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The Ultimate List of Middle Names for Emma

Apr 6, 2022

The Ultimate List of Middle Names for Emma

AHEAD: An enormous list of names that flow perfectly with the first name Emma.

If you’ve chosen the name Emma for your daughter, congrats… you’ve picked a timeless name with tons of charm.

Emma, which has German roots, means whole or universal. How perfect for the little girl who will complete your family!

Emma is a classic name that has been popular for centuries. It continues to be quite trendy, ranking as the second most popular girls’ name in the United States.

baby girl with heart shaped glasses

There are SO many beautiful middle names that pair well with the first name Emma.

Whether you want something trendy, classic, long, or short, this list of middle names for Emma has it all!

P.S. Don’t miss my shortlist of favorites at the very end!

Let’s go check ’em out…

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middle names for emma

Trendy middle names for Emma

All of these middle names are popular choices for first names, ranking in the top 100 baby names.

Each name’s meaning is below.

Emma Abigail

My father’s joy.

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Emma Addison

Daughter of Adam.

Emma Adeline


Emma Avery

Elf king.

Emma Brielle

God is my strength.

Emma Brooklyn

Broken land or beautiful brook. A borough of NYC.

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Emma Caroline

Free woman or strong.

Emma Charlotte ⭐️

Free woman. The most populous city in North Carolina.

Emma Chloe

Plant sprout.

Emma Delilah


Emma Hailey

Hay meadow.

Emma Harper

Harp player.

Emma Hazel ⭐️

Of the Hazelnut tree.

Emma Jade

Green stone.

Emma Josephine

Jehovah increases.

Emma Kinsley

King’s meadow.

Emma Lillian

Lily flower.

Emma Lily


Emma Lucy


Emma Natalia

Christmas day.

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Emma Natalie


Emma Olivia

Olive tree. (Means lioness in Hebrew).

Emma Paisley ⭐️

A cute curved pattern.

Emma Penelope


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Emma Peyton

Fighter’s estate.

Emma Piper

Flute player.

Emma Quinn

Descendant of Conn.

Emma Riley

Wood clearing.

Emma Ruby

Strong red gemstone.

Emma Sadie


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Emma Scarlett ⭐️


Emma Skylar


Emma Sophie


Emma Valentina


Emma Victoria


Emma Violet ⭐️


middle names for emma list

Emma Willow

Dramatic trees with long hanging branches.

Emma Zoey


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Middle names for Emma that end in “y”

Here are some cool and friendly choices ending in the “ee” sound.

Emma Bailey

Law enforcer.

Emma Bethany

House of figs.

Emma Bexley

Box tree clearing.

Emma Blakely ⭐️

Dark wood.

Emma Brinkley

Woodland clearing.

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Emma Cassidy

Curly haired.

Emma Chesney

Oak grove.

Emma Darcy

Dark one.

Emma Delaney

Challenger’s descendant.

Emma Felicity


Emma Finley

Blonde warrior.

Emma Hadley

Heather clearing.

Emma Harley

Hare meadow.

Emma Hartley

Deer meadow.

Emma Kensley

King’s meadow.

Emma Lacey ⭐️

From Lassy.

Emma Lainey

Bright or shining light.

Emma Mallory


Emma Presley


Emma Ripley

Clearing in the woods.

Emma Sydney

Wide meadow. One of Australia’s largest cities.

Emma Tansy

Yellow, button-like flowers on a reddish stem.

Emma Tinsley

Tynni’s meadow.

Emma Waverly

Meadow of quivering aspens.

Emma Wellsley

Meaning unknown.

Emma Whitney

White island.

Emma Wimberly

Meaning unknown.

Emma Woodsley

Invented name meaning wood clearing.

Emma Wrenley

Invented name.

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One syllable middle names for Emma

All of these baby names have just one syllable and compliment the name Emma nicely!

Emma Anne


Emma Beck

Small stream.

Emma Beth

Pledged to God. In Hebrew means house and is the second letter of the alphabet.

Emma Birch

Tree renowned for its unusual bark that peels like paper.

Emma Blair

Field or plain.

Emma Blake

Bright and shining.

Emma Brooke

Small stream.

Emma Brynn


Emma Claire ⭐️

Clear or bright.

Emma Cove

Coastal inlet.

Emma Faye


Emma Finch

A colorful bird. Also means to swindle, but focus on the first meaning.

Emma Grace


Emma Hale

Hollow dweller.

Emma Hart


Emma Jane

Noble or gracious.

Emma June

Sixth month.

Emma Kate


Emma Lark

A small songbird.

Emma Paige


Emma Pearl


Emma Reese


Emma Rose


Emma Roux


Emma Rue

Medicinal herb, regret, or street.

Emma Sage

Grayish green herb.

Emma Scout


Emma Skye

The atmosphere above.

Emma Sloane


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Emma York

Place of the yew trees. A city in England.

If you like these single-syllable middle names for Emma check out this complete list of one-syllable girls’ names.

Gender-neutral middle names for Emma

All of these middle names would work for a boy or a girl. They’re cute with the feminine first name Emma.

Emma Camden

Winding valley.

Emma Camryn

Crooked nose.

Emma Colby

From the coal village.

Emma Dallas

Skilled. A city in North Texas.

Emma Dalton

Valley settlement.

Emma Denver

Place in Colorado meaning green valley.

Emma Devyn

County in South West England.

Emma Hayden

Heather or hay valley.

Emma Hayes


Emma James


Emma Lane


Emma Leighton

Meadow town.

Emma Lennon

Lover, blackbird, cloak.

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Emma Lennox

Elm field.

Emma Parker

Park keeper.

Emma Phoenix

A mythical bird that rises from the ashes and is born again.

Emma Quincy

Estate of the fifth child.

Emma Raegan

Little king.

Emma Ryan

Little king.

Emma Ryder


Emma Rylan

Island meadow or rye land.

Emma Saylor

Boat worker.

Emma Shiloh

Tranquil. Peaceful.

Emma Taylor

Clothing tailor.

Emma Teagan

Little poet.

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4-syllable middle names for Emma

If you’re looking for a middle name with a melodic ring to it, consider one of these quadruple-syllable options!

Emma Adelia


Emma Adelina


Emma Adriana

Person of Adria.

Emma Alexandra


Emma Alexia


Emma Annabella

Graceful + beautiful.

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Emma Arabella

Yielding to prayer.

Emma Ariella


Emma Avianna


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Emma Carolina

Free woman.

Emma Georgiana


Emma Henrietta

Estate ruler.

Emma Juliana


Emma Leonora


Emma Liliana


Emma Magnolia

A tree with large glossy leaves and huge white blossoms.

Emma Mariella

Drop of the sea. Beloved.

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Emma Mirabella


middle names for emma list 2

Emma Octavia


Emma Philomena

Lover of strength.

Emma Serafina


Emma Theodora

Gift of God.

Emma Veronica

She who brings victory

Emma Viviana


Emma Willamina

With gilded helmet. Will. Desire. Protection.

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3-syllable middle names for Emma

All of these middle names for Emma are three-syllables.

Emma Adalyn


Emma Alexis


Emma Desiree


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Emma Gabrielle

God is my strength or strong woman.

Emma Isabelle


Emma Julianne


Emma Juliette


Emma Mackenzie

Daughter of Kenneth.

Emma Meredith

Great ruler.

Emma Mirabel

Wonderful beauty.

Emma Novalee

Invented name. New + shelter.

Emma Rebecca

To tie or bind.

Emma Rhiannon

Divine queen.

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2-syllable middle names for Emma

These middle name choices have two syllables.

Emma Braylee

Invented name.

Emma Braylin

Invented name.

Emma Bristol

Place by the bridge.

Emma Brylee

Invented name.

Emma Cadence

Rhythm or flow.

Emma Camille

Religious servant.

Emma Celine


Emma Cheyenne

Supplanter or incoherent speaker.

Emma Danielle

God is judge.

Emma Fairleigh

Fern clearing.

Emma Faithlyn

Invented name.

Emma Gracelyn


Emma Heidi


Emma Holland

Wooden land. Part of the Netherlands.

Emma Jacqueline


Emma Joelle

Jehovah is God.

Emma Jolie


Emma Jovie


Emma Kaitlyn


Emma Kaylee

Slim and fair.

Emma Kenzie

Bright one.

Emma Kylie

Boomerang or graceful.

Emma Lauren


Emma Leanne

Graceful wood.

Emma Lilith

Night creature or monster.

Emma London

From the great river. The capital of England and the United Kingdom.

Emma Lyric

Words set to music.

Emma Macie


Emma Mazie

Child of light.

Emma Megan


Emma Nicole

People of victory.

Emma Noelle


Emma Rachel

Female sheep.

Emma Raelyn

Invented name. (Female sheep + lake).

Emma Raquel


Emma Selene

Moon goddess.

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Emma Sutton

Southern settlement.

Emma Zaylee

Invented name.

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Nature-inspired middle names for Emma

These middle names for Emma have meanings related to the earth, sky, sea, animals, and seasons.

Emma Arden

Great forest.

Emma Ashlyn

Ash (tree) + Lyn (lake). Might also mean dream.

Emma Aspen

Tree with heart-shaped leaves. A ski resort town in Colorado.

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Emma Bloom

To flower.

Emma Briar

A thorny plant (such as roses and blackberries) with prickly stems.

Emma Brinley

Burnt meadow.

Emma Harlow

Rock hill.

Emma Hartlyn

Deer lake.

Emma Heather

Evergreen flowering plant.

Emma Hollyn

Holly tree.

Emma Juniper

Young. Also an evergreen shrub with berries.

Emma Laurel

A small evergreen tree.

Emma Lavender

A lovely purple flower.

Emma Lilac

Fragrant purple flower that blooms in spring.

Emma Maple

Large trees known for their beautiful autumn colors.

Emma Maren


Emma Maribelle

Mari + Belle. Drop of the sea. Beloved. + Beautiful.

Emma Marielle

Drop of the sea. Beloved.

Emma Meadow

Freely growing grassland.

Emma Morgan

Of the sea.

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Emma Muriel

Sparkling sea.

Emma Oakley

Meadow of oak trees.

Emma Oaklynn

Oak lake.

Emma Palmer

She who holds the palm. A pilgrim who carried palm branches back from the Holy Land.

Emma Primrose

First rose.

Emma Raven


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Emma Rowan

Reddish brown tree known for its scarlet berries and mystical history.

Emma Tyndall

The Tyndall Effect refers to the light scattering by particles such that blue light is scattered much more strongly than red light.

Emma Whitleigh

White meadow.

Emma Winter

The coldest season.

If you like these earthy and botanical middle names for Emma check out this complete list of nature names.

Vintage middle names for Emma

Last but not least, these middle names for Emma are inspired by the magic of another era.

Emma Adelaide

Noble. South Australia’s cosmopolitan coastal capital.

Emma Annabelle

Graceful and beautiful.

Emma Astrid

Divinely beautiful.

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Emma Bridget


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Emma Celeste


Emma Clara

Clear and bright.

Emma Clementine

Mild and merciful; or citrus fruit.

Emma Constance


Emma Coraline

Diminutive of coral.

Emma Cosette

Victorious or little thing.

Emma Daisy


Emma Daphne

Daphne laureola is an evergreen shrub with narrow leathery leaves.

Emma Frances

From France; or free person.

Emma Genevieve

Tribal woman.

Emma Gretchen


Emma Gwendolyn

White ring.

Emma Harriet


Emma Katherine


Emma Louise

Famous warrior.

Emma Lucille


Emma Madeleine

Woman from Israel.

Emma Maisie


Emma Marceline

Little warrior.

Emma Margaret


Emma Marjorie


Emma Marie

Drop of the sea; or beloved.

Emma Marion

Drop of the sea; or beloved.

Emma Matilda

Strength in battle.

Emma Phoebe

Shining one. A medium-sized bird native to North and South America.

Emma Prudence


Emma Rosalie


Emma Rosalind

Pretty rose.

Emma Roselle

Rose (flower) + elle (girl).

Emma Valerie


Emma Virginia


Emma Vivian


Emma Winifred

Peaceful friend or blessed peacemaker.

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Final thoughts on choosing a middle name for the first name Emma

Hopefully, you’ve found a few middle names that you love on this list, or at least come away with some baby name inspiration.

Here are my personal favorites:

  • Emma Blakely
  • Emma Charlotte
  • Emma Claire
  • Emma Hazel
  • Emma Juliette
  • Emma Lacey
  • Emma Lavender
  • Emma Liliana
  • Emma Magnolia
  • Emma Mirabella
  • Emma Paisley
  • Emma Scarlett
  • Emma Violet

Whether you prefer a name that’s trendy, traditional, timeless, long, short, nature-inspired, spiritual, familiar, or rare, all of these girls’ names are beautiful choices.

Congratulations and good luck choosing the perfect middle name for your daughter, Emma!

Middle Names for Emma