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72 Middle Names for Hailey You’re Going to Love

Jan 10, 2021

72 Middle Names for Hailey You’re Going to Love

Choosing the perfect middle name for Hailey…

If you’ve decided to name your baby girl Hailey, congratulations on picking a charming, rustic-sounding name!

Hailey means hay clearing is the 75th most popular baby girl’s name in the U.S., according to the most recent data from the Social Security Administration.

The name Hailey can be spelled in quite a few ways. Here are the most common spellings, ranked in order of popularity:

Hallie #398
Haley #453
Hayley #694
Haylee #708
Hayleigh #833
Halie #935
Hailee #956

Your baby girl needs a middle name, so let’s take a look at the best middle names for Hailey!


middle names for hailey

One syllable middle names for Hailey

Let’s kick off our list with some really great single syllable choices for Hailey’s middle name!

Name meanings are {in brackets} …

My personal favorites, first:

  • Hailey Blake {fair or light} I love the L sounds, this name has a nice ring to it!
  • Hailey Jade {green stone} I generally love Jade as a middle name it works perfectly here
  • Hailey Sage {grayish green herb} this name has a cool organic vibe

More single-syllable middle names that go with Hailey!

  • Hailey Belle {beautiful}
  • Hailey Blaire {field dweller}
  • Hailey Brie {marshland}
  • Hailey Brooke {small stream}
  • Hailey Bryn {hill}
  • Hailey Faye {fairy}
  • Hailey Hale {hollow dweller}
  • Hailey Hart {brave}
  • Hailey Hope {great expectations}
  • Hailey James {supplanter}
  • Hailey Jane {gracious}
  • Hailey Jules {youthful}
  • Hailey Lane {pathway}
  • Hailey Liv {life}
  • Hailey Page {helper}
  • Hailey Quinn {counsel}
  • Hailey Rai {like ray of light}
  • Hailey Rose {for your flower child}

Any faves yet? We’re about to cover even more wonderful choices for Hailey’s middle name!

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Continuing on…

Two syllable middle names for Hailey

This next list is chock full of great options.

Name meanings are {in brackets} …

My personal favorites

  • Hailey Hannah {grace} the alliteration is so cute!
  • Hailey Laila {night} I love the name Laila (or Layla) and the L sounds go great together
  • Hailey Lennox {among elm trees} this name just sounds cool, don’t you think?

More 2-syllable middle names for Hailey

  • Hailey Arden {great forest}
  • Hailey Aspen {tree with heart-shaped leaves}
  • Hailey Dana {gift}
  • Hailey Elyse {abundance}
  • Hailey Harlow {army hill}
  • Hailey Harper {harp player}
  • Hailey Hazel {of the hazelnut tree}
  • Hailey June {sixth month}
  • Hailey Leah {weary}
  • Hailey Leighton {meadow town}
  • Hailey Lila {night}
  • Hailey Marin {beautiful place near SF!}
  • Hailey Meadow {freely growing grassland}
  • Hailey Mia {beloved}
  • Hailey Morgan {of the sea}
  • Hailey Nicole {victory}
  • Hailey Palmer {she who holds the palm}
  • Hailey Peyton {fighting man’s estate}
  • Hailey Piper {flute player}
  • Hailey Reagan {little king}
  • Hailey Rylan {island meadow}
  • Hailey Scarlett {red}
  • Hailey Shiloh {tranquil}
  • Hailey Skyler {scholar}
  • Hailey Teagan {little poet}

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I’m actually kind of obsessed with a lot of these middle name combos! Now let’s see some more…

Three syllable middle names for Hailey

Lots of pretty triple syllable middle names coming at you now!

Name meanings are {in brackets}

My personal favorites

  • Hailey Sofia {wisdom} modern and classic somehow
  • Hailey Fiona {white or fair} like a character in a fairytale
  • Hailey Mackenzie {first born} this sounds spirited and is perfect if this is your first baby!

More triple syllable middle names for the name Hailey

  • Hailey Addison {son/daughter of Adam}
  • Hailey Abigail {my father’s joy}
  • Hailey Alana {cheerful}
  • Hailey Alexa {defending men}
  • Hailey Arielle {lion}
  • Hailey Briella {God is my strength}
  • Hailey Delilah {delicate}
  • Hailey Emerson {Emery’s son… uh, daughter}
  • Hailey Emilia {rival}
  • Hailey Harriet {home}
  • Hailey Juliette {youthful}
  • Hailey Madelyn {woman from Israel}
  • Hailey Madison {son…or daughter of Matthew}

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Hopefully, you’ve already added a few middle names for Hailey to your shortlist! Let’s see if we can get you a few more…

Four syllable middle names for Hailey

Check out this final bunch of long middle names for your baby girl!

As always, name meanings are {in brackets} …

    • Hailey Alexandra {defender}
    • Hailey Alexia {defender}
    • Hailey Elizabeth {oath}
    • Hailey Felicity {happiness}
    • Hailey Juliana {youthful}
    • Hailey Liliana {care free}
    • Hailey Magnolia {flower}
    • Hailey Penelope {weaver}

    Hopefully, you’ve found a bunch of lead contenders for your baby girl’s name!

    middle names for hailey list

    Middle names for Hailey that don’t work

    Don’t let me stop you from choosing the middle name that YOU love; but just in case you want an outsider’s opinion, here’s my take!

    Avoid names that rhyme with Hailey

    I’d personally skip over any 2-syllable middle names that end in the “ee” sound. Hailey Riley, Hailey Lily, Hailey Aubrey, and Hailey Paisley are examples.

    Avoid names that start with the “ee” sound

    There’s just too much eeeee going on with a name like Hailey Eve.

    Avoid names that make undesirable initials

    Hailey Alexia Grey wouldn’t work because her initials would be HAG.

    You may also choose to avoid any funky pairings of the first and middle initial. For example, Hailey Olivia would give her the initials HO.

    Either way, it’s wise to run a few google searches of your baby’s initials and make sure they don’t stand for any questionable slang, medical conditions, organizations, etc.

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    Final thoughts on choosing the best middle name for Hailey

    Finalizing your baby’s name can be one of the trickiest line items on your third trimester checklist, but it’s an exciting one, too!

    As soon as you have a name picked out for your baby girl, you’ll be one step closer to welcoming her and starting an incredible new chapter!

    P.S. If you’re not sold on the name Hailey, consider the similar name, Hadley!

    Share this list of middle names with your partner… or email it to yourself to come back to later!

    72 Middle Names for Hailey You’re Going to Love