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50 Perfect 3-Letter Girl Names

Jan 13, 2022

50 Perfect 3-Letter Girl Names

AHEAD: The ultimate list of girls’ names with only 3 letters.

If you’re looking for super short girls’ names, you’re in the right place!

Below, I’ve rounded up every single 3-letter name that’s even the slightest bit modern and cool.

I’ve also included each name’s meaning and current popularity—which will hopefully help you narrow down your list of favorites.

As a bonus, lots of pretty middle name combinations are in the graphics throughout.

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baby girl waving pink shirt beige background

Let’s go check them out!

Feel free to use the Table of Contents to jump to a specific category, or keep on scrolling and view all of these adorable 3-letter girl names.

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3 letter girl names

Nature 3-letter girl names

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These three-letter names for girls are inspired by the earth, the sea, and the sky.


  • Name meaning: A constellation meaning ‘altar’, where in ancient Greek mythology, the gods made offerings.
  • Popularity: This space name isn’t ranking.


  • Name meaning: Color. Bird.
  • Popularity: #788


  • Name meaning: A tall, fast-growing deciduous tree with an impressive shape.
  • Popularity: This unique E name isn’t ranking in the top 1000.


  • Name meaning: Island.
  • Popularity: Isla ranks #44, Ila ranks #865, and Iyla ranks #910.

Jem or Gem

  • Name meaning: Precious stone.
  • Popularity: Neither spelling of this badass name is ranking.

list nature 3 letter girl names

May or Mae

  • Name meaning: Bitter or pearl. The 5th month.
  • Popularity: May is not currently popular but Mae ranks #576.


  • Name meaning: Water.
  • Popularity: Maya ranks #61, Mya ranks #242, and Maia ranks #498.


  • Name meaning: Large trees with long lifespans.
  • Popularity: This tree name would make a great middle name and is not currently ranking.


  • Name meaning: Water lily.
  • Popularity: Ren isn’t ranking. Wren ranks #361.

Rey or Rae




  • Name meaning: The atmosphere above.
  • Popularity: Skye ranks #467 and Sky ranks #801.

nature 3 letter girl names

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3-letter gender-neutral names

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All of these three-letter names would work for a boy or a girl.


  • Name meaning: Hawaiian for “sea”.
  • Popularity: This cool K name ranks #794 for girls and #93 boys.


  • Name meaning: Hawaiian for “warrior”.
  • Popularity: This two-syllable name isn’t ranking for girls but ranks #587 for boys.

Noa or Noah

  • Name meaning: Motion. Or rest.
  • Popularity: Noa ranks #466. Noah is surprisingly ranking #876 for girls. (Noah ranks #2 for boys.)


  • Name meaning: Peaceful.
  • Popularity: This N name is not ranking for girls but ranks #677 for boys.


  • Name meaning: Accurate or authentic.
  • Popularity: This T name is not ranking for girls. Surprisingly, it’s ranking #810 for boys!

list 3 letter gender neutral names

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Uncommon 3-letter girl names

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All of these 3-letter girl names are relatively rare. You definitely don’t hear them every day!


  • Name meaning: To tie or bind.
  • Popularity: This unique B name isn’t ranking.


  • Name meaning: God is abundance. The Muslim name for Jesus.
  • Popularity: This short I name isn’t in the top 1000.


  • Name meaning: Devout.
  • Popularity: This 3-letter name isn’t ranking.


  • Name meaning: Reddish brown.
  • Popularity: This unusual R name isn’t ranking.


  • Name meaning: Unknown meaning. Possibly means victory, six, light, glow, bringer of joy.
  • Popularity: This rare S name is not ranking.


  • Name meaning: Goddess or aunt.
  • Popularity: This short girls’ name hasn’t been ranked since 2012.


  • Name meaning: Light or aunt.
  • Popularity: This Z name isn’t ranking.

list rare 3 letter girl names

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Happy 3-letter girl names

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All of these girl names with 3 letters have cheerful meanings.


  • Name meaning: Beloved.
  • Popularity: #216


  • Name meaning: Grace.
  • Popularity: #245


  • Name meaning: Life.
  • Popularity: Eve ranks #471 and Evie ranks #319.


  • Name meaning: God’s gift.
  • Popularity: #328


  • Name meaning: Happiness.
  • Popularity: #396


  • Name meaning: Bringer of good news.
  • Popularity: #289


  • Name meaning: Bright. Purpose.
  • Popularity: #494

list happy 3 letter girl names

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3-letter nicknames for girls

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All of these 3-letter girl names are short versions of longer names.

That said, they make adorable ‘official’ first names too! (Many of them even make the top 1000 in their 3-letter forms!)


  • Short for: Aliana, Alianna, Alice, Alicia, Alina, Aleena, Alivia, Allison, Alison, Allyson, Alisson, Alma, Alondra, Alora, Althea, Alyssa
  • Popularity: Ali hasn’t ranked for girls since 2013.


  • Short for: Anika, Annika, Aniyah, Aniya, Halani, Imania, Leilani, Nalani, Nilani, Nolani, Noelani, Nylani, Shivani, Tahani, Talani, Yalani, Yalanni, Yolani, Yamani
  • Popularity: This 3-letter A name isn’t ranking.


  • Short for: Annabella, Annabelle, Annette, Antonella, Deanna, Lyanna
  • Popularity: Ann hasn’t ranked since 2019.


  • Short for: Aria, Ariana, Arianna, Ariel, Arielle, Ariella, Arizona, Amari, Amaris, Azariah, Imaria, Izaria
  • Popularity: Ari ranks #486 for girls and #391 for boys.


  • Short for: Ashby, Ashley, Ashlyn, Ashlynn, Ashton, Ashtyn, Natasha
  • Popularity: Ash isn’t ranking.


  • Short for: Avian, Avianna, Aviana, Davina, Havilah, Mavis, Octavia
  • Popularity: Avi isn’t ranking for girls but ranks #906 for boys.


  • Short for: Camila, Camilla, Camille, Camryn, Cameron
  • Popularity: This 3-letter C name isn’t ranking.

Cat or Kat

  • Short for: Catherine, Cataleya, Catalina, Caterina, Katalina, Katherine
  • Popularity: Cat and Kat aren’t ranking.


  • Short for: Desiree, Desi, Destiny, Mercedes, Odessa
  • Popularity: This 3-letter D name isn’t ranking.


  • Short for: Flora, Florence, Florentine, Florette
  • Popularity: This 3-letter F name isn’t ranking.


  • Short for: Genesis, Geneva, Genevieve, Gennifer, Imogen, Imogene
  • Popularity: This 3-letter G name isn’t ranking.


  • Short for: Jada, Jayda, Jayce, Jaycee, Jayden, Jaden, Jayla, Jaylah, Jayleen, Jaylin
  • Popularity: Jay isn’t ranking for girls but ranks #382 for boys.


  • Short for: Jenna, Jennifer
  • Popularity: This 3-letter J name isn’t ranking.


  • Short for: Kimber, Kimberly
  • Popularity: Kim isn’t ranking.


  • Short for: Alex, Alexa, Alexandra, Alexandria, Alexia, Alexis, Lexi
  • Popularity: Lex isn’t ranking.


  • Short for: Olive, Olivia
  • Popularity: #667


  • Short for: Elizabeth, Eliza
  • Popularity: This 3-letter L name isn’t ranking.


  • Short for: Megan, Meghan
  • Popularity: This 3-letter M name isn’t ranking.


  • Short for: Melanie, Melany, Melani, Melina, Melinda, Melissa, Melody, Melania, Amelia, Amelie, Carmel, Emelia, Emilia, Emmeline
  • Popularity: Mel isn’t ranking.


  • Short for: Prudence
  • Popularity: This 3-letter P name isn’t ranking.


  • Short for: Samantha, Samara, Samira
  • Popularity: Sam isn’t ranking for girls but ranks #653 for boys.


  • Short for: Valerie, Valery, Valeria, Valentina, Avalynn, Novalee
  • Popularity: This V name isn’t ranking.

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Middle names for 3-letter first names

Short first names tend to work really well with longer middle names.

Here are some beautiful first + middle name combinations for a first name with just 3 letters.

  • Ada Everleigh
  • Amy Lennon
  • Ana Embry
  • Ara Noelle
  • Ava Scarlett
  • Aya Violet
  • Bex Mackenzie
  • Elm Isabella
  • Eva Harlow
  • Lia Hartley
  • Mae Victoria
  • May Lavender
  • Mia Sage
  • Mya Blakely
  • Nia Everly
  • Noa Madelyn
  • Noe Brooke
  • Oak Fiorella
  • Pia Hazel
  • Rae Mirabella
  • Ren Magnolia
  • Rey Serafina
  • Ria Mackenzie
  • Rue Marley
  • Sia Palmer
  • Sky Phoenix
  • Tia Charlotte
  • Tru Harper
  • Zia Rylan
  • Zoe Madison
list 3 letter girl names

Final thoughts on choosing a three-letter name for your baby girl

Interestingly, three-letter girls’ names are only moderately popular right now.

There are five 3-letter names ranked in the top 100. The top one is Ava, which comes in at #3 (how fitting!).

In total, there are 21 three-letter girl names ranking in the top 1000.

As you’ve seen, this list includes all of these—and many more!

Hopefully, you’ve found a few lead contenders on this list of 3-letter girl names, or at least come away with some baby name inspiration.

Whether you prefer a style that’s trendy, nature-inspired, gender-neutral, spiritual, optimistic, or unique, all of these short baby names are precious choices.

In case you want my two cents, my favorite names on this list are Mia and Eve.

Congratulations and good luck choosing the perfect name for your daughter!

3 Letter Girl Names (50 Precious Ideas for your Baby)