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The 66 Prettiest Middle Names for Piper

Jan 10, 2021

The 66 Prettiest Middle Names for Piper

Choosing the perfect middle name for Piper…

If you’ve decided to name your baby girl Piper, congratulations on picking a lovely happy-go-lucky name!

Piper means pipe or flute player, which is especially cute if you happen to be a musical family.

The name Piper also reminds me of Sandpipers, the cheeriest little birds that hop along the shorelines of the beach.


Did you know: Piper is the 85th most popular baby girl’s name in the U.S., according to the most recent data from the Social Security Administration.

Your baby girl needs a middle name, so let’s see if we can find the best middle name for Piper!


middle names for piper

One syllable middle names for Piper

Check out these beautiful middle names that go with Piper…

Name meanings are {in brackets} …

My personal favorites, first:

  • Piper Quinn {counsel} this sounds spunky and unusual to me!
  • Piper Jane {gracious} simple and perfect
  • Piper Lane {pathway} has the ring of a lovely street I’d like to visit!

More single syllable middle names that go with Piper!

  • Piper Belle {beautiful}
  • Piper Blaire {field dweller}
  • Piper Blake {fair or light}
  • Piper Brooke {small stream}
  • Piper Cove {sheltered bay}
  • Piper Hale {hollow dweller}
  • Piper Hart {brave}
  • Piper Hope {great expectations}
  • Piper Jade {green stone}
  • Piper Jules {youthful}
  • Piper Kate {pure}
  • Piper Leigh {delicate}
  • Piper Page {helper}
  • Piper Rain {abundant blessings}
  • Piper Reese {fiery}
  • Piper Rose {for your flower child}
  • Piper Roux {reddish brown}
  • Piper Sage {grayish green herb}

All of these sound playful and sweet; you really can’t go wrong!

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We’ll tackle the 2-syllable list in a second.

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Continuing on…

Two syllable middle names for Piper

Here’s a list of some melodic double syllable middle names that go with Piper!

Name meanings are {in brackets} …

My personal favorites

  • Piper Harlow {army hill} this name combo sounds so friendly
  • Piper Blakely {dark wood} this one’s cheery and girly
  • Piper Hazel {of the hazelnut tree} this should be a character in a storybook!

More 2-syllable middle names for Piper

  • Piper Elyse {abundance}
  • Piper Hannah {grace}
  • Piper Hadley {heather clearing}
  • Piper Haley {hay clearing}
  • Piper Ivy {like the plant}
  • Piper Jolie {pretty}
  • Piper Leighton {meadow town}
  • Piper Lennox {among elm trees}
  • Piper Lily {flower}
  • Piper Marie {star of the sea}
  • Piper Marin {beautiful place near SF!}
  • Piper Marley {seaside meadow}
  • Piper Meadow {freely growing grassland}
  • Piper Mia {beloved}
  • Piper Morgan {of the sea}
  • Piper Nicole {victory}
  • Piper Noelle {Christmas}
  • Piper Oakley {meadow of oaks}
  • Piper Olive {from a tree}
  • Piper Palmer {she who holds the palm}
  • Piper Rowan {reddish brown tree}
  • Piper Ruby {strong red gemstone}
  • Piper Sadie {princess}
  • Piper Scarlett {red}
  • Piper Sophie {wisdom}

There’s something about the name Piper that just sounds optimistic and carefree, no matter which middle name you pair it with!

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Three syllable middle names for Piper

Now for some more pretty middle names that go with Piper!

Name meanings are {in brackets}

My personal favorites

  • Piper Juliet {youthful} everything about this name combination feels young and fresh!
  • Piper Mackenzie {first born} this sounds cheery and sweet
  • Piper Sofia {wisdom} this rings classic, yet new

More middle names for the name Piper

  • Piper Abigail {my father’s joy}
  • Piper Alexandra {defender}
  • Piper Avery {elf king}
  • Piper Delilah {delicate}
  • Piper Emerson {Emery’s son… uh, daughter}
  • Piper Fiona {white or fair}
  • Piper Harriet {home}
  • Piper Mackenzie {first born}
  • Piper Madison {son…or daughter of Matthew}
  • Piper Melody {song} a good choice if you want to stay with a musical theme!

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Have you found a favorite yet? One last batch of middle names for your baby girl, Piper, coming your way!…

Four syllable middle names for Piper

Last but not least, here are some more beautiful long names for girls.

Name meanings are {in brackets} …

My personal favorites

  • Piper Olivia {olive tree} if you don’t mind the PO initials, this name combo sounds adorable
  • Piper Liliana {care free} all around just a happy go lucky vibe!

A few more that work too!

  • Piper Alexia {defender}
  • Piper Elizabeth {oath}
  • Piper Felicity {happiness}
  • Piper Juliana {youthful}
  • Piper Magnolia {flower}
  • Piper Penelope {weaver}

Hopefully, you’ve found a bunch of lead contenders for your baby girl!

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Middle names for Piper that don’t work

Choose the middle name YOU love. Here’s what I think, just in case you want an outsider’s opinion 🙂

Avoid names that rhyme with Piper

I’d personally skip over any middle names that end in the “er” sound to avoid rhyming. Piper Harper and Piper Skyler are examples.

Avoid names that make undesirable initials

You may only care about all three initials together (first, middle, last name). For example, Piper Olivia Smith wouldn’t work because her initials would be POS.

If you’re like my mom, you may want to watch out for first and middle initial combos too. She didn’t want to name my sister Brooke Michelle (BM) because of “bowel movement” (ha!) so she probably wouldn’t like Piper Pierce (PP) because of pee pee!

I happen to like the alliteration of names like Piper Paisley, but you do you on this one!

Either way, I strongly suggest googling your baby girl’s initials and making sure they don’t stand for any uncouth slang, medical conditions, organizations, etc.

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Final thoughts on choosing the best middle name for Piper

Whether you choose a traditional or a modern middle name for Piper, her name will sound easygoing and cheerful. You can’t go wrong!

If you’re not 100% sold on the baby name Piper, check out this wonderful list of 250 hippie baby names or this list of middle names for Madelyn! You might also like middle names for Aubrey or Alex too!

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The 66 Prettiest Middle Names for Piper