two syllable names for girls

175 Gorgeous Two Syllable Girl Names

Oct 20, 2021

175 Gorgeous Two Syllable Girl Names

AHEAD: The ultimate list of double-syllable girls’ names and their meanings.

On the hunt for a beautiful two syllable girl’s name that sounds cool but isn’t over-done?

You’re in the right place!

Below, you’ll find a huge list of amazing two syllable girl names ranging from long to short and trendy to classic.

In {brackets} you’ll find the meanings of each name, and if you notice a number (#) next to it, that’s the current popularity in the United States.

two syllable names for girls

P.S. Two syllable girl names flow really nicely with one syllable middle names, so be sure to check out that list when you’re done!

Let’s dive in…

two syllable girl names

Short two syllable girl names

All of these mini names for girls are only 3 or 4 letters long, making them perfect for your tiny princess!

Ada {noble}
Arya {air or melody}
Ava {life} #3
Ayla {oak tree}
Cora {maiden} #88
Dana {gift}
Dara {oak tree}
Demi {half}
Eden {place of delight}
Ella {fairy maiden} #15
Emma {whole} #2

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Erin {Ireland}
Evie {life}
Jodi {Jehovah shall grow}
Juno {Roman goddess}
Kara {Cornish name for love}
Kira {throne}
Lani {means sky in Hawaiian}
Leah {weary} #45
Lena {Ray of light}
Lila {night}
Lyla {night}

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Mara {a river}
Maya {water} #61
Mia {mine} #8
Mila {beloved} #20
Mira {peace}
Nila {dark blue}
Noe {peaceful}
Remi {oarsman}
Rory {red king}
Ruby {strong red gemstone} #74
Vela {coastline}
Vera {faith}
Zoey {life} #32
Zuri {good + beautiful}

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Gender neutral two syllable girl names

These nonbinary two syllable names are all cool choices for your baby girl.

Aspen {tree with heart-shaped leaves}
Camden {winding valley}
Chesney {oak grove}
Harlow {army hill}
Lennox {among elm trees}
Peyton {fighter’s estate} #98
Phoenix {mythical bird}
Riley {wood clearing} #33
Rowan {reddish brown tree}
Rylan {island meadow}
Shiloh {tranquil}
Taylor {seamstress}
Teagan {little poet}

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Cute two syllable girl names

These two syllable names for girls are friendly and sweet!

Addie {noble}
Ellie {shining one} #29
Emmy or Emmie {rival}
Evie {tribal woman}
Goldie {gold}
Gracie {graceful}
Jolie {pretty}
Kylie {a boomerang}
Lacey {from Lassy}
Macie {weapon}
Marley {seaside meadow}
Millie {industrious}


Mollie {rebellious}
Penny {from Penelope}
Piper {flute player} #91
Tinsley {Tynni’s meadow}

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Strong two syllable girl names

All of these badass two syllable girl names mean strength, bravery, and tenacity—qualities that every parent wants their daughter to have!

Audra {noble strength}
Bridget {strength}
Jacqueline {supplanter}
Lara {fortress}
Lexi {defender}
Ripley {clearing in the woods}
Ryder {horsewoman}
Rylee {valiant}
Tillie {strength in battle}

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Nature-inspired two syllable girl names

All of these organic two syllable girl names are inspired by plants, the earth, and the sky. (For more names like this, check out this list of hippie names!)

Amber {fossil resin}
Blakely {dark wood}
Daisy {flower name}
Hadley {heather clearing}
Hazel {of the Hazelnut tree} #31
Ivy {like the plant} #58
Laila {night}
Lily {flower} #35
Meadow {freely growing grassland}
Olive {from a tree}
Poppy {red flower}


Raven {black bird}
Sienna {orange-red}
Terra {earth}
Valli {winding plant}
Violet {purple} #37
Willow {tree} #48
Zenith {point in the sky directly above an observer}

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Unique two syllable girl names

All of these two syllable girl names are edgy, uncommon, and unexpected—yet still cool!

Aster {a daisy-like flower}
Ember {spark}
Embry {flat topped hill}
Evette {life}
Hansel {God is gracious}
Hartley {meadow}
Haven {safe place}
Kyla or Kylah {narrow land}
Lyra {lyre harp}
Marin {beautiful place near SF!}
Mazie {child of light}


Meryl {of the bright sea}
Monet {to be heard}
Onyx {gem}
Peri {mountain dweller}
Rebel {maverick}
Reva {rain}
Stormi {weather event}

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Southern two syllable girl names

Whether you’re going to be raising a southern belle, or you just like the sound of these amazing southern girl names, these are two syllable girl names worth considering…

Ainsley {solitary meadow}
Brinley {burnt meadow}
Clara {clear + bright}
Georgia {farmer}
Gracelyn {graceful}
Harley {the long field}
Harper {harp player} #10
Jolene {lord}
Kinsley {kings meadow} #59
Leanne {graceful wood}
Leighton {meadow town}

Mercy {compassion}
Oakley {meadow of oaks}
Paisley {curved pattern} #50
Palmer {she who holds the palm}
Presley {priest}
Reagan {little king}
Scarlett {red} #21
Sutton {southern settlement}

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Timeless two syllable girl names

All of these two syllable girl names are neither trendy or old-fashioned. They’ve been around for a while but are still cool.

Danielle {God is judge}
Delia {born on island Delos}
Elyse {abundance}
Heidi {noble}
Lauren {wisdom}
Michelle {like God}
Morgan {of the sea}
Nicole {victory}
Noelle {Christmas}

Raquel {innocent}
Selene {moon goddess}
Skyler {scholar}
Summer {season}
Sydney {wide meadow}

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Vintage two syllable girl names

Last but not least, here are some beautiful old-fashioned two syllable girl names. (If you like this style, feel free to check out these Victorian girl names too).

Agnes {pure}
Annie {grace}
Beatrice {happiness bringer}
Constance {steadfastness}
Dorothy {gift of God}
Edith {prosperous in war}
Effie {pleasant speech}
Elsie {pledged to God}
Florence {prosperous}
Frances {free woman}
Judith {woman from Judea}


Lucie or Lucy {light} #49
Mabel {lovable}
Maisie {pearl}
Maggie {pearl}
Marie {star of the sea}
Nelly or Nellie {light}
Phoebe {shining one}
Prudence {careful}
Roxy {dawn}

2 syllable girl names list
two syllable girl names list
short 2 syllable girl names
gender neutral 2 syllable names
southern two syllable girl names

Final thoughts on choosing a double syllable girl’s name

Naming your daughter is a very personal decision. It can be hard to find the perfect name that fits with both you and your partner’s style.

The good news is whether you are looking for trendy names for a modern little girl, strong names that your baby can grow into, vintage names with old-fashioned charm, southern names with a cool twang, cute names that sound friendly, or unique names that aren’t too popular, there are so many great two syllable girl names to choose from.

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175 Gorgeous Two Syllable Girl Names