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99 Gorgeous Three Syllable Girl Names

Oct 20, 2021

99 Gorgeous Three Syllable Girl Names

AHEAD: The ultimate list of triple-syllable girls’ names and their meanings.

Are you expecting a little girl and trying to find a gorgeous 3-syllable name for her?

You’re in the right place!

Below, you’ll find a huge list of amazing three syllable girl names ranging from trendy to timeless.

In {brackets} you’ll find the meanings of each name, and if you notice a number (#) next to it, that’s the current popularity in the United States.

three syllable names girls

P.S. If you’re a fan of long girl names (7-10 letters), be sure to check out that list next!

Let’s dive in…

three syllable girl names

Cool three syllable girl names

All of these 3-syllable names are cool right now, with most of them ranking in the top 300. This is arguably the ideal sweet spot for baby names that are familiar but not too common.

Alana {cheerful}

Amara {grace}

Arya {air or melody}

Athena {goddess}

Briella {God is my strength}

Eliza {pledged to God}

Fiona {fair}

Juliette or Juliet {youthful}

Makayla {like God}

Malia {bitter}

Melody {song}

Milana {pleasant + gracious}

Milani {from Milan}

Sienna {orange-red}

Trinity {triad}

Vienna {Austria capitol}

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Nature-inspired three syllable girl names

All of these organic three syllable girl names are inspired by plants, the earth, and the sky. (For more names like this, check out this list of hippie names!)

Ellery {alder tree}

Emerald {green stone}

Ivory {white}

Lavender {a lovely purple}

Marigold {golden flower}

Sierra {mountain range}

Zinnia {flower}

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Long three syllable girl names

All of the long girl names on this list are as lengthy as they come. They’re 7, 8, 9, and 10 letters long.

Addilyn {nobility}

Alexandra {defender}

Aubrielle {invented name}

Brianna {strong and honorable}

Carrington {a place in the UK}

Cassandra {shining one}

Cordelia {daughter of the sea}

Emerson {Emery’s daughter}

Francesca {free person}

Genevieve {tribal woman}

Kensington {part of London}

Mackenzie {Kenneth’s daughter}

Remington {raven}

Rhiannon {divine queen}

Vivienne {life}

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Unique three syllable girl names

All of these three syllable girl names are edgy, uncommon, and unexpected—yet still cool!

Amelie {work}

Andrina {strong + manly}

Delia {born on Delos}

Indigo {blue or Indian dye}

Merida {one who has achieved honor}

Pandora {gifted}

Reverie {daydream}

Tazara {elegance + grace}

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Timeless three syllable girl names

All of these three syllable girl names are neither trendy or old-fashioned. They’ve been around for a while but still make great choices for a modern little girl.

Alexis {defender}

Alyssa {noble}

Angela {angel}

Arielle {lion}

Aurelia {golden one}

Carissa {grace}

Harriet {home}

Jennifer {white wave}

Mallory {unfortunate}

Matilda {strength in battle}

Melissa {honey bee}

Miranda {worthy of admiration}

Natasha {birthday}

Tabitha {gazelle or graceful}

Virginia {pure}

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Vintage three syllable girl names

Last but not least, here are some beautiful old-fashioned three syllable girl names. (If you like this style, feel free to check out these Victorian girl names too).

Adelaide {noble}

Antoinette {priceless one}

Augusta {magnificent}

Celia {heavenly}

Clementine {mild and merciful}

Coraline {diminutive of coral}

Emmeline {work}

Lillian {lily}

Margaret {pearl}

Marjorie {pearl}

Marion {beloved}

Ophelia {help}

Rosalind {pretty rose}

Susanna {lily}

Valerie {strength}

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Final thoughts on choosing a triple syllable girl’s name

Hopefully you’ve found a few lead contenders on this mega list of three syllable girl names, or at least come away with some baby name inspiration.

Whether you prefer trendy, nature-inspired, long, unique, timeless, or vintage, all of these 3-syllable names have a melodic ring that’s sure to earn your daughter compliments. Not to mention, most of these have fantastic nickname potential!

Congratulations and good luck choosing the perfect name for your daughter!

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99 Gorgeous Three Syllable Girl Names