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100 Greek Girl Names for Modern American Babies

Mar 20, 2022

100 Greek Girl Names for Modern American Babies

AHEAD: A curated list of cool Greek names for baby girls.

On the hunt for an amazing Greek girls’ name that’s cool in the United States?

You’re in the right place!

Below, you’ll find a great list of over 100 Greek girl names along with their meanings and current popularity.

As a bonus, I’ve included a whole bunch of pretty middle name ideas too!

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There are lots of girls’ names that are popular in Greece but aren’t quite right for an American little girl.

Polyxeni will definitely raise eyebrows.

Spyridoula will invite lots of “what an interesting name”.

Efstathia is daunting to pronounce.

But not to worry, there are tons of great options that feel authentically Greek, while still being attractive to the American ear.

Let’s dive in and check out these Greek girl names!

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Familiar Greek girl names

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Most of these Greek girls’ names are raking in the top 900 names in the United States. All of them are of Greek origin.


  • Name meaning: Defender.
  • Popularity: #320


  • Name meaning: Defender.
  • Popularity: #734


  • Name meaning: Defender.
  • Popularity: #309


  • Name meaning: Pride or glory.
  • Popularity: #885


  • Name meaning: Diminutive of coral.
  • Popularity: #643


  • Name meaning: Born on the island of Delos.
  • Popularity: This 5-letter girls’ name isn’t currently ranking.


  • Name meaning: Half or small.
  • Popularity: #338

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  • Name meaning: Gift of God.
  • Popularity: #534


  • Name meaning: Bearer of good news.
  • Popularity: #263

Kayla or Cayla

  • Name meaning: Slim and fair.
  • Popularity: Kayla ranks #217 and Cayla hasn’t ranked since 2009.


  • Name meaning: Lyre harp.
  • Popularity: #552


  • Name meaning: Words set to music.
  • Popularity: #412


  • Name meaning: Honey or gracious.
  • Popularity: Melina ranks #648 and Milena ranks #821.


  • Name meaning: Honey bee.
  • Popularity: #348


  • Name meaning: Beloved or admirable. Sweet-smelling oil.
  • Popularity: #556

familiar greek girl names list


  • Name meaning: People of victory.
  • Popularity: #266


  • Name meaning: Help.
  • Popularity: #391


  • Name meaning: Crown, garland, or victorious.
  • Popularity: #410


  • Name meaning: One who harvests.
  • Popularity: #279


  • Name meaning: Gift of God.
  • Popularity: #834 (Popular in Greece!)

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Rare Greek names

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These Greek girl names are perfect if you’re looking for something a bit more unusual (but not totally daunting for Americans to pronounce).



  • Name meaning: Strong and manly. One of Ariel’s sisters in The Little Mermaid.
  • Popularity: This mermaid name isn’t ranking.


  • Name meaning: A flowering shrub.
  • Popularity: #483


  • Name meaning: Cinnamomum cassia is an evergreen tree most commonly known as Chinese cinnamon.
  • Popularity: This Greek C name isn’t ranking.


  • Name meaning: Pleasant speech.
  • Popularity: This cute E name isn’t ranking.


  • Name meaning: Shining light.
  • Popularity: This sun-inspired Greek name isn’t ranking. (It’s extremely popular in Greece!)

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  • Name meaning: Green gemstone.
  • Popularity: #957


  • Name meaning: Wellborn or noble.
  • Popularity: This 3-syllable Greek name isn’t ranking.


Iliana or Ilianna

  • Name meaning: From the ancient city of Illium, better known as Troy.
  • Popularity: Iliana ranks #890 and Ilianna isn’t ranking.


  • Name meaning: Blue or Indian dye.
  • Popularity: This Greek baby name is not ranking in the U.S.


  • Name meaning: Gift of the goddess Isis.
  • Popularity: This I name is not in the top 1000.

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  • Name meaning: Wave or seafoam. Dolphin. Water nymph or flowing.
  • Popularity: This 4-letter Greek girls’ name isn’t ranking.

Philippa or Pippa

  • Name meaning: Lover of horses. (Pippa is short for Philippa).
  • Popularity: Neither version of this P name is ranking.


  • Name meaning: Lover of strength.
  • Popularity: This 4-syllable Greek name isn’t ranking.


  • Name meaning: Blue gem.
  • Popularity: This rare S name is not ranking.


  • Name meaning: Birthstone for the month of December.
  • Popularity: This unique T name isn’t ranking.


  • Name meaning: Welcoming.
  • Popularity: This Z name isn’t ranking.

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  • Name meaning: Letter of the Greek alphabet.
  • Popularity: This short baby name isn’t ranking.

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Greek mythology girl names

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These girls’ names are inspired by the heroes, creatures, and mortals of the ancient Greeks. (All of the goddesses are listed separately in the next section!)


  • Name meaning: With healing power.
  • About: The daughter of King Thestius and Eurythemis.
  • Popularity: This Greek A name is not currently popular.


  • Name meaning: Beautiful voice.
  • About: The daughter of Zeus. The muse who presides over eloquence and poetry.
  • Popularity: #691 (Kalliopi is popular in Greece!)


  • Name meaning: Shining person.
  • About: The daughter of King Priam and Queen Hecuba.
  • Popularity: #650

Delphina or Delphine or Delphyne

  • Name meaning: The French word for dolphin. Woman from Greek city, Delphi.
  • About: Delphyne is a female dragon in Greek mythology.
  • Popularity: This mythological girls’ name isn’t ranking.


  • Name meaning: The 8th largest moon of Jupiter.
  • About: One of Zeus’s lovers and the mother of the giant Tityos.
  • Popularity: This Greek name isn’t ranking.


  • Name meaning: Earth.
  • About: The mother of life.
  • Popularity: This cool hippie name is not in the top 1000.

Maya or Maia

  • Name meaning: Water.
  • About: One of Zeus’s lovers and the mother of Hermes.
  • Popularity: Maya ranks #61, Mya ranks #242, and Maia ranks #498.


  • Name meaning: Sea nymph or mermaid.
  • About: The Nereids were positive symbols of the ocean who often accompanied Poseidon.
  • Popularity: This Greek girls’ name isn’t ranking.

greek mythology girl names list


  • Name meaning: From Mount Olympus.
  • About: The abode of the gods.
  • Popularity: This O name isn’t ranking.



  • Name meaning: Weaver.
  • About: The wife of the hero Odysseus.
  • Popularity: #25

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  • Name meaning: Bright.
  • About: The daughter of King Minos and Queen Pasiphae of Crete.
  • Popularity: This 2-syllable Greek name isn’t ranking.


  • Name meaning: Shining one. A medium-sized bird native to North and South America.
  • About: One of the Titans. Daughter of Uranus and Gaea.
  • Popularity: #256


  • Name meaning: A mythical bird that rises from the ashes and is born again.
  • Popularity: This Greek bird name ranks #286 for girls and #238 for boys.


  • Name meaning: To flow. Moon of Saturn. Means friend in Hebrew.
  • About: One of the Titans. Daughter of Uranus and Gaea.
  • Popularity: Rhea ranks #628 and Raya is #937.


  • Name meaning: Moon goddess.
  • Popularity: #241

greek mythology girls names list


  • Name meaning: Gift of God.
  • About: One of the Titans. Daughter of Uranus and Gaea.
  • Popularity: #303

[Source for mythology facts]

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Greek goddess names for girls

little girl dressed as greek goddess

IMHO, these are the prettiest Greek goddess names from mythology.


  • About: The Olympian goddess of the hunt, the moon, and chastity. Later associated with childbirth and nature.
  • Popularity: #960


  • About: The Olympian goddess of wisdom and war.
  • Popularity: #108 (Athina with an i is popular in Greece!)


  • Name meaning: Daphne laureola is an evergreen shrub with narrow leathery leaves.
  • About: A Naiad nymph (minor goddess associated with water).
  • Popularity: #415

Demetria or Dimitra

  • About: Demeter is the Olympian goddess of the harvest and agriculture. She is associated with fertility.
  • Popularity: Neither spelling of this D name is ranking.


  • Name meaning: Protector.
  • About: The Queen of Olympus, the wife of Zeus, and the goddess of marriage.
  • Popularity: This unique H name isn’t currently ranking.


  • Name meaning: Means rainbow in Greek. Also a flower.
  • About: The Greek goddess of the rainbow.
  • Popularity: #127


  • About: An original (primordial) deity. The spirit of blind rage and rabies.
  • Popularity: This Greek goddess name isn’t ranking. The similar name Alyssa ranks #199.


  • About: Daughter of Demeter and Zeus. Bringer of death and destruction. Goddess of spring growth.
  • Popularity: #820


  • About: Moon goddess.
  • Popularity: #800

greek goddess names for girls

Talia or Thalia

  • Name meaning: Dew from heaven.
  • About: Thalia was one of the three Charites (Graces).
  • Popularity: Talia ranks #337 and Thalia is #803.

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Middle name ideas

Here is a consolidation of all of the middle names on the graphics throughout this article—plus a bunch you haven’t seen yet!

Note: All of the first names on this list are of Greek origin. The middle names are from all over!


  • Agatha Lily
  • Alexandra Jade
  • Alexandria Lane
  • Alexia Hadley
  • Alexis Rylan
  • Althea Raven
  • Anastasia Belle
  • Andrina Reese
  • Arianna Brooke
  • Artemis Ella
  • Athena Noelle
  • Azalea Lennon


  • Callie Magnolia
  • Calliope Lacey
  • Cassandra Elyse
  • Cassia Hart
  • Chloe Hannah
  • Cleo Abigail
  • Cora Lennox
  • Coraline Blair


  • Daphne Ariella
  • Delia Hazel
  • Delphina Jewel
  • Demi Noelle
  • Dimitra Emberly
  • Dorothy Charlotte


  • Effie Isabella
  • Elara Blake
  • Eleni Charlotte
  • Emerald Brooke
  • Eugenie Grace
  • Evangelia Pearl
  • Evangeline Sophie


  • Gaia Alexandra
  • Genesis Faye


  • Harmony Sage
  • Hera Alexandria


  • Iliana Lavender
  • Indigo Skye
  • Iris Maribelle
  • Isadora Ruby


  • Kayla Hartley


  • Lyra Madison
  • Lyric Everleigh
  • Lyssa Palmer


  • Margaret Everly
  • Maya Lilianna
  • Melanie Piper
  • Melina Aubrey
  • Melissa Hailey
  • Melody Paige
  • Myra Emerald


  • Naia Waverly
  • Nerida Jade
  • Nicole Mirabella


  • Olympia Skylar
  • Ophelia Rose


  • Pandora Aubrey
  • Penelope Lily
  • Persephone Harper
  • Phaedra Marie
  • Philippa Hazel
  • Philomena Sophie
  • Phoebe Violet
  • Phoenix Aria


  • Rhea Scarlett


  • Sapphire Rayne
  • Selena Eve
  • Selene Mariella
  • Sofia Lacey
  • Stevie Harlow


  • Talia Juliet
  • Tessa Mackenzie
  • Thea Josephine
  • Theodora Blakely
  • Topaz Mia


  • Zena Avery
  • Zeta Hartlyn
  • Zoey Violet

Final thoughts on Greek girl names

Whether you’re looking to honor your Greek heritage or you’re just someone who appreciates Greek culture, hopefully, you’ve found a few lead contenders on this list, or at least come away with some baby name inspiration.

No matter your style, all of these girls’ names are beautiful choices for your tiny Greek goddess.

Congratulations and good luck choosing the perfect name for your daughter!

Greek Girl Names + Meanings