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The Ultimate List of Pretty Middle Names for Abigail

Mar 6, 2022

The Ultimate List of Pretty Middle Names for Abigail

AHEAD: An enormous list of names that flow perfectly with the first name Abigail.

If you’ve chosen the name Abigail for your daughter, congrats… you’ve picked a timeless name with a sentimental meaning.

Abigail means “father’s joy” or “cause of joy”—which is basically the most adorable and appropriate possible meaning.

Currently ranking #13 in the United States, it’s no surprise that this classic name continues to be popular year after year.

baby girl with bow in hair

Abgail is a super versatile name that pairs well with TONS of other names.

Whether you want something trendy, traditional, long, short, cute, edgy, or timeless, this list of middle names for Abigail has it all!

Let’s go check ’em out…

P.S. Check out my top 12 favorites at the very end!

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Trendy middle names for Abigail

All of these middle names are popular choices for first names, ranking in the top 100 baby names.

Each name’s meaning is below.

Abigail Bella


Abigail Brooklyn

Broken land or beautiful brook. A borough of NYC.

Abigail Charlotte

Free woman. The most populous city in North Carolina.

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Abigail Chloe

Plant sprout.

Abigail Elizabeth


Abigail Emery

Brave or industrious.

Abigail Emilia


Abigail Everly


Abigail Hailey

Hay meadow.

Abigail Hannah


Abigail Harper

Harp player.

Abigail Hazel

Of the Hazelnut tree.

Abigail Ivy

An evergreen climbing plant.

Abigail Jade

Green stone.

Abigail Josephine

Jehovah increases.

Abigail Kinsley

King’s meadow.

Abigail Layla

Night or dark.

Abigail Leah


Abigail Lillian

Lily flower.

Abigail Lily


Abigail Lucy


Abigail Luna

Moon. (Means dweller in Hebrew).

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Abigail Lydia

Beautiful one.

Abigail Madeline

Woman from Israel.

Abigail Madelyn

Woman from Israel.

Abigail Madison

Child of Matthew.

Abigail Maya


Abigail Mia

Mine. (From biblical name Miriam).

Abigail Mila


Abigail Nora


Abigail Nova

New. A star that suddenly and dramatically increases in brightness and then slowly returns to its original state.

Abigail Olivia

Olive tree. (Means lioness in Hebrew).

Abigail Paisley

A cute curved pattern.

Abigail Penelope


Abigail Peyton

Fighter’s estate.

Abigail Piper

Flute player.

Abigail Quinn

Descendant of Conn.

Abigail Riley

Wood clearing.

Abigail Ruby

Strong red gemstone.

Abigail Victoria


Abigail Violet


Abigail Willow

Dramatic trees with long hanging branches.

Abigail Zoey


If you like these trendy middle names for Abigail you might also like this list of modern names.

Vintage middle names for Abigail

These middle names for Abigail are inspired by the magic of another era.

If you prefer more modern names click here to jump ahead to the next batch.

Abigail Bridget


Abigail Celeste


Abigail Celia


Abigail Clara

Clear and bright.

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Abigail Clementine

Mild and merciful; or citrus fruit.

Abigail Colette

People of victory.

Abigail Constance


Abigail Coraline

Diminutive of coral.

Abigail Corinne

Girl or maiden.

Abigail Cosette

Victorious or little thing.

Abigail Daisy


Abigail Daphne

Daphne laureola is an evergreen shrub with narrow leathery leaves.

Abigail Delia

Born on the island of Delos.

Abigail Edith

Prosperous in war.

Abigail Elise


Abigail Elowen

Elm tree.

Abigail Emmeline


Abigail Esme


Abigail Genevieve

Tribal woman.

Abigail Georgia


Abigail Gretchen


Abigail Guinevere

White wave.

Abigail Gwendolyn

White ring.

Abigail Harriet


Abigail Ingrid

Loved or beautiful.

Abigail Katherine


Abigail Lena

Ray of light.

Abigail Louise

Famous warrior.

Abigail Lucille


Abigail Mabel


Abigail Madeleine

Woman from Israel.

Abigail Maisie


Abigail Marceline

Little warrior.

Abigail Marcella


Abigail Margaret


Abigail Margery


Abigail Marie

Drop of the sea; or beloved.

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Abigail Marion

Drop of the sea; or beloved.

Abigail Mercy


Abigail Olive

Fruit of an olive tree.

Abigail Opal

Precious stone.

Abigail Ophelia


Abigail Philippa

Lover of horses. (Pippa is short for Philippa).

Abigail Portia

Pig. (But remember it as a character in a Shakespeare play instead). Also a moon of Uranus.

Abigail Prudence


Abigail Rosalie


Abigail Rosalind

Pretty rose.

Abigail Tabitha

Gazelle or graceful.

Abigail Valerie


Abigail Vera


Abigail Virginia


Abigail Vivienne


Abigail Winifred

Peaceful friend or blessed peacemaker.

If you love old-fashioned names check out this huge list of vintage girl names.

One syllable middle names for Abigail

All of these baby names have just one syllable and compliment the name Abigail nicely!

If you prefer longer names click here to jump ahead.

Abigail Beth

Pledged to God. In Hebrew means house and is the second letter of the alphabet.

Abigail Blair

Field or plain.

Abigail Blake

Bright and shining.

Abigail Brooke

Small stream.

Abigail Brynn


Abigail Claire

Clear or bright.

Abigail Cove

Coastal inlet.

Abigail Dawn


Abigail Dove

A bird symbolizing peace.

Abigail Eve


Abigail Grace


Abigail Hart


Abigail Hope


Abigail Jane

Noble or gracious.

Abigail Jewel

Precious stone.

Abigail June

Sixth month.

Abigail Kate


Abigail Lark

A small songbird.

Abigail Mae

Bitter or pearl.

Abigail Maeve

She who intoxicates.

Abigail May

The 5th month.

Abigail Paige


Abigail Pearl


Abigail Reese


Abigail Ren

Water lily.

Abigail Rose


Abigail Roux


Abigail Rue

Medicinal herb, regret, or street.

Abigail Ruth


If you like these single-syllable middle names for Abigail check out this complete list of one-syllable girls’ names.

4-syllable middle names for Abigail

If you’re looking for a middle name with a melodic ring to it, consider one of these quadruple-syllable options!

Abigail Gabrianna

God is my strength or strong woman.

Abigail Georgiana


Abigail Gillianna


Abigail Giovanna

God is gracious.

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Abigail Giuliana


Abigail Glorianna

Glory to God.

Abigail Henrietta

Estate ruler.

Abigail Isadora

Gift of the goddess Isis.

Abigail Juliana


Abigail Leonora


Abigail Liliana


Abigail Magnolia

A tree with large glossy leaves and huge white blossoms.

Abigail Mariana

Drop of the sea. Beloved.

Abigail Mariella

Drop of the sea. Beloved.

Abigail Marietta

Drop of the sea. Beloved.

Abigail Mirabella


Abigail Octavia


Abigail Philomena

Lover of strength.

Abigail Theodora

Gift of God.

Abigail Veronica

She who brings victory

Abigail Viviana


Abigail Willamina

With gilded helmet. Will. Desire. Protection.

Abigail Wisteria

A plant with cascades of bluish purple flowers.

If you like these lengthy middle names for Abigail check out this complete list of 4-syllable girl names.

3-syllable middle names for Abigail

All of these middle names for Abigail are three-syllables.

Abigail Everleigh


Abigail Juliette


Abigail Kensington

Part of London, England.

Abigail Mackenzie

Daughter of Kenneth.

Abigail Meredith

Great ruler.

Abigail Rebecca

To tie or bind.

Abigail Rhiannon

Divine queen.

If you like these triple-syllable middle names for Abigail check out this complete list of three-syllable girl names.

2-syllable middle names for Abigail

These middle name choices have two syllables.

Abigail Braylin

Invented name.

Abigail Brienne

Noble and revered.

Abigail Brylee

Invented name.

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Abigail Cadence

Rhythm or flow.

Abigail Ember


Abigail Gracelyn


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Abigail Jacqueline


Abigail Jasmine

Gift from God.

Abigail Joelle

Jehovah is God.

Abigail Jolene


Abigail Julia


Abigail Kaitlyn


Abigail Kayleigh

Slim and fair.

Abigail Kenzie

Bright one.

Abigail Kylie

Boomerang or graceful.

Abigail Lauren


Abigail Lilith

Night creature or monster.

Abigail Mazie

Child of light.

Abigail Megan


Abigail Noelle


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Abigail Raelyn

Invented name. (Female sheep + lake).

If you like these double-syllable middle names for Abigail check out this huge list of two-syllable girl names.

Nature-inspired middle names for Abigail

These middle names for Abigail have meanings related to the earth, sky, sea, animals, and seasons.

Abigail Bloom

To flower.

Abigail Briar

A thorny plant (such as roses and blackberries) with prickly stems.

Abigail Brinley

Burnt meadow.

Abigail Elodie

A type of pink lily with double-layered petals.

Abigail Garland

A wreath of flowers and leaves.

Abigail Harlow

Rock hill.

Abigail Hartlyn

Deer lake.

Abigail Heather

Evergreen flowering plant.

Abigail Hollen

Holly tree.

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Abigail Juniper

Young. Also an evergreen shrub with berries.

Abigail Laurel

A small evergreen tree.

Abigail Lavender

A lovely purple flower.

Abigail Lilac

Fragrant purple flower that blooms in spring.

Abigail Maple

Large trees known for their beautiful autumn colors.

Abigail Maren


Abigail Marigold

Golden flower.

Abigail Meadow

Freely growing grassland.

Abigail Morgan

Of the sea.

Abigail Oakley

Meadow of oak trees.

Abigail Oaklynn

Oak lake.

Abigail Palmer

She who holds the palm. A pilgrim who carried palm branches back from the Holy Land.

Abigail Primrose

First rose.

Abigail Rowan

Reddish brown tree known for its scarlet berries and mystical history.

Abigail Tyndall

The Tyndall Effect refers to the light scattering by particles such that blue light is scattered much more strongly than red light.

Abigail Whitley

White meadow.

Abigail Winter

The coldest season.

If you like these earthy and botanical middle names for Abigail check out this complete list of nature names.

Short middle names for Abigail

These middle name ideas are as short as they come! They’re each comprised of only 3 or 4 letters.

If you prefer a longer name, click here to jump ahead to the next section.

Abigail Bria

Hill or noble.

Abigail Cleo

Pride or glory.

Abigail Dana

God is my judge.

Abigail Eden

The garden of Eden. Place of pleasure.

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Abigail Elsa

Pledged to God.

Abigail Enya

Grain or fire.

Abigail Erin


Abigail Gia

Gift of God.

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Abigail Iris

Means rainbow in Greek. Also a flower.

Abigail Lana

Light, gracious, or little rock. In Hawaiian it means ‘calm as still waters’ or ‘afloat’.

Abigail Lara


Abigail Lyla

Night or dark.

Abigail Lyra

Lyre harp.

Abigail Mara

A river.

Abigail Posie

A small flower bouquet.

Abigail Pria

Agreeable or beloved.

Abigail Rhea

To flow. Moon of Saturn. Means friend in Hebrew.

Abigail Terra


Abigail Tia

Goddess or aunt.

Abigail Vela


Abigail Zara

Radiance, blooming flower, or God remembers.

Abigail Zora


If you like these mini middle names that go with Abigail check out this huge list of short girl names.

Middle names for Abigail that end in “y”

Here are some cool and friendly choices ending in the “ee” sound.

Abigail Bailey

Law enforcer.

Abigail Blakely

Dark wood.

Abigail Brinkley

Woodland clearing.

Abigail Ellery

Alder tree. Part of the Birch family, Alder trees grow along rivers and on wetlands.

Abigail Emberly


Abigail Embry

Flat-topped hill.

Abigail Emsley

From the elm wood.

Abigail Ensley

Her own meadow.

Abigail Hadley

Heather clearing.

Abigail Haisley

Hazel woods.

Abigail Halley

Halley’s Comet is regularly visible to the naked eye from Earth and can be seen twice in one person’s lifetime.

Abigail Hartley

Deer meadow.

Abigail Henley

High meadow.

Abigail Hensley

Invented name.

Abigail Holly

Holly bushes are known for their red berries and spiny evergreen leaves.

Abigail Ivory

White color. Substance composing the tusks of elephants, walruses, and narwhals.

Abigail Kensley

King’s meadow.

Abigail Kinley


Abigail Lacey

From Lassy.

Abigail Lainey

Bright or shining light.

Abigail Lindsay

Lake or place of linden trees.

Abigail Mallory


Abigail Marley

Pleasant wood.

Abigail Mckinley

Child of the fair hero. Presidential name.

Abigail Melody


Abigail Miley

Invented name.

Abigail Presley


Abigail Ripley

Clearing in the woods.

Abigail Tenley

Town clearing.

Abigail Tinsley

Tynni’s meadow.

Abigail Truly


Abigail Waverly

Meadow of quivering aspens.

Abigail Wellsley

Meaning unknown.

Abigail Whitney

White island.

Abigail Wimberly

Meaning unknown.

Abigail Woodsley

Invented name meaning wood clearing.

Abigail Wrenley

Invented name.

If you like this batch of middle name ideas check out the full list of girl names ending in y.

Middle names for Abigail that end in “a”

For the perfect elegant girls’ name consider one of these middle names for Abigail that ends in the letter A.

Abigail Brianna

Strong and honorable.

Abigail Briella

God is my strength.

Abigail Cassandra

Shining person.

Abigail Celina


Abigail Dahlia

Flower. Means branch in Hebrew.

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Abigail Dakota

Friend or ally. North and South Dakota are midwestern states.

Abigail Edina

Wealthy friend.

Abigail Gemina


Abigail Gemma

Precious stone.

Abigail Gracella

Blessing or favor.

Abigail Halia

Remembrance of a loved one.

Abigail Halina

Sunray or shining light.

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Abigail Ilana

Tree in Hebrew.

Abigail Indra

Possessing drops of rain.

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Abigail Makayla

Like God.

Abigail Malia


Abigail McKenna

Child of Cionaodh.

Abigail Medina

City of the prophet.

Abigail Milana

Pleasant + gracious.

Abigail Mischa

Honey bee.

Abigail Nadia


Abigail Natasha


Abigail Novella

A short novel.

Abigail Orinda

Pine trees or gold. (True meaning unknown).

Abigail Paloma


Abigail Pandora


Abigail Rayna

Queen. Pure. Clean. Counsel.

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Abigail Talia

Dew from heaven.

Abigail Vanessa

Type of butterfly. animal

Abigail Vienna

Austria capitol.

Abigail Zoella

Life + girl.

If you like these a-ending names, here’s a full list of girl names ending in “A” to check out.

Gender-neutral middle names for Abigail

All of these middle names would work for a boy or a girl. They’re cute with the feminine first name Abigail.

Abigail Beckett


Abigail Brennan


Abigail Camden

Winding valley.

Abigail Colby

From the coal village.

Abigail Dallas

Skilled. A city in North Texas.

Abigail Dalton

Valley settlement.

Abigail Denver

Place in Colorado meaning green valley.

Abigail Devyn

County in South West England.

Abigail Eastyn

From the east town.

Abigail Elliott

The Lord is my God.

Abigail Emersyn

Emery’s daughter.

Abigail Foster

Forester (forest worker).

Abigail Hayden

Heather or hay valley.

Abigail Hayes


Abigail Hutton

Ridge enclosure.

Abigail Huxley

Inhospitable place.

Abigail James


Abigail Jules


Abigail Julian


Abigail Kendall

Valley of the river Kent.

Abigail Kingsley

King’s meadow.

Abigail Korbyn

Raven or little crow.

Abigail Lane


Abigail Leighton

Meadow town.

Abigail Lennon

Lover, blackbird, cloak.

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Abigail Lennox

Elm field.

Abigail Noa

Motion. Or rest.

Abigail Noe


Abigail Nolen

Winner or champion.

Abigail Parker

Park keeper.

Abigail Phoenix

A mythical bird that rises from the ashes and is born again.

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Abigail Quincy

Estate of the fifth child.

Abigail Raegan

Little king.

Abigail Remington

Raven. (bird)

Abigail Ryder


Abigail Rylan

Island meadow or rye land.

Abigail Taylor

Clothing tailor.

Abigail Teagan

Little poet.

Abigail Tristyn

Noise or sadness. (You may want to make up another meaning haha).

Abigail Wesleigh

Western meadow.

Abigail Westyn

Western town.

If you like these gender neutral middle names for Abigail check out this great list of nonbinary names.

Final thoughts on choosing a middle name for the first name Abigail

Hopefully, you’ve found a few middle names that you love on this list, or at least come away with some baby name inspiration.

Here are a few of my personal favorites:

  • Abigail Blakely
  • Abigail Clara
  • Abigail Daisy
  • Abigail Everleigh
  • Abigail Hannah
  • Abigail Jane
  • Abigail Juliette
  • Abigail Lily
  • Abigail Paige
  • Abigail Paisley
  • Abigail Ruby
  • Abigail Violet

Whether you prefer a name that’s trendy, traditional, timeless, long, short, nature-inspired, spiritual, familiar, or rare, all of these girls’ names are beautiful choices.

Congratulations and good luck choosing the perfect middle name for your daughter, Abigail!

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Middle Names for Abigail