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100 Middle Names for Theo | Modern + Classic Ideas!

Jan 11, 2021

100 Middle Names for Theo | Modern + Classic Ideas!

Choosing the perfect middle name for Theo or Theodore…

Everything old is new again! Especially when it comes to the classic first name, Theodore.

The best thing about this name is its adorable nickname, Theo, which makes a wonderful ‘official’ first name too!

Let’s dive into this huge list of awesome middle names for your little Theo or Theodore…


middle names for theo

One syllable middle names for Theo

Single syllable middle names are particularly great options when Theo’s full name is Theodore.

  • Theo Banks
  • Theo Birch
  • Theo Blake
  • Theo Brant
  • Theo Briggs
  • Theo Brooks
  • Theo Chase
  • Theo Clay
  • Theo Cole
  • Theo Dane
  • Theo Drake
  • Theo Duke
  • Theo Ford
  • Theo Gage
  • Theo Graham
  • Theo Grant
  • Theo Grey
  • Theo Hayes
  • Theo Jack
  • Theo James
  • Theo Kane
  • Theo Knox
  • Theo Miles
  • Theo Pierce
  • Theo Quinn
  • Theo Rain
  • Theo Reece
  • Theo Reign
  • Theo Shane
  • Theo Stone
  • Theo Trace
  • Theo Tripp
  • Theo Troy
  • Theo Zane

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We’ll tackle the 2-syllable list in a second.

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Two syllable middle names for Theo

Taking your baby’s last name into account, these double-syllable middle names for Theo and Theodore may be just what you’re looking for!

  • Theo Abbott
  • Theo Adams
  • Theo Austin
  • Theo Barrett
  • Theo Bennett
  • Theo Benson
  • Theo Caleb
  • Theo Carson
  • Theo Colby
  • Theo Colton
  • Theo Connor
  • Theo Cooper
  • Theo Declan
  • Theo Dylan
  • Theo Easton
  • Theo Emmett
  • Theo Ethan
  • Theo Ezra
  • Theo Grady
  • Theo Grayson
  • Theo Hudson
  • Theo Hunter
  • Theo Jackson
  • Theo Lawson
  • Theo Ledger
  • Theo London
  • Theo Maddox
  • Theo Mason
  • Theo Noah
  • Theo Oakley
  • Theo Parker
  • Theo Porter
  • Theo Roman
  • Theo Ryan
  • Theo Ryder
  • Theo Saylor
  • Theo Walker
  • Theo Wilder
  • Theo Wyatt

Some of these 2 syllable names, in my opinion, sound better if you’re using the full name Theodore, rather than Theo.

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Three syllable middle names for Theo

Here are some great middle names that flow well with a first name Theo or Theodore:

  • Theo Atticus
  • Theo Avery
  • Theo Benjamin
  • Theo Cameron
  • Theo Edison
  • Theo Ellington
  • Theo Emerson
  • Theo Emory
  • Theo Finnegan
  • Theo Gabriel
  • Theo Jameson
  • Theo Kennedy
  • Theo Maverick
  • Theo Oliver

These 3 syllable names are my favorite when Theo is used in its short form.

This is totally personal preference, but if your baby’s last name has several syllables AND you’re using Theodore (3 syllables), I’d choose a one-syllable middle name.

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Classic Middle Names for Theo

I’ve separated these into their own section because they’re more traditional than the previously listed middle names for Theodore and Theo.

  • Theodore (Theo) Abraham
  • Theodore (Theo) Alexander
  • Theodore (Theo) Charles
  • Theodore (Theo) Christoper
  • Theodore (Theo) Henry
  • Theodore (Theo) Joseph
  • Theodore (Theo) Matthew
  • Theodore (Theo) Michael
  • Theodore (Theo) Nicholas
  • Theodore (Theo) Patrick
  • Theodore (Theo) Philip
  • Theodore (Theo) William

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All of these fall into the category of “you can’t go wrong with it.” At the same time, they’re less trendy and arguably not as interesting.

Everyone likes different things, so I figured these were important to include on our giant list of middle names for Theo and Theodore!

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My favorite name combinations for Theo and Theodore

You should name your baby boy whatever makes you happiest; but in case you want a stranger’s opinion, I figured I’d make you a shortlist of my favorite middle names that go with Theo and Theodore.

  • Theodore (Theo) Banks
  • Theodore (Theo) Brooks
  • Theodore (Theo) Edison
  • Theodore (Theo) Emerson
  • Theodore (Theo) Grey
  • Theodore (Theo) Joshua
  • Theodore (Theo) Walker
  • Theodore (Theo) Wilder

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Tips for choosing Theo’s initials

Keep in mind that there are tons of 3-letter words that start with the letter T! You want to be careful not to accidentally spell anything that you don’t want your boy to be stuck with for life.

Once you’ve chosen your short list of middle names for Theo, check that the 3 letters don’t spell anything bad.

Then, do a Google search for the 3 letters and see what comes up.

Keep an eye out for any companies or organizations that have the letter T in their names, and just make sure you’re comfortable with any parallels.

The same goes for health conditions, diseases, and the like.

Don’t hesitate to dive deep into the second and third pages of Google to make sure you’re safe!

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Final thoughts on choosing the best middle name for Theo or Theodore

If you’re feeling overwhelmed with choices and can’t narrow down your short list any further, consider going the sentimental route.

For example, is your father named James? Maybe give Theo the middle name of James or Jameson. Or just use the letter J and go with Jordan or Jeremy.

If after this long name-selection exercise you’re left wondering: “Is Theodore a good name?” I’m here to reassure you that it is! It’s a classic name that will never go out of style. You can choose the name Theodore or Theo with confidence.

Congratulations on your pregnancy and good luck choosing the perfect middle name for your baby boy!

P.S. If you’re not totally sold on the name Theo, check out these awesome name combinations for Carter, Aden, Silas, or Liam!

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Choosing the perfect middle name for Theo | Strong Modern + Classic Choices