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99 Magical Middle Names for Aubrey (plus meanings!)

Jan 12, 2021

99 Magical Middle Names for Aubrey (plus meanings!)

Choosing the perfect middle name for Aubrey…

If you’ve decided to name your baby girl Aubrey, congratulations on picking a magical name…literally!

Aubrey is a fantastical girl’s name that means “leader of the elves”.

So freaking cute!

Did you know: Aubrey is the 45th most popular baby girl’s name in the U.S., according to the most recent data from the Social Security Administration.

Your little supernatural beauty needs a middle name, so let’s take a look at the best middle names for Aubrey!


middle names for aubrey

One syllable middle names for Aubrey

Check out these excellent choices for middle names that go with the “A” name Aubrey…

Name meanings are {in brackets} …

  • Aubrey Belle {beautiful}
  • Aubrey Blaire {field dweller}
  • Aubrey Blake {fair or light}
  • Aubrey Brooke {small stream}
  • Aubrey Cove {sheltered bay}
  • Aubrey Hale {hollow dweller}
  • Aubrey Hart {brave}
  • Aubrey Hayes {brushwood}
  • Aubrey Hope {great expectations}
  • Aubrey Jade {green stone}
  • Aubrey Jane {gracious}
  • Aubrey Jules {youthful}
  • Aubrey Kate {pure}
  • Aubrey Lane {pathway}
  • Aubrey Page {helper}
  • Aubrey Quinn {counsel}
  • Aubrey Rain {abundant blessings}
  • Aubrey Reese {fiery}
  • Aubrey Rose {for your flower child}
  • Aubrey Roux {reddish brown}
  • Aubrey Sage {grayish green herb}
  • Aubrey Sky {limitless}

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If you want my 2 cents… My favorite name middle names for Aubrey on this one syllable list are Belle, Lane, and Rose.

We’ll tackle the 2-syllable list in a second.

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Two syllable middle names for Aubrey

Here’s a list of some incredible double syllable middle names that go with Aubrey!

Name meanings are {in brackets} …

  • Aubrey Bridget {strength}
  • Aubrey Charlotte {free woman}
  • Aubrey Clara {clear and bright}
  • Aubrey Elyse {abundance}
  • Aubrey Hannah {grace}
  • Aubrey Harper {harp player}
  • Aubrey Hazel {of the hazelnut tree}
  • Aubrey Ivy {like the plant}
  • Aubrey Jolene {lord}
  • Aubrey Jolie {pretty}
  • Aubrey Leighton {meadow town}
  • Aubrey Lennox {among elm trees}
  • Aubrey Mable {lovable}
  • Aubrey Marie {star of the sea}
  • Aubrey Marin {beautiful place near SF!}
  • Aubrey Maya {water}
  • Aubrey Meadow {freely growing grassland}
  • Aubrey Mia {beloved}
  • Aubrey Morgan {of the sea}
  • Aubrey Nicole {victory}
  • Aubrey Noelle {Christmas}
  • Aubrey Olive {from a tree}
  • Aubrey Palmer {she who holds the palm}
  • Aubrey Piper {flute player}
  • Aubrey Raquel {innocent}
  • Aubrey Rowan {reddish brown tree}
  • Aubrey Ryder {horsewoman}
  • Aubrey Scarlett {red}
  • Aubrey Skyler {scholar}
  • Aubrey Taylor {seamstress}
  • Aubrey Valli {winding plant}

My favorite 2-syllable middle name for Aubrey is Lennox. It’s quirky and cool. Perfect for a baby girl who may grow up to be a little edgy! I also really like Aubrey Piper and Aubrey Palmer!

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Three syllable middle names for Aubrey

Now for some triple syllable middle names that go with Aubrey!

Name meanings are {in brackets} …

  • Aubrey Abigail {my father’s joy}
  • Aubrey Alexandra {defender}
  • Aubrey Alexis {defender}
  • Aubrey Amelia {work}
  • Aubrey Annabelle {beauty}
  • Aubrey Aria {air or melody}
  • Aubrey Athena {goddess}
  • Aubrey Delilah {delicate}
  • Aubrey Emerson {Emery’s son… uh, daughter}
  • Aubrey Emery {industrious}
  • Aubrey Emilia {excel}
  • Aubrey Everly {brave}
  • Aubrey Fiona {white or fair}
  • Aubrey Indigo {blue or Indian dye}
  • Aubrey Ivory {white}
  • Aubrey Juliette {youthful}
  • Aubrey Kennedy {helmeted chief}
  • Aubrey Lavender {a lovely purple}
  • Aubrey Mackenzie {first born}
  • Aubrey Madelyn {high tower}
  • Aubrey Madison {son…or daughter of Matthew}
  • Aubrey Malia {bitter}
  • Aubrey Natasha {birthday}
  • Aubrey Ophelia {help}
  • Aubrey Remington {raven}
  • Aubrey Savannah {treeless plain}
  • Aubrey Sierra {mountain range}
  • Aubrey Sofia {wisdom}
  • Aubrey Vienna {Austria capitol}

My faves… Aubrey Emerson, Aubrey Delilah, and Aubrey Annabelle! All of these name combinations have a lovely ring to them!

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Four syllable middle names for Aubrey

Last but not least, check out these beautiful long girl names.

Name meanings are {in brackets} …

  • Aubrey Alexandria {defender}
  • Aubrey Alexia {defender}
  • Aubrey Angelina {angel}
  • Aubrey Ariana {holy}
  • Aubrey Ariella {lioness of God}
  • Aubrey Elizabeth {oath}
  • Aubrey Felicity {happiness}
  • Aubrey Gabriella {strong woman}
  • Aubrey Isabella {promise}
  • Aubrey Juliana {youthful}
  • Aubrey Liliana {care free}
  • Aubrey Magnolia {flower}
  • Aubrey Mariela {beloved}
  • Aubrey Natalia {Christmas day}
  • Aubrey Olivia {olive tree}
  • Aubrey Penelope {weaver}
  • Aubrey Victoria {winner}
  • Aubrey Viviana {life}

Hands down, my favorite one here is Aubrey Olivia!

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Middle names for Aubrey that don’t work

You should choose the name combination that YOU love, but I’ll give you my take in case you want an outsider’s opinion!

I’d personally avoid any middle name that sounds too much like the “ee” sound of Aubrey.

For example: Hartley, Ruby, and Sadie.

There’s just too much eeeee going on.

I’d also skip certain names that start with a hard vowel because of how the names flow when you say them out loud. (In French this is called “liaison”).

For example: Emma, Ester, Emily, Embry, and Elle.

The “ee” “eh” sound (AubrEE EHma) is a little throaty, in my humble opinion.

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Final thoughts on choosing the best middle name for Aubrey

Once you’ve got your short list of magical middle names picked out, do a quick Google search of your baby girl’s initials. Make sure they don’t spell any words, organizations, medical conditions, or magic potions (ha!) that you may not like.

P.S. If you’re not totally sold on the baby name Aubrey, check out this phenomenal list of 250 hippie names or this list of middle names for Madelyn! If you want a similar magical name, check out these middle names for Avery.

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99 Magical Middle Names for Aubrey