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70+ One Syllable Girl Names that are Actually Cool

Jul 16, 2021

70+ One Syllable Girl Names that are Actually Cool

AHEAD: The ultimate list of one-syllable baby names for girls.

On the hunt for a gorgeous one-syllable girl’s name that sounds cool but isn’t over-done?

There are surprisingly few choices for single-syllable names for girls—there are many more one-syllable names for boys.

But not to worry, I’ve got all the good ones right here!

baby girl

Below, I’ve rounded up every one-syllable name that’s even the slightest bit modern and cool.

(I separated all of the ones I didn’t love at the very end).

I’ve also included each name’s meaning and current popularity—which will hopefully help you narrow down your list of favorites.

You’ll also find plenty of inspiration for name combinations, whether you’re using a one-syllable name for your daughter’s first or middle name.

Let’s dive in and check out these gorgeous one syllable girl names!

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one syllable girl names

Cool one syllable girl names

baby girl of color beach chair

All of these one syllable names for girls aren’t super popular, but should be!


  • Name meaning: Small stream.
  • Popularity: This interesting “B” name is not in the top 1000.



  • Name meaning: She.
  • Popularity: #371


  • Name meaning: Brave.
  • Popularity: This one syllable “H” name is not in the top 1000.


  • Name meaning: Supplanter.
  • Popularity: Unsurprisingly, James doesn’t rank for girls. It ranks #6 for boys. James is an awesome middle name for a girl!


  • Name meaning: Youthful.
  • Popularity: This traditionally French boys’ name is not ranking for girls in the U.S.

Lane or Layne

  • Name meaning: Pathway.
  • Popularity: Layne ranks #920 for girls. For boys, Lane ranks #256 and Layne is #668.

Paige or Page

  • Name meaning: Helper.
  • Popularity: Paige ranks #273 and Page is not ranking.

Rae or Rai

  • Name meaning: Female sheep.
  • Popularity: This short girls’ name is not ranking in the top 1000.


  • Name meaning: Grayish green herb.
  • Popularity: #223

Cool one syllable girl names

If you like these cool one syllable girl names you might also like these edgy baby names or these twin girl names.

Nature one syllable girl names

baby girl sitting grassy field

All of these organic one syllable girl names are inspired by the earth, the sky, and the sea.

Blair or Blaire

  • Name meaning: Field or plain.
  • Popularity: The southern name Blair ranks #333 and Blaire ranks #669.

Brie or Bree

  • Name meaning: Marshland.
  • Popularity: Neither spelling of this 4-letter “B” name is in the top 1000.


  • Name meaning: Small stream.
  • Popularity: #237


  • Name meaning: Hill.
  • Popularity: #332


  • Name meaning: Life.
  • Popularity: #471


  • Name meaning: Precious stone.
  • Popularity: This pretty one syllable baby name hasn’t ranked since 2019.


  • Name meaning: Life.
  • Popularity: #667

May or Mae

  • Name meaning: Bitter or pearl. The 5th month. Another name for Hawthorn, a small thorny tree with white or pink flowers.
  • Popularity: The “M” name May is not currently popular but Mae ranks #576.


  • Name meaning: Gem.
  • Popularity: #773

Rayne or Rain

  • Name meaning: Precipitation.
  • Popularity: Rayne ranks #775 and Rain is not ranking.

Shay or Shea

  • Name meaning: A small tropical African tree. Its nuts give us shea butter!
  • Popularity: Shay ranks #928 and Shea hasn’t ranked since 2008.

Skye or Sky

  • Name meaning: The atmosphere above.
  • Popularity: The “S” name Skye ranks #467 and Sky ranks #801.


  • Name meaning: Small bird.
  • Popularity: #361

Cool one syllable girl names

If you like these earthy one syllable baby names, you might also like these tree names or these boho hippie names.

Gender neutral one syllable names

baby girl holding phone and ball

All of these fantastic single-syllable baby names would work perfectly for a boy or a girl!


  • Name meaning: Bright and shining.
  • Popularity: #219


  • Name meaning: Valley.
  • Popularity: This “D” name is not ranking in the top 1000 for either gender.


  • Name meaning: Strong and manly.
  • Popularity: This one syllable name ranks #944 for girls and #530 for boys.


  • Name meaning: Brushwood.
  • Popularity: This 5-letter name isn’t ranking for girls but is #245 for boys.


  • Name meaning: Hawaiian for “sea”.
  • Popularity: This cool “K” name ranks #794 for girls and #93 boys.


  • Name meaning: Delicate.
  • Popularity: This single-syllable “L” name is not currently ranking.


  • Name meaning: Rule or sovereign.
  • Popularity: #356


  • Name meaning: Advice.
  • Popularity: This one syllable baby name ranks #159 for boys but isn’t ranking for girls.

Roux or Rue

  • Name meaning: Reddish brown.
  • Popularity: This unusual one syllable name isn’t ranking.


  • Name meaning: Explorer.
  • Popularity: #874

Gender neutral one syllable names

If you like these gender neutral one syllable names, check out this list of non-binary names.

Unique one syllable girl names

asian baby girl lying on fur

All of these one syllable names for girls are interesting and uncommon without being too far out there.



  • Name meaning: A tree known for its unusual bark that peels like paper.
  • Popularity: This badass girls’ name isn’t ranking in the top 1000.


  • Name meaning: To flower.
  • Popularity: This simple nature name is not currently ranking.


  • Name meaning: Coastal inlet.
  • Popularity: This unique “C” name isn’t currently popular.


  • Name meaning: A bird symbolizing peace.
  • Popularity: This peaceful baby name isn’t in the top 1000.


  • Name meaning: Thoughts and images during sleep. Aspiration and hope.
  • Popularity: #407


  • Name meaning: A tall, fast-growing deciduous tree with an impressive shape.
  • Popularity: This unique “E” name isn’t ranking in the top 1000.


  • Name meaning: Young deer.
  • Popularity: This one syllable “F” name isn’t currently popular.


  • Name meaning: A colorful bird. Also means to swindle, but let’s focus on the first meaning.
  • Popularity: Finch is not currently in the top 1000 baby names in the United States


  • Name meaning: Flower in French.
  • Popularity: This one-syllable French girls’ name is not popular in the U.S.


  • Name meaning: Precious stone.
  • Popularity: This one syllable “G” name is not ranking.


  • Name meaning: Hollow dweller.
  • Popularity: This uncommon H name isn’t in the top 1000.


  • Name meaning: The Lord is salvation.
  • Popularity: This one syllable “J” name is not ranking for girls but ranks #151 for boys.


  • Name meaning: Music.
  • Popularity: This melodious baby name isn’t popular right now.


  • Name meaning: Fine fabric knit in a pattern.
  • Popularity: This sweet and girly name isn’t ranking.

Lake or Layke

  • Name meaning: Body of water.
  • Popularity: Neither spelling of this one-syllable name is ranking right now.


  • Name meaning: A small songbird.
  • Popularity: Lark isn’t in the top 1000.


  • Name meaning: Large trees with long lifespans. Oaks support more life forms than any other tree genus in North America.
  • Popularity: This cool “O” name would make a great middle name and is not currently ranking.


  • Name meaning: Accurate or authentic.
  • Popularity: This “T” name is not ranking for girls. Surprisingly, it’s ranking #810 for boys!


  • Name meaning: Valley.
  • Popularity: This one syllable “V” name isn’t ranking.

Gender neutral one syllable names

If you like these unique single-syllable baby names you might also like these outer space names.

Timeless one syllable girl names

closeup baby girl big bow

These single-syllable names have been popular in the past, and most continue to be relatively popular today. They don’t tend to evoke any particular decade, making them timeless!


  • Name meaning: Grace.
  • Popularity: #625


  • Name meaning: Daybreak.
  • Popularity: This one syllable girls’ name hasn’t ranked since 2000.


  • Name meaning: Fairy.
  • Popularity: #687


  • Name meaning: White ring.
  • Popularity: Gwen ranks #819. The longer name Gwendolyn ranks #377.


  • Name meaning: Expectations.
  • Popularity: #204


  • Name meaning: Noble or gracious.
  • Popularity: #265


  • Name meaning: Happiness.
  • Popularity: #396


  • Name meaning: Pure.
  • Popularity: #411 (For reference, Katherine is #135 and Catherine is #267.)


  • Name meaning: Friend.
  • Popularity: #220

one syllable girl names list timeless

One syllable names that are past their prime

blonde baby sitting picnic

For the sake of a complete list, I decided to include this last bunch of one-syllable names for girls. However, I personally think they’ve seen better days.


  • Name meaning: Pledged to God.
  • Popularity: Not ranking.


  • Name meaning: A feathery plant.
  • Popularity: Not ranking.


  • Name meaning: God is gracious.
  • Popularity: Not ranking.


  • Name meaning: Youthful.
  • Popularity: Not ranking.


  • Name meaning: God is gracious.
  • Popularity: Not ranking.


  • Name meaning: Pure.
  • Popularity: #Not ranking.


  • Name meaning: Lake
  • Popularity: Not ranking.


  • Name meaning: Lily.
  • Popularity: Not ranking.


  • Name meaning: To harvest.
  • Popularity: Not ranking.

    Of course, if you happen to love any of these names, you should choose it for your daughter and forget what I think!

    More baby names for girls:

    Before we get into middle name ideas, here are some additional baby name lists you might like!

    Middle Name Ideas

    Finding a middle name to go with a one-syllable first name is shockingly difficult.

    SO many of the combinations I tried sounded “backwards”—like their order should be swapped.

    Here are a few middle names that actually work well with most single-syllable first names:

    • Blakely
    • Everleigh or Everly
    • Magnolia
    • Victoria
    • Abigail
    • Lavender

    On the other hand, if you’re reading this list because you’re looking for a one syllable MIDDLE name, then as you’ve seen, there are many many options.

    Here are some name combinations for inspiration:

    Jade Arden
    Jade Aspen
    Jade Embry
    Jade Hannah
    Jade Taylor

    Lacey Jade
    Lexi Jade
    Maya Jade
    Raven Jade

    Quinn Blakely
    Quinn Charlotte
    Quinn Lennox
    Quinn Magnolia
    Quinn Palmer
    Quinn Ryder

    Reese Hart
    Reese Page
    Reese Hadley
    Reese Harper
    Reese Oakley

    Scarlett Rose
    Abigail Rose
    Annabelle Rose
    Aria Rose
    Ava Rose
    Rose Olivia
    Rose Sophia
    Rose Victoria

    Sloane Emerson
    Sloane Morgan
    Sloane Remington
    Abigail Sloane
    Addison Sloane
    Rylan Sloane
    Sloane Lennox
    Sloan Blakely

    Belle Camden
    Belle Harlow
    Belle Kinsley
    Belle Magnolia
    Belle Meadow
    Scarlett Belle
    Shiloh Belle
    Mila Belle

    Blaire Aria
    Blaire Addison
    Avery Blaire
    Emery Blaire
    Malia Blair
    Blair Madison

    Blake Harper
    Blake Riley
    Blake Ryder
    Blake Sutton
    Blakely Lennox
    Sierra Blake
    Demi Blake
    Skylar Blake

    Brooke Raquel
    Brooke Michelle
    Brooke Ryder
    Brooke Hailey
    Brooke Lauren
    Hazel Brooke
    Indigo Brooke

    Brynn Elyse
    Brynn Magnolia
    Brynn Harper
    Bryn Sophia
    Olivia Bryn
    Brynn Blakely

    Eve Scarlett
    Eve Sienna
    Eve Sutton
    Eve Hazel
    Evie Delilah
    Evie Harriet
    Evie Rylan
    Evie Palmer

    Faye Valli
    Faye Sophie
    Faye Rowan
    Faye Noelle
    Faye Natalia
    Faye Magnolia
    Faye Blakely

    Hope Alexandria
    Hope Lennox
    Hope Meadow
    Hope Piper
    Hope Scarlett

    Jane Oakley
    Jane Kinsley
    Jane Hadley
    Jane Harlow
    Jane Leighton
    Jane Riley

    Kate Isadora
    Kate Elizabeth
    Kate Emerson
    Kate Magnolia
    Avery Kate
    Aubrey Kate

    Layne Teagan
    Lane Arden
    Layne Aspen
    Lane Embry
    Laine Hadley
    Lane Harriet
    Layne Kinsley
    Lane Marley

    Liv Charlotte
    Liv Marley
    Liv Mazie
    Liv Oakley
    Liv Magnolia
    Liv Scarlett
    Liv Palmer

    Paige Rowan
    Page Olivia
    Paige Madelyn
    Hazel Page
    Marley Page
    Reva Page
    Skylar Page

    Sage Madison
    Sage Madelyn
    Sage Magnolia
    Teagan Sage
    Juliana Sage
    Malia Sage
    Eden Sage
    Harlow Sage
    Skye or Sky

    Skye Blakely
    Skye Bridget
    Sky Embry
    Skye Harlow
    Mazie Sky
    Noe Sky
    Violet Sky

    Bree Victoria
    Brie Meadows
    Brie Mariah
    Emilia Bree
    Madelyn Bree

    Lila Cove
    Aspen Cove
    Ayla Cove
    Cove Juliana
    Cove Alexandra
    Cove Blakely

    Marley Hale
    Mazie Hale
    Shiloh Hale
    Emma Hale
    Hale Willow
    Hale Blakely

    Hart Blakely
    Hart Brinley
    Hart Kinsley
    Hart Magnolia
    Millie Hart
    Avery Hart

    Hayes Lavender
    Hayes Emery
    Hayes Leighton
    Hayes Palmer
    Hayes Porter
    Hayes Shiloh
    Hayes Terra

    Haley James
    Reagan James
    Remi James
    Evie James
    Kylie James
    Macie James
    Mira James

    Jem Blakely
    Gem Hazel
    Jem Indigo
    Gem Mazie
    Jem Paisley
    Gem Palmer
    Jem Sutton
    Gem Sage

    Jewel Blakely
    Jewel Harlow
    Jewel Indigo
    Jewel Hartley
    Jewel Arden

    Jules Blakely
    Jules Marley
    Jules Avery
    Jules Brinley
    Jules Embry
    Jules Harlow

    Leigh Hadley
    Leigh Hartley
    Leigh Teagan
    Leigh Taylor
    Leigh Scarlett

    Rai Teagan
    Rey Skylar
    Rai Marley
    Rey Magnolia
    Rai Hartley
    Rey Embry
    Rai Brinley

    Roux Brinley
    Roux Harper
    Roux Kinsley
    Roux Madison
    Roux Morgan
    Roux Paisley
    Roux Presley

    Final thoughts on single syllable girl names

    You really can’t go wrong with any of these one syllable girl names. There are so many beautiful choices that flow nicely with a variety of middle names and last names.

    Jot down your shortlist of favorite baby names and then one by one, try to eliminate the names that make you less excited than the others.

    one syllable girl names

    One Syllable Girl Names that are Actually Cool