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100 Cool Names Similar to Luna

Jan 12, 2022

100 Cool Names Similar to Luna

AHEAD: The ultimate list of girls’ names like Luna.

I know, I know, I love the name Luna too.

It’s short, cute, and it means moon!

Buttttt… it’s also become incredibly popular. (It’s currently ranked #14).

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been hearing the name Luna a lot lately… and not just for little girls.

I definitely meet a dog named Luna almost every time I go to the dog park.

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baby girl crawling on moon

If you’re looking for a lovely alternative to Luna, you’re in the right place.

Below, I’ve compiled a variety of girls’ names that are similar to Luna, in one way or another.

I’ve also included each name’s meaning and current popularity to help you make an informed decision.

Feel free to use the Table of Contents to jump to a specific category, or keep on scrolling and view all of these beautiful names like Luna.

names like luna

Short “L” names like Luna

When looking for a name like Luna, the most natural place to start is with names that are short and start with the letter L!

Lace or Lacey

  • Name meaning: Fine fabric knit in a pattern. From Lassy.
  • Popularity: Lace isn’t ranking. Lacey ranks #717.

Lake or Layke


  • Name meaning: Light, gracious, or little rock.
  • Popularity: #390

Lane or Layne

  • Name meaning: Pathway.
  • Popularity: Layne ranks #920 for girls. For boys, Lane ranks #256 and Layne is #668.


  • Name meaning: Heaven.
  • Popularity: This two-syllable Luna-like name isn’t ranking.


  • Name meaning: Fortress.
  • Popularity: #706


  • Name meaning: A small songbird.
  • Popularity: This cool bird name isn’t in the top 1000.

Layla or Leila or Laila

  • Name meaning: Night or dark.
  • Popularity: Layla ranks #24, Leila is #205, and Laila is #225.


  • Name meaning: Weary.
  • Popularity: #45


  • Name meaning: Weary.
  • Popularity: #295


  • Name meaning: Delicate.
  • Popularity: This nonbinary name is not currently ranking.


  • Name meaning: Ray of light.
  • Popularity: #270


  • Name meaning: Diminutive of Letitia, meaning joy.
  • Popularity: This badass girls’ name isn’t currently ranking.


  • Name meaning: Defender.
  • Popularity: #366


  • Name meaning: Bringer of good news.
  • Popularity: #289


  • Name meaning: Fragrant purple flower that blooms in spring.
  • Popularity: This unique girls’ name isn’t ranking.


  • Name meaning: Life.
  • Popularity: #667


  • Name meaning: Sorrows.
  • Popularity: #240


  • Name meaning: Light.
  • Popularity: #163

Lucy or Lucie

  • Name meaning: Light.
  • Popularity: Lucy ranks #49 and Lucie isn’t ranking.



Lyla or Lila

  • Name meaning: Night or dark.
  • Popularity: Lyla ranks #118 and Lila is #226.


  • Name meaning: A wild cat with a short tail and tufted ears. A constellation of a wild cat.
  • Popularity: This cool space name is not ranking.


  • Name meaning: Lyre harp.
  • Popularity: #552


  • Name meaning: Words set to music.
  • Popularity: #412

If you like these short names resembling Luna, check out this complete list of L names for girls.

Short sky-related names

baby girl pretend outer space moon scene

These short Luna-like names are inspired by the sky, sun, the weather, birds, and butterflies.


  • Name meaning: Air or melody.
  • Popularity: Aria ranks #26. Arya is #112, Ariyah is #379, Ariah is #401, Ariya is #579, and Aarya is #989.


  • Name meaning: A bird symbolizing peace.
  • Popularity: This peaceful D name isn’t in the top 1000.


  • Name meaning: Means rainbow in Greek. Also a flower.
  • Popularity: #127


  • Name meaning: Sunlight.
  • Popularity: #684


  • Name meaning: Snow.
  • Popularity: This cool N name isn’t ranking.


Nova or Novah

  • Name meaning: New. A star that suddenly and dramatically increases in brightness and then slowly returns to its original state.
  • Popularity: Nova ranks #38 and Novah ranks #569.


  • Name meaning: Rain.
  • Popularity: This great R name isn’t ranking.

Skye or Sky

  • Name meaning: The atmosphere above.
  • Popularity: Skye ranks #467 and Sky ranks #801.


  • Name meaning: Star or fire goddess.
  • Popularity: This unusual T name isn’t ranking.


  • Name meaning: Small bird.
  • Popularity: #361


  • Name meaning: Small butterfly. Lady of the water.
  • Popularity: #651


  • Name meaning: Dawn.
  • Popularity: #877


  • Name meaning: Golden dawn.
  • Popularity: This Z name isn’t ranking.

Zyra or Zyrah

  • Name meaning: Dawn or messenger.
  • Popularity: This unique girls’ name isn’t ranking.

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Names inspired by the moon

little girl looking out window at moon night sky

If your love for the name Luna comes from its celestial meaning, all of these moon-related girls’ names are worth considering.

Ayla or Aila

  • Name meaning: Circle of light around the moon. Oak tree. Blessed. Beautiful.
  • Popularity: Ayla ranks #131 and Aila is #906.


  • Name meaning: Moon halo. The one that belongs to the moon.
  • Popularity: #387


  • Name meaning: Moon goddess.
  • Popularity: #867


  • Name meaning: The 8th largest moon of Jupiter.
  • Popularity: This E name is not ranking.


  • Name meaning: Moon or white.
  • Popularity: This girls’ name isn’t ranking.


  • Name meaning: Enchanting moon.
  • Popularity: This celestial three-syllable name isn’t ranking.

Selena or Selene

  • Name meaning: Moon goddess.
  • Popularity: Selena ranks #241 and Selene is #800.

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Short nature names

mom holding up baby astronaut

Just like the 4-letter name Luna, all of these nature girl names are mini!


  • Name meaning: Small stream.
  • Popularity: This interesting B name is not in the top 1000.


  • Name meaning: Coastal inlet.
  • Popularity: This unique C name isn’t currently popular.


  • Name meaning: The garden of Eden. Place of pleasure.
  • Popularity: #130


  • Name meaning: Grain or fire.
  • Popularity: This unique girls’ name isn’t ranking.


  • Name meaning: Earth. In Greek mythology, Gaia is the mother of life.
  • Popularity: This cool G name is not in the top 1000.


  • Name meaning: Fig tree.
  • Popularity: This short I name is not currently ranking.


  • Name meaning: Island.
  • Popularity: #44

Jada or Jayda

  • Name meaning: Jade stone or ‘he knows’.
  • Popularity: Jada ranks #546 and Jayda is #631.


  • Name meaning: Green stone.
  • Popularity: #97


  • Name meaning: Sixth month.
  • Popularity: #182


  • Name meaning: The sea.
  • Popularity: #302


  • Name meaning: From the tree hollow.
  • Popularity: #780


  • Name meaning: Narrow land.
  • Popularity: #490


  • Name meaning: Flower.
  • Popularity: #35

Maci or Macie or Macy

  • Name meaning: Hill.
  • Popularity: Maci ranks #455, Macie ranks #532, and Macie ranks #618.


  • Name meaning: A river.
  • Popularity: #627

May or Mae

  • Name meaning: Bitter or pearl. The 5th month.
  • Popularity: May is not currently popular but Mae ranks #576.


  • Name meaning: Many possible meanings from all different cultures: With gilded helmet, blue stone, south, love, bitter, joyful, and more!
  • Popularity: #662

Nori or Norie

  • Name meaning: Seaweed.
  • Popularity: This girls’ name isn’t ranking.


  • Name meaning: A layered black stone.
  • Popularity: This totally badass O name ranks #613 for boys but isn’t ranking for girls.


  • Name meaning: Precious stone.
  • Popularity: #659


  • Name meaning: Mountain dweller.
  • Popularity: This short P name isn’t ranking.

Posy or Posie

  • Name meaning: A small flower bouquet.
  • Popularity: This cute name isn’t ranking.

Rey or Rae

  • Name meaning: Female sheep.
  • Popularity: Neither spelling of this 3-letter girls’ name is ranking in the top 1000.


  • Name meaning: Dew of the sea.
  • Popularity: This name isn’t ranking.

Rose or Rosie

  • Name meaning: Flower.
  • Popularity: Rose ranks #113 and Rosie is #470.


  • Name meaning: Strong red gemstone.
  • Popularity: #74

Sage or Saige

  • Name meaning: Grayish green herb.
  • Popularity: Sage ranks #223 and Saige is #595.

Shay or Shea

  • Name meaning: A small tropical African tree. Its nuts give us shea butter!
  • Popularity: Shay ranks #928 and Shea hasn’t ranked since 2008.


  • Name meaning: Princess or red rose.
  • Popularity: This rare S name is not ranking.


  • Name meaning: Coastline.
  • Popularity: This badass V name isn’t ranking.


  • Name meaning: A type of desert-dwelling goat. To ascend.
  • Popularity: This Y name isn’t ranking for girls. It last ranked for boys in 2019.

Zara or Zahra

  • Name meaning: Radiance, blooming flower, or God remembers.
  • Popularity: Zara ranks #215 and Zahra is #589.


  • Name meaning: Earth or ball of earth.
  • Popularity: #935

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Cool “L” names

baby girl lying on bed with moon

If you haven’t found any favorites on this list of names similar to Luna, here are some additional modern names starting with the letter L to check out.


  • Name meaning: Territory.
  • Popularity: This southern name isn’t ranking for girls and ranks #589 for boys.


  • Name meaning: A lovely purple flower.
  • Popularity: This long girls’ name isn’t ranking.


  • Name meaning: Heavenly flower.
  • Popularity: #92


  • Name meaning: Lover, blackbird, cloak.
  • Popularity: This great hippie name ranks #299 for girls and #688 for boys.


  • Name meaning: Elm field.
  • Popularity: This edgy name ranks #587 for girls and #291 for boys.


  • Name meaning: Carefree.
  • Popularity: #110

Londyn or London

  • Name meaning: From the great river.
  • Popularity: Londyn ranks #162 and London is #195.

Have you found a favorite name like Luna on this list?

I’ll give you my shortlist in just a second!

Final thoughts on names like Luna

If you’re searching for names similar to Luna, this list has provided you with a treasure trove of options.

From celestial-inspired names to mystical and enchanting choices, there is no shortage of cool and captivating names that capture the essence and beauty associated with Luna.

Here is a shortlist of the ones I’d go for:

  • Lana
  • Lila
  • Lyla
  • Nori
  • Nova
  • Ruby
  • Zora

Congratulations and good luck choosing the perfect Luna-like name for your little girl!


list of names like luna

100 Cool Names Similar to Luna