name meaning: Land or territory.
  • Popularity: #811

Landon or Landen or Landyn

  • Name meaning: Long hill.
  • Popularity: Landon ranks #73, Landen is #622, and Landyn is #690.


  • Name meaning: Park keeper.
  • Popularity: Parker ranks #93 for boys and #115 for girls.


  • Name meaning: Cleared wood.
  • Popularity: This name isn’t ranking for either gender.


  • Name meaning: Strip of clearing in the woods.
  • Popularity: This baby name isn’t ranking for either gender.


  • Name meaning: Woodland clearing. (The Ryman Auditorium is a famous concert venue in Nashville).
  • Popularity: This natural boys’ name isn’t ranking.


  • Name meaning: A person who saws timber wood.
  • Popularity: This woodsy name ranks #114 for boys and #216 for girls.

Wilder or Wylder

  • Name meaning: Untamed.
  • Popularity: Wilder ranks #368 and Wylder is #976.

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​Final thoughts on boy plant names inspired by herbs, flowers, vegetables, trees, and shrubs…

Hopefully, you’ve found a few lead contenders on this list of plant baby names for boys, or at least come away with some baby name inspiration.

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Whether you prefer a name that’s inspired by flourishing vegetation, blooming flowers, lush forests, full-of-life gardens, or wide-open meadows, all of these boys’ names are incredible choices.

Congratulations and good luck choosing the perfect name for your son!

Plant Names for Boys