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300+ Precious Middle names for Penelope

Oct 24, 2021

300+ Precious Middle names for Penelope

Choosing the perfect middle name for Penelope…

I couldn’t believe my ears when Kourtney Kardashian named her daughter Penelope.

Since then, I must admit, the name has really grown on me!

And I’m not the only one…

Ever since 2012 when “P” was born, the name has been steadily on the rise.

Today, Penelope is the 25th most popular name for baby girls in the United States.

penelope baby girl

Penelope is of Greek origin and means “weaver”… which is perfect if your family is of Greek heritage—or if you have a woven basket obsession like I do. 😉

Now it’s time to find the perfect name to go with Penelope, which is easier said than done.

Whether you want something trendy, classic, cute, or uncommon, this list of middle names for Penelope has it all!

Note that I’ve marked all of my favorites with fave …

middle names for penelope

One syllable middle names for Penelope

Since Penelope is a long name with four syllables, it pairs perfectly with a short one-syllable middle name.

Penelope Anne {grace}
Penelope Belle {beautiful}
Penelope Birch {tree}
Penelope Blaire {field dweller}
Penelope Blake {fair or light}
Penelope Brie {marshland}
Penelope Brooke {small stream}
Penelope Bryn {hill}
Penelope Cove {sheltered bay}
Penelope Eve {life}
Penelope Faye {fairy}


Penelope Grace {goodness}
Penelope Hale {hollow dweller}
Penelope Hart {brave}
Penelope Hayes {brushwood}
Penelope Hope {great expectations}
Penelope Jade {green stone} fave
Penelope James {supplanter}
Penelope Jane {gracious}
Penelope Jewel {precious stone}
Penelope Jules {youthful}
Penelope June {sixth month}

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Penelope Kate {pure}
Penelope Lane {pathway}
Penelope Leigh {delicate}
Penelope Liv {life}
Penelope Page {helper}
Penelope Pearl {gem}
Penelope Quinn {counsel}
Penelope Rai {like ray of light}
Penelope Rain {abundant blessings}
Penelope Reese {fiery}
Penelope Rey {king}

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Penelope Rhett {advice}
Penelope Rose {flower}
Penelope Roux {reddish brown}
Penelope Sage {herb} fave
Penelope Sky {limitless}
Penelope Sloane {warrior}


Two syllable middle names for Penelope (A-D)

strong short girl names

Continuing on with some cool double-syllable monikers that pair perfectly with Penelope!

Penelope Ada {noble}
Penelope Aden {little fire}
Penelope Agnes {pure}
Penelope Ainsley {solitary meadow}
Penelope Alex {defender}
Penelope Alice {noble}
Penelope Amber {fossil resin}
Penelope Arden {great forest}
Penelope Arya {air or melody}
Penelope Aspen {tree}
Penelope Aster {a daisy-like flower}

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