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120 Scottish and Irish Girl Names for Modern American Babies

Mar 11, 2022

120 Scottish and Irish Girl Names for Modern American Babies

AHEAD: The ultimate list of baby names with roots back to Ireland and Scotland.

On the hunt for an amazing Irish or Scottish girls’ name that’s cool in the United States?

You’re in the right place!

Below, you’ll find a huge list of over 100 Irish and Scottish names for girls along with their meanings and current popularity.

As a bonus, I’ve included a whole bunch of pretty middle name ideas too!

red-headed baby girl

There are lots of girls’ names that are popular in Ireland and Scotland but aren’t quite right for an American little girl.

Blathnaid will definitely raise eyebrows.

Dearbhla will invite lots of “what an interesting name”.

Fearne looks a little… scary.

Then there are names like Maureen, Shannon, Mona, and Arlene, which all have strong ties to Ireland, but feel extremely outdated.

But not to worry, there are tons of great options that feel authentically Irish or Scottish, while still being attractive to the American ear.

Let’s dive in and check them out!

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Familiar Irish names

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While not as popular as the first batch, the majority of these Irish girls’ names have a mainstream feel in the United States.

Aileen or Ayleen

  • Name meaning: Bright or shining light.
  • Popularity: Aileen ranks #695 and Ayleen is #966.


  • Name meaning: Dream.
  • Popularity: #964

Ashlyn or Ashlynn

  • Name meaning: Ash (tree) + Lyn (lake). Might also mean dream.
  • Popularity: Ashlyn ranks #602 and Ashlynn is #665.


  • Name meaning: Sorrow.
  • Popularity: This B name isn’t ranking for girls but ranks #763 for boys.


  • Name meaning: Strength.
  • Popularity: #747

Casey or Kasey or Kacie

  • Name meaning: Vigilant or brave.
  • Popularity: Casey hasn’t ranked for girls since 2019 but ranks #521 for boys. Kasey and Kacie haven’t ranked for girls since 2003.


  • Name meaning: Dark-haired or little dark one
  • Popularity: This Irish C name last ranked in 2016.


  • Name meaning: Dark one.
  • Popularity: This gender-neutral D name isn’t ranking.

Deidra or Deirdra

  • Name meaning: Melancholy.
  • Popularity: This Irish name isn’t ranking.


  • Name meaning: Fire.
  • Popularity: This Irish girls’ name isn’t ranking in the U.S.

list familiar irish girl names



  • Name meaning: Ireland.
  • Popularity: #520 (Top 50 in Ireland!)

Fallon or Fallyn

  • Name meaning: Descended from a ruler.
  • Popularity: Fallon ranks #859 and Fallyn isn’t ranking.


  • Name meaning: A country in Western Europe.
  • Popularity: This I name hasn’t ranked since 2015.

Kara or Cara

  • Name meaning: Love.
  • Popularity: Kara ranks #671 and Cara is #908. (Top 50 in Ireland!)


  • Name meaning: Little dark one.
  • Popularity: This 5-letter name hasn’t ranked since 2019.


  • Name meaning: Sparkling sea.
  • Popularity: This unique M name isn’t popular in the U.S.


  • Name meaning: Sea warrior.
  • Popularity: This 6-letter name ranks #969 for girls and #967 for boys.


  • Name meaning: Winner or champion.
  • Popularity: Nolen isn’t ranking for either gender. Nolan ranks #61 for boys.


  • Name meaning: Golden princess.
  • Popularity: This O name is not popular in the United States, but is quite popular in England and Scotland.

list familiar irish girl names


  • Name meaning: Freedom.
  • Popularity: Believe it or not, this Irish S name ranks #741 in the U.S.

Shay or Shea

  • Name meaning: A small tropical African tree. Its nuts give us shea butter! Means gift in Hebrew.
  • Popularity: Shay ranks #928 and Shea hasn’t ranked since 2008.


  • Name meaning: God is gracious.
  • Popularity: This classic Irish name isn’t ranking in the U.S.

Tallulah or Tully

  • Name meaning: Leaping water.
  • Popularity: This unique name isn’t ranking.


Tarryn or Taryn

list familiar irish girl names


  • Name meaning: Lord.
  • Popularity: This Irish girls’ name hasn’t ranked since 2009.

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Girls’ names of Irish & Scottish origin

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This is a crossover list!

There aren’t very many, but here are a few cool names with both Irish and Scottish roots.


  • Name meaning: Victory of the people.
  • Popularity: Collins ranks #365 for girls (and is not ranking for boys). Colin singular with one l ranks #285 for boys.

Finley or Finleigh

  • Name meaning: Blonde warrior.
  • Popularity: #201

Imogen or Imogene


  • Name meaning: Child of marsh-dwellers.
  • Popularity: Karsyn ranks #612 for girls. Carson ranks #84 for boys.

irish scottish middle names


  • Name meaning: Reddish-brown tree known for its scarlet berries and mystical history.
  • Popularity: This Irish/Scottish tree name ranks #255 for females and #113 for males.

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Familiar Scottish names

While not as popular as the previous batch, the majority of these Scottish girls’ names have a mainstream feel to Americans.


  • Name meaning: Hermitage field.
  • Popularity: #952

Camden or Kamden

  • Name meaning: Winding valley.
  • Popularity: This city name isn’t ranking for girls but ranks #167 for boys.


  • Name meaning: Strong and manly.
  • Popularity: This badass name ranks #944 for girls and #530 for boys.


  • Name meaning: Narrow.
  • Popularity: Kyle isn’t ranking for girls and ranks #313 for boys.


  • Name meaning: Elm field.
  • Popularity: This versatile middle name ranks #587 for girls and #291 for boys.


  • Name meaning: Little hollow.
  • Popularity: Logan ranks #317 for girls and #16 for boys.


  • Name meaning: Child of the fair hero. Presidential name.
  • Popularity: #555

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  • Name meaning: Many possible meanings from all different cultures: With gilded helmet, blue stone, south, love, bitter, joyful, and more!
  • Popularity: #662



  • Name meaning: White shoulder. Also the nickname of New Orleans.
  • Popularity: #553


  • Name meaning: Champion.
  • Popularity: This Scottish name isn’t ranking.

Scotland or Scotlynn

  • Name meaning: Country.
  • Popularity: This undeniably Scottish name is not ranking.

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  • Name meaning: With gilded helmet. Will. Desire. Protection.
  • Popularity: This vintage girls’ name isn’t ranking.

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Middle name ideas

Here is a consolidation of all of the middle names on the graphics throughout this article—plus a bunch you haven’t seen yet!

Note: All of the first names on this list are of Irish or Scottish origin. The middle names are from all over!


  • Aileen Rylan
  • Ainsley Pearl
  • Aislinn Lavender
  • Allison Noelle
  • Ansley Virginia
  • Ashlyn Blair


  • Blair Evangeline
  • Blake Magnolia
  • Blakely Adeline
  • Brennan Aria
  • Brianna Rose
  • Bridget Emberly


  • Camden Emberly
  • Camryn Lilianna
  • Casey Arabella
  • Cassidy Faye
  • Ciara Lily
  • Collins Avery


  • Darcy Hannah
  • Deirdra Hart
  • Delaney Blake
  • Drew Emmeline



  • Fallon Alexandra
  • Finley Paige
  • Fiona Madelyn


  • Hailey Sage


  • Imogen Mia
  • Ireland Blake


  • Kara Lacey
  • Karsyn Ruby
  • Kennedy Paige
  • Kenzie Harlow
  • Kiara Aubrey
  • Kiera Addilyn
  • Kyle Alexandria
  • Kylie Hazel


  • Lainey Maribelle
  • Lana Mirabella
  • Lennon Hailey
  • Lennox Hadley
  • Logan Maisie


  • Mackenzie Grace
  • Maeve Abigail
  • Maisie Piper
  • McKenna Brooke
  • Mckinley Brooke
  • Mina Julianna
  • Muriel Violet
  • Murphy Belle


  • Nessa Blakely
  • Nola Evelyn
  • Nolana Belle
  • Nolen Everly
  • Nora Everleigh


  • Orla Blakely


  • Paisley Elise


  • Quinn Hartley


  • Reagan Scarlett
  • Riley Jade
  • Rory Mackenzie
  • Rowan Waverly
  • Ryann Charlotte


  • Saoirse Olivia
  • Scotlynn Reese
  • Shay Evangeline
  • Siobhan Embry
  • Sloane Isabella


  • Tallulah Eve
  • Tara Lennon
  • Tarryn Emerald
  • Teagan Lennox
  • Tierney Harlow


  • Wilma Violet

Final thoughts on choosing a Scottish or Irish baby name…

In case you’re wondering, I decided to merge Scottish and Irish girls’ names into one list because they’re so often interchanged.

Not to mention, many of the most popular baby names in Ireland are the same in Scotland—and vise versa!

Hopefully, you’ve found a few lead contenders on this list, or at least come away with some baby name inspiration.

Whether you prefer a name that’s trendy, traditional, timeless, long, short, nature-inspired, spiritual, familiar, or rare, all of these girls’ names are beautiful choices.

Congratulations and good luck choosing the perfect Scottish or Irish name for your daughter!

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