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The Ultimate List of Cool Middle Names for Amelia or Emilia

Mar 17, 2022

The Ultimate List of Cool Middle Names for Amelia or Emilia

AHEAD: An enormous list of names that flow perfectly with the first name Amelia.

If you’ve chosen the name Amelia or Emilia for your daughter, congrats… you’ve picked a precious German name that pairs well with tons of great middle names!

Amelia means “work” and connotes fertility and productivity.

Amelia is a super popular name right now, ranking #6 in the United States. Emilia is #40 and Emelia is #449.

baby girl in spring green dress

Below, you’ll find a huge list of all of the best middle name combinations for Amelia, along with each name’s meaning.

As you’ll see, I’ve switched up the use of Amelia with an A and Emilia with an E. I did this for a few reasons:

  • I’m not a huge fan of “AA” or “EE” initials. (Personal preference).
  • I always try to avoid “AS” initials. (Just in case she marries a “Smith”).
  • I also like to avoid “AF” initials. (Because… AF).
  • Sometimes I just liked the look of an A or an E better!

Let’s dive in and check out these middle names for Amelia!

P.S. Check out my top 18 favorites at the very end!

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Trendy middle names for Amelia or Emilia

All of these middle names are popular choices for first names, ranking in the top 100 baby names.

Each name’s meaning is below.

Emilia Abigail

My father’s joy.

Emilia Addison

Daughter of Adam.

Emilia Aubrey

Magical being.

Emilia Brielle

God is my strength.

Amelia Charlotte

Free woman. The most populous city in North Carolina.

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Amelia Chloe

Plant sprout.

Amelia Emery

Brave or industrious.

Amelia Evelyn

Wished for child.

Amelia Everly


Amelia Gabriella

God is my strength or strong woman.

Amelia Hailey

Hay meadow.

Amelia Hannah


Amelia Harper

Harp player.

Amelia Hazel ⭐️

Of the Hazelnut tree.

Amelia Isabella


Amelia Ivy

An evergreen climbing plant.

Amelia Jade ⭐️

Green stone.

Amelia Josephine

Jehovah increases.

Amelia Kinsley

King’s meadow.

Amelia Lillian

Lily flower.

Amelia Lily


Amelia Luna

Moon. (Means dweller in Hebrew).

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Amelia Madison

Child of Matthew.

Amelia Paisley ⭐️

A cute curved pattern.

Emilia Penelope


Emilia Piper

Flute player.

Amelia Quinn

Descendant of Conn.

Emilia Riley

Wood clearing.

Amelia Ruby

Strong red gemstone.

Emilia Scarlett


Emilia Skylar


Emilia Sophie ⭐️


Emilia Violet ⭐️


Amelia Willow

Dramatic trees with long hanging branches.

If you like these trendy middle names for Amelia you might also like this list of modern names.

One syllable middle names for Amelia or Emilia

All of these baby names have just one syllable and compliment the name Amelia nicely!

Emilia Anne


Emilia Beck

Small stream.

Emilia Belle


Amelia Beth

Pledged to God. In Hebrew means house and is the second letter of the alphabet.

Amelia Birch

Tree renowned for its unusual bark that peels like paper.

Amelia Blair ⭐️

Field or plain.

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Amelia Blake ⭐️

Bright and shining.

Amelia Brooke

Small stream.

Amelia Brynn


Amelia Claire ⭐️

Clear or bright.

Amelia Cove

Coastal inlet.

Amelia Dale


Amelia Dawn


Amelia Dove

A bird symbolizing peace.

Emilia Faith


Emilia Faye


Amelia Grace


Amelia Hale

Hollow dweller.

Amelia Hart


Amelia Hope


Amelia Jane

Noble or gracious.

Amelia Jazz


Amelia Jewel

Precious stone.

Amelia Joy


Amelia June

Sixth month.

Amelia Kate


Amelia Lark

A small songbird.

Amelia Paige ⭐️


Amelia Pearl


Amelia Reese ⭐️


Amelia Rose


Amelia Ruth


Emilia Sage ⭐️

Grayish green herb.

Emilia Sloane


Amelia Vale


Amelia Wren

Small bird.

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Gender-neutral middle names for Amelia or Emilia

All of these middle names would work for a boy or a girl. They’re cute with the feminine first name Amelia.

Amelia Beckett


Amelia Brennan


Amelia Camden

Winding valley.

Amelia Camryn

Crooked nose.

Amelia Emersyn

Emery’s daughter.

Amelia Hayes


Amelia James


Amelia Jules


Amelia Kingsley

King’s meadow.

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Amelia Lane


Amelia Leighton

Meadow town.

Amelia Lennon

Lover, blackbird, cloak.

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Amelia Lennox

Elm field.

Amelia Parker

Park keeper.

Amelia Phoenix

A mythical bird that rises from the ashes and is born again.

Amelia Raegan

Little king.

Amelia Rylan

Island meadow or rye land.

Emilia Shiloh

Tranquil. Peaceful.

Amelia Taylor

Clothing tailor.

Amelia Teagan

Little poet.

If you like these gender neutral middle names for Amelia check out this great list of nonbinary names.

3-syllable middle names for Amelia

All of these middle names are three-syllables.

Amelia Everleigh


Amelia Gabrielle

God is my strength or strong woman.

Amelia Isabelle


Amelia Julianne


Amelia Juliette


Amelia Mackenzie

Daughter of Kenneth.

Amelia Meredith

Great ruler.

Amelia Rebecca

To tie or bind.

Amelia Rhiannon

Divine queen.

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2-syllable middle names for Amelia

These middle name choices have two syllables.

Amelia Braylee

Invented name.

Emilia Brienne

Noble and revered.

Amelia Celine


Amelia Cheyenne

Supplanter or incoherent speaker.

Amelia Ember


Emilia Fairleigh

Fern clearing.

Amelia Gracelyn


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Amelia Jacqueline


Amelia Joelle

Jehovah is God.

Amelia Lauren


Amelia Lilith

Night creature or monster.

Amelia Lyric

Words set to music.

Amelia Macie


Amelia Mazie

Child of light.

Amelia Megan


Amelia Michelle

Like God.

Amelia Nicole

People of victory.

Amelia Noelle


Amelia Raquel


Emilia Selene

Moon goddess.

If you like these double-syllable middle names for Amelia check out this huge list of two-syllable girl names.

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Nature-inspired middle names for Amelia

These middle names for Amelia have meanings related to the earth, sky, sea, animals, and seasons.

Emilia Arden

Great forest.

Amelia Briar

A thorny plant (such as roses and blackberries) with prickly stems.

Amelia Brinley

Burnt meadow.

Amelia Harlow

Rock hill.

Amelia Hartlyn

Deer lake.

Amelia Heather

Evergreen flowering plant.

Emilia Hollen

Holly tree.

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Emilia Juniper

Young. Also an evergreen shrub with berries.

Amelia Maple

Large trees known for their beautiful autumn colors.

Amelia Meadow

Freely growing grassland.

Amelia Palmer

She who holds the palm. A pilgrim who carried palm branches back from the Holy Land.

Amelia Primrose

First rose.

Amelia Raven


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Amelia Rowan

Reddish brown tree known for its scarlet berries and mystical history.

If you like these earthy and botanical middle names for Amelia check out this complete list of nature names.

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Middle names for Amelia that end in “y”

Here are some cool and friendly choices ending in the “ee” sound.

Amelia Bailey

Law enforcer.

Amelia Blakely

Dark wood.

Amelia Brinkley

Woodland clearing.

Amelia Ellery

Alder tree. Part of the Birch family, Alder trees grow along rivers and on wetlands.

Amelia Embry

Flat-topped hill.

Amelia Hadley

Heather clearing.

Amelia Hartley

Deer meadow.

Amelia Hensley

Invented name.

Amelia Lacey ⭐️

From Lassy.

Amelia Lindsay

Lake or place of linden trees.

Amelia Mallory


Amelia Presley


Amelia Truly


Amelia Waverly

Meadow of quivering aspens.

Amelia Whitney

White island.

Amelia Wrenley

Invented name.

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Vintage middle names for Amelia

Last but not least, these middle names for Amelia are inspired by the magic of another era.

Amelia Bridget


Amelia Celeste


Amelia Clara

Clear and bright.

Amelia Clementine

Mild and merciful; or citrus fruit.

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Amelia Colette

People of victory.

Amelia Constance


Amelia Coraline

Diminutive of coral.

Amelia Corinne

Girl or maiden.

Amelia Daphne

Daphne laureola is an evergreen shrub with narrow leathery leaves.

Emilia Frances

From France; or free person.

Emilia Genevieve

Tribal woman.

Amelia Georgia


Emilia Gretchen


Amelia Harriet


Amelia Katherine


Amelia Louise

Famous warrior.

Amelia Lucille


Amelia Maisie


Amelia Margaret


Amelia Marie

Drop of the sea; or beloved.

Amelia Prudence


Amelia Rosalind

Pretty rose.

Amelia Roselle

Rose (flower) + elle (girl).

Amelia Valerie


Amelia Vivian


Amelia Winifred

Peaceful friend or blessed peacemaker.

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Final thoughts on choosing a middle name for the first name Amelia

Hopefully, you’ve found a few middle names that you love on this list, or at least come away with some baby name inspiration.

Here are my personal favorites:

  • Amelia Blair
  • Amelia Blake
  • Amelia Claire
  • Amelia Harlow
  • Amelia Hazel
  • Amelia Jade
  • Amelia Juliette
  • Amelia Lacey
  • Amelia Paige
  • Amelia Paisley
  • Amelia Palmer
  • Amelia Reese
  • Emilia Arden
  • Emilia Fairleigh
  • Emilia Selene
  • Emilia Sage
  • Emilia Sophie
  • Emilia Violet

Whether you prefer a name that’s trendy, traditional, timeless, long or short, all of these girls’ names are beautiful choices.

Congratulations and good luck choosing the perfect middle name for your daughter, Amelia or Emilia!

Middle Names for Amelia + Middle Names for Emilia