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215 Gorgeous Middle Names for Jade

Sep 30, 2021

215 Gorgeous Middle Names for Jade

Are you ready for an incredible list of beautiful middle names for Jade?

If you’ve decided to name your daughter Jade, congratulations on picking a stunning 1-syllable name with an earthy meaning.

Jade is a beautiful green mineral that’s sometimes referred to as the stone of luck and happiness.

It’s the perfect colorful name for a baby girl!

jade stone

Jade just barely ranks in the top 100 names for girls (it’s #97 to be exact), so it strikes the perfect balance of being familiar but not overdone.

Your baby girl needs a middle name, so let’s see if we can find the best middle name for Jade!


middle names for Jade

Trendy middle names for Jade

All of the following modern girl names are in the top 100 baby names when used as a first name. Check out these lovely middle names that go with the first name Jade!

  • Jade Abigail {my father’s joy}
  • Jade Addison {Adam’s daughter}
  • Jade Adeline {noble}
  • Jade Alice {noble}
  • Jade Amelia {work}
  • Jade Aria {air or melody}
  • Jade Ariana {most holy}
  • Jade Audrey {noble strength}
  • Jade Aurora {dawn}
  • Jade Charlotte {free woman}
  • Jade Delilah {delicate}
  • Jade Eleanor {shining one}
  • Jade Elizabeth {oath}
  • Jade Ella {fairy maiden}
  • Jade Emilia {excel}
  • Jade Emma {whole}
  • Jade Emery {industrious}
  • Jade Evelyn {wished for child}
  • Jade Everly {brave}
  • Jade Gabriella {strong woman}
  • Jade Grace {goodness}
  • Jade Hannah {grace}
  • Jade Hazel {of hazelnut tree}
  • Jade Isabella {promise}
  • Jade Josephine {Jehovah shall grow}
  • Jade Kennedy {helmeted chief}
  • Jade Kinsley {kings meadow}
  • Jade Leilani {heavenly flower}
  • Jade Lydia {beautiful one}
  • Jade Madelyn {woman from Israel}
  • Jade Madison {daughter of Matthew}
  • Jade Maya {water}
  • Jade Mila {beloved}
  • Jade Natalia {Christmas day}
  • Jade Nova {new}
  • Jade Olivia {olive tree}
  • Jade Paisley {a cute pattern}
  • Jade Penelope {weaver}
  • Jade Sadie {princess}
  • Jade Savannah {treeless plain}
  • Jade Scarlett {red}
  • Jade Sophia {wisdom}
  • Jade Sophie {wisdom}
  • Jade Valentina {strength}
  • Jade Victoria {winner}
  • Jade Violet {purple}

Keep reading for some short and cute middle names for Jade!

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Badass middle names for Jade

Jade is a perfect name for a little girl who will grow up to be self-confident and passionate. Try combining it with one of these badass girl names below!

  • Jade Alessia {defender}
  • Jade Alexandria {defender}
  • Jade Alexia {defender}
  • Jade Ariella {lioness}
  • Jade Bridget {strength}
  • Jade Eden {place of delight}
  • Jade Ember {glowing coal}
  • Jade Erin {Ireland}
  • Jade Hart {brave}
  • Jade Onyx {gem}
  • Jade Pandora {gifted}
  • Jade Peyton {fighting man’s estate}
  • Jade Raquel {innocent}
  • Jade Raven {black bird}
  • Jade Rhett {advice}
  • Jade Ripley {clearing in the woods}
  • Jade Ryder {horsewoman}
  • Jade Seraphina {badass}
  • Jade Skyler {scholar}
  • Jade Sloane {warrior}
  • Jade Storm {weather event}
  • Jade Teagan {little poet}
  • Jade Trinity {triad}

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Nature middle names for Jade

Since Jade is a nature-inspired name, it pairs especially well with a middle name of the same genre. All of the following middle names for Jade have to do with the sun, earth, and sea.

  • Jade Aspen {tree with heart-shaped leaves}
  • Jade Birch {tree}
  • Jade Brooke {small stream}
  • Jade Bryn {hill}
  • Jade Embry {flat topped hill}
  • Jade Haley {hay clearing}
  • Jade Hartley {meadow}
  • Jade Ivy {like the plant}
  • Jade Lavender {purple}
  • Jade Lani {sky}
  • Jade Luna {moon}
  • Jade Magnolia {tree}
  • Jade Marley {seaside meadow}
  • Jade Meadow {freely growing grassland}
  • Jade Morgan {of the sea}
  • Jade Olive {from a tree}
  • Jade Peri {mountain dweller}
  • Jade Rain {abundant blessings}
  • Jade Reva {rain}
  • Jade Rose {flower}
  • Jade Sky {limitless}
  • Jade Sierra {mountain range}
  • Jade Terra {earth}
  • Jade Valli {winding plant}
  • Jade Willow {tree}

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Cool middle names for Jade

If you’re looking for a name combination that’s cool but not overdone, here are some great ideas…

  • Jade Blakely {dark wood}
  • Jade Carrington {place in the UK}
  • Jade Eliza {pledged to God}
  • Jade Elyse {abundance}
  • Jade Genevieve {tribal woman}
  • Jade Hansel {God is gracious}
  • Jade Ivory {white}
  • Jade Lauren {wisdom}
  • Jade Leanne {graceful wood}
  • Jade Leighton {meadow town}
  • Jade Lyra {harp}
  • Jade Mackenzie {daughter of Kenneth}
  • Jade Malia {bitter}
  • Jade Marin {beautiful place near SF!}
  • Jade Melody {song}
  • Jade Monet {to be heard}
  • Jade Nicole {victory}
  • Jade Noelle {Christmas}
  • Jade Reverie {daydream}
  • Jade Selene {moon goddess}
  • Jade Sydney {wide meadow}
  • Jade Tazara {elegance + grace}
  • Jade Virginia {pure}

Southern middle names for Jade

Whether you’re going to be raising a southern belle, or you just happen to love the sweet sound of southern names, check out these charming middle names for Jade…

  • Jade Ainsley {solitary meadow}
  • Jade Arden {great forest}
  • Jade Blaire {field dweller}
  • Jade Brinley {burnt meadow}
  • Jade Harley {the long field}
  • Jade Harper {harp player}
  • Jade Harriet {home}
  • Jade Kensington {place in London}
  • Jade Mercy {compassion}
  • Jade Palmer {she who holds the palm}
  • Jade Presley {priest}
  • Jade Sutton {southern settlement}

If you happen to be having a boy as well, check out these Southern Boy Names that go nicely with the sibling name Jade.

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Beautiful middle names for Jade

Looking for a beautiful name that’s fit for a princess? All of these middle names for Jade are elegant and graceful

  • Jade Addilyn {nobility}
  • Jade Adriana {person of Adria}
  • Jade Amara {grace}
  • Jade Anastasia {resurrection}
  • Jade Angelina {angel}
  • Jade Annabella {graceful + beautiful}
  • Jade Arabella {yielding to prayer}
  • Jade Athena {goddess}
  • Jade Aubrielle {invented name}
  • Jade Aurelia {golden one}
  • Jade Avianna {bird}
  • Jade Briella {God is my strength}
  • Jade Carolina {free woman}
  • Jade Cordelia {daughter of the sea}
  • Jade Evangeline {bearer of good news}
  • Jade Fiona {white or fair}
  • Jade Laila {night}
  • Jade Lillian {lily}
  • Jade Milana {pleasant + gracious}
  • Jade Mirabella {wonderful}
  • Jade Natasha {birthday}

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Gender neutral middle names for Jade

Since Jade is somewhat of a gender neutral name itself, it happens to pair perfectly with other nonbinary names. A lot of these name combinations sound like movie stars!

  • Jade Aster {a daisy-like flower}
  • Jade Avery {elf king}
  • Jade Blake {fair or light}
  • Jade Camden {winding valley}
  • Jade Chesney {oak grove}
  • Jade Cove {sheltered bay}
  • Jade Ellery {alder tree}
  • Jade Emerson {Emery’s daughter}
  • Jade Hadley {heather clearing}
  • Jade Hale {hollow dweller}
  • Jade Harlow {army hill}
  • Jade Hayes {brushwood}
  • Jade Indigo {blue or Indian dye}
  • Jade Lennox {among elm trees}
  • Jade Oakley {meadow of oaks}
  • Jade Phoenix {mythical bird}
  • Jade Reagan {little king}
  • Jade Reese {fiery}
  • Jade Remi {oarsman}
  • Jade Remington {raven}
  • Jade Riley {wood clearing}
  • Jade Rowan {reddish brown tree}
  • Jade Rylan {island meadow}
  • Jade Shiloh {tranquil}
  • Jade Taylor {seamstress}

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Cute middle names for Jade

All of the following middle names for Jade are sweet and friendly sounding…

  • Jade Aubrey {magical being}
  • Jade Delia {born on the island of Delos}
  • Jade Kylie {a boomerang}
  • Jade Lacey {from Lassy}
  • Jade Layne {pathway}
  • Jade Lena {ray of light}
  • Jade Lyla {night}
  • Jade Macie {weapon}
  • Jade Mazie {child of light}
  • Jade Mia {mine}
  • Jade Mira {peace}
  • Jade Noe {peaceful}
  • Jade Piper {flute player}
  • Jade Quinn {counsel}
  • Jade Roux {reddish brown}
  • Jade Rylee {valiant}
  • Jade Tinsley {Tynni’s meadow}
  • Jade Zoey {life}
  • Jade Zuri {good + beautiful}

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Old-fashioned middle names for Jade

Last, but not least, if you’re looking for a timeless name combination, all of these options below make lovely choices…

  • Jade Agnes {pure}
  • Jade Antoinette {priceless one}
  • Jade Clementine {merciful or citrus fruit}
  • Jade Constance {steadfastness}
  • Jade Coraline {diminutive of Coral}
  • Jade Daisy {flower}
  • Jade Edith {prosperous in war}
  • Jade Elsie {pledged to God}
  • Jade Emmeline {work}
  • Jade Florence {prosperous}
  • Jade Frances {from France; free}
  • Jade Lucy {light}
  • Jade Mabel {lovable}
  • Jade Maisie {pearl}
  • Jade Margaret {pearl}
  • Jade Margery {pearl}
  • Jade Marie {star of the sea}
  • Jade Marion {drop of sea; beloved}
  • Jade Pearl {gem}
  • Jade Phoebe {shining one}
  • Jade Prudence {careful}
  • Jade Rosalind {pretty rose}
  • Jade Valerie {strength}

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Final thoughts on choosing a middle name for Jade

Jade is SUCH a great name. It’s surprising that it isn’t more popular than it already is!

In case it’s helpful, here’s a list of a few of my favorite name combinations for Jade…

  • Jade Everly
  • Jade Skyler
  • Jade Embry
  • Jade Magnolia
  • Jade Meadow
  • Jade Reverie
  • Jade Arden
  • Jade Harlow

Congratulations on your baby girl and good lucking choosing the best middle name!

215 Gorgeous Middle Names for Jade