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The Ultimate List of Pretty Middle Names for Charlotte

Mar 28, 2022

The Ultimate List of Pretty Middle Names for Charlotte

AHEAD: An enormous list of names that flow perfectly with the first name Charlotte.

If you’ve chosen the name Charlotte for your daughter, congrats… you’ve picked a precious name with elegant charm.

Charlotte comes from the French name Charles and means “free person”. It’s also the most populous city in North Carolina.

This pretty name is extremely popular right now, coming in at #4 in the United States.

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baby girl in gray outfit

There are SO many beautiful middle names that pair well with the first name Charlotte.

Whether you want something trendy, classic, long, or short, this list of middle names for Charlotte has it all!

P.S. Don’t miss my shortlist of favorites at the very end!

Let’s go check ’em out…

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One syllable middle names for Charlotte

All of these baby names have just one syllable and compliment the name Charlotte nicely!

Charlotte Anne


Charlotte Beck

Small stream.

Charlotte Belle ⭐️


Charlotte Beth

Pledged to God. In Hebrew means house and is the second letter of the alphabet.

Charlotte Birch

Tree renowned for its unusual bark that peels like paper.

Charlotte Blair ⭐️

Field or plain.

Charlotte Blake

Bright and shining.

Charlotte Brooke

Small stream.

Charlotte Brynn


Charlotte Claire

Clear or bright.

Charlotte Eve


Charlotte Faith


Charlotte Faye


Charlotte Grace


Charlotte Hope


Charlotte Jane

Noble or gracious.

Charlotte June

Sixth month.

Charlotte Kate


Charlotte Lace

Fine fabric knit in a pattern.

Charlotte Mae

Bitter or pearl.

Charlotte Maeve

She who intoxicates.

Charlotte Paige


Charlotte Pearl


Charlotte Reese


Charlotte Rose ⭐️


Charlotte Roux


Charlotte Rue

Medicinal herb, regret, or street.

Charlotte Ruth


Charlotte Sage

Grayish green herb.

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Middle names for Charlotte that end in “y”

Here are some cool and friendly choices ending in the “ee” sound.

Charlotte Ainsley

Solitary meadow.

Charlotte Bailey

Law enforcer.

Charlotte Blakely ⭐️

Dark wood.

Charlotte Brinkley

Woodland clearing.

Charlotte Ellery

Alder tree. Part of the Birch family, Alder trees grow along rivers and on wetlands.

Charlotte Emsley

From the elm wood.

Charlotte Lacey ⭐️

From Lassy.

Charlotte Poppy

Red flower.

Charlotte Presley


Charlotte Tinsley

Tynni’s meadow.

Charlotte Truly


Charlotte Waverly

Meadow of quivering aspens.

Charlotte Whitney

White island.

Charlotte Wrenley

Invented name.

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Trendy middle names for Charlotte

All of these middle names are popular choices for first names, ranking in the top 100 baby names.

Each name’s meaning is below.

Charlotte Abigail ⭐️

My father’s joy.

Charlotte Addison

Daughter of Adam.

Charlotte Adeline


Charlotte Ava

Life. Bird. Island. Water.

Charlotte Avery

Elf king.

Charlotte Bella


Charlotte Brielle

God is my strength.

Charlotte Delilah


Charlotte Elena

Shining light.

Charlotte Elizabeth


Charlotte Ella

Fairy maiden.

Charlotte Emery

Brave or industrious.

Charlotte Emilia


Charlotte Emma


Charlotte Everly ⭐️


Charlotte Gabriella

God is my strength or strong woman.

Charlotte Hailey

Hay meadow.

Charlotte Hannah ⭐️


Charlotte Hazel

Of the Hazelnut tree.

Charlotte Isabella


Charlotte Ivy

An evergreen climbing plant.

Charlotte Jade

Green stone.

Charlotte Josephine

Jehovah increases.

Charlotte Kennedy

Helmeted chief.

Charlotte Kinsley

King’s meadow.

Charlotte Layla

Night or dark.

Charlotte Leah


Charlotte Lillian

Lily flower.

Charlotte Lily


Charlotte Lucy


Charlotte Madeline

Woman from Israel.

Charlotte Madelyn

Woman from Israel.

Charlotte Madison

Child of Matthew.

Charlotte Maya


Charlotte Mia

Mine. (From biblical name Miriam).

Charlotte Mila


Charlotte Natalia

Christmas day.

Charlotte Olivia

Olive tree. (Means lioness in Hebrew).

Charlotte Paisley

A cute curved pattern.

Charlotte Quinn

Descendant of Conn.

Charlotte Ruby

Strong red gemstone.

Charlotte Sophie


Charlotte Victoria


Charlotte Violet


Charlotte Willow

Dramatic trees with long hanging branches.

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2-syllable middle names for Charlotte

These middle name choices have two syllables.

Charlotte Auburn


Charlotte Braylee

Invented name.

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Charlotte Braylin

Invented name.

Charlotte Ember


Charlotte Fairleigh

Fern clearing.

Charlotte Faithlyn

Invented name.

Charlotte Frida


Charlotte Gracelyn


Charlotte Lauren


Charlotte Lilith

Night creature or monster.

Charlotte Macie


Charlotte Noelle


Charlotte Sutton

Southern settlement.

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3-syllable middle names for Charlotte

All of these middle names for Charlotte are three-syllables.

Charlotte Adalyn


Charlotte Amelie


Charlotte Desiree


Charlotte Everleigh


Charlotte Isabelle


Charlotte Julianne


Charlotte Mackenzie

Daughter of Kenneth.

Charlotte Meredith

Great ruler.

Charlotte Mirabel

Wonderful beauty.

Charlotte Rebecca

To tie or bind.

Charlotte Rhiannon

Divine queen.

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4-syllable middle names for Charlotte

If you’re looking for a middle name with a melodic ring to it, consider one of these quadruple-syllable options!

Charlotte Alexandra


Charlotte Annabella

Graceful + beautiful.

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Charlotte Ariella


Charlotte Aubriella

Invented name.

Charlotte Avianna


Charlotte Fiorella

Little flower.

Charlotte Georgiana


Charlotte Henrietta

Estate ruler.

Charlotte Isadora

Gift of the goddess Isis.

Charlotte Leonora


Charlotte Liliana


Charlotte Magnolia

A tree with large glossy leaves and huge white blossoms.

Charlotte Mariella

Drop of the sea. Beloved.

Charlotte Mirabella


Charlotte Serafina


Charlotte Willamina

With gilded helmet. Will. Desire. Protection.

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Nature-inspired middle names for Charlotte

These middle names for Charlotte have meanings related to the earth, sky, sea, animals, and seasons.

Charlotte Amber

Fossil resin.

Charlotte April

The fourth month.

Charlotte Brinley

Burnt meadow.

Charlotte Elodie

A type of pink lily with double-layered petals.

Charlotte Heather

Evergreen flowering plant.

Charlotte Juniper

Young. Also an evergreen shrub with berries.

Charlotte Laurel

A small evergreen tree.

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Charlotte Lavender

A lovely purple flower.

Charlotte Lilac

A fragrant purple flower that blooms in spring.

Charlotte Maple

Large trees known for their beautiful autumn colors.

Charlotte Maren


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Charlotte Maribelle

Mari + Belle. Drop of the sea. Beloved. + Beautiful.

Charlotte Marielle

Drop of the sea. Beloved.

Charlotte Meadow

Freely growing grassland.

Charlotte Oakley

Meadow of oak trees.

Charlotte Palmer

She who holds the palm. A pilgrim who carried palm branches back from the Holy Land.

Charlotte Summer


Charlotte Whitley

White meadow.

If you like these earthy and botanical middle names for Charlotte check out this complete list of nature names.

Final thoughts on choosing a middle name for the first name Charlotte

Hopefully, you’ve found a few middle names that you love on this list, or at least come away with some baby name inspiration.

Here are a few of my personal favorites:

  • Charlotte Abigail
  • Charlotte Belle
  • Charlotte Blair
  • Charlotte Blakely
  • Charlotte Everly
  • Charlotte Hannah
  • Charlotte Lacey
  • Charlotte Rose

Whether you prefer a name that’s trendy, traditional, timeless, long, or short, all of these girls’ names are beautiful choices.

Congratulations and good luck choosing the perfect middle name for your daughter, Charlotte!

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Middle Names for Charlotte