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67 Majestic Tree Names for Girls

Dec 2, 2021

67 Majestic Tree Names for Girls

AHEAD: Tree-inspired baby names that are *actually* cool!

Are you looking for a beautiful tree-inspired baby name but are stumped for ideas?

You’re in the right place!

Below, I’ve rounded up every single tree-related name that’s even the slightest bit cool.

You’ll find both recognizable tree names as well as those with lesser-known meanings.

Whether you’re outdoorsy, an environmentalist, a fan of literary fiction, or you’re just looking for an underused name to add to your family tree, this list has a tree name to fit your style.

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baby girl held up in trees

For additional inspiration, I went out on a limb and included botanical and earthy female nature names that may be of interest. (Hopefully, I’m not barking up the wrong tree).

Towards the end, you’ll also find lots of tree-inspired middle name ideas, accompanied by a list of beautiful first and middle name combinations.

I won’t beat around the bush anymore… let’s go check out these amazing tree names for girls!

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Tree-themed baby names for girls

All of the ideas in this first batch of baby names mean tree or tree field.

The source for name popularity data is the SSA.


  • Name meaning: Orange tree. Fragrant.
  • Popularity: #221


  • Name meaning: Great forest.
  • Popularity: This “A” name is not currently ranking in the top 1000.


  • Name meaning: Ash tree farm. A less common variation of Ashley.
  • Popularity: This tree name is not currently ranking.


  • Name meaning: Dweller near the ash tree meadow.
  • Popularity: #154

Ashton or Ashtyn

  • Name meaning: Ash tree town.
  • Popularity: Ashton hasn’t since 2005 and Ashtyn hasn’t ranked since 2011. For boys, Ashton is currently ranking #136.


  • Name meaning: Tree with heart-shaped leaves. Fun fact: aspens are a principal food of beavers.
  • Popularity: #224


  • Name meaning: Oak tree.
  • Popularity: #131


  • Name meaning: Birch tree meadow.
  • Popularity: #818

birch tree forest


  • Name meaning: Daphne laureola, also called a Spurge-laurel, is an evergreen shrub with narrow leathery leaves and highly-scented flowers.
  • Popularity: #415


  • Name meaning: Alder tree. Part of the Birch family, Alder trees grow along rivers and on wetlands.
  • Popularity: This tree-inspired “E” name is not currently popular.

Elowen or Elowyn

  • Name meaning: Elm tree. A tall, fast-growing deciduous tree with an impressive shape.
  • Popularity: This tree baby name is not currently ranking in the top 1000.


  • Name meaning: From the elm wood.
  • Popularity: This tree name is not currently ranking.


  • Name meaning: Of the Hazelnut tree.
  • Popularity: #31

hazelnut tree
Hollyn or Hollen

  • Name meaning: Holly tree.
  • Popularity: This cool “H” name for girls is not ranking.


  • Name meaning: Fig tree.
  • Popularity: This interesting “I” name is not ranking.


  • Name meaning: Tree in Hebrew.
  • Popularity: This three-syllable girl’s tree name is not in the top 1000.


  • Name meaning: Young. Also an evergreen shrub with berries.
  • Popularity: #172

juniper branch blue berries


  • Name meaning: A small evergreen tree. Fun fact: it’s the source of bay leaves, the cooking herb.
  • Popularity: #683


  • Name meaning: Elm field.
  • Popularity: This tree name ranks #587 for girls and #291 for boys.

Lindsay or Lindsey

  • Name meaning: Lake or place of linden trees. Linden trees are large low-maintenance shade trees.
  • Popularity: This previously popular two-syllable tree name is no longer ranking in the U.S.


  • Name meaning: A tree with large glossy leaves and huge white blossoms.
  • Popularity: #177


  • Name meaning: Meadow of oak trees.
  • Popularity: #281


  • Name meaning: Fruit of an olive tree. Fun fact: Olives are naturally extremely bitter. They need to be cured or fermented in order to be palatable.
  • Popularity: #197


  • Name meaning: Olive tree.
  • Popularity: #1


  • Name meaning: She who holds the palm. A pilgrim who carried palm branches back from the Holy Land.
  • Popularity: #347


  • Name meaning: Reddish-brown tree known for its scarlet berries and mystical history.
  • Popularity: This amazing tree baby name ranks #255 for girls and #113 for boys.

rowan tree red berries snow


  • Name meaning: A winged seed that falls from a tree. We used to stick these on our noses as kids!
  • Popularity: #350

Shay or Shea

  • Name meaning: A small tropical African tree. Its nuts give us shea butter!
  • Popularity: The “S” name Shay ranks #928 and Shea hasn’t ranked since 2008.


  • Name meaning: Dramatic trees with long hanging branches.
  • Popularity: #48

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Unique tree names for girls

little girl walking amongst trees

All of the ideas in this next set of tree names for girls are rather unusual.

If they’re too ‘out there’ for you, consider using them as middle names.


  • Name meaning: Feathery trees and shrubs in the pea family.
  • Popularity: This unique tree name is not currently ranking.


  • Name meaning: Cinnamomum cassia is an evergreen tree most commonly known as Chinese cinnamon, which is more pungent than true cinnamon.
  • Popularity: This girls’ name ending in A is not in the top 1000.


  • Name meaning: A large fast-growing evergreen tree.
  • Popularity: This unusual tree-inspired “C” name is not currently ranking in the top 1000.


  • Name meaning: Juniper tree. Also a city in Switzerland.
  • Popularity: This city name is not popular right now.


  • Name meaning: Wooden land. Holland is part of the Netherlands.
  • Popularity: #711


  • Name meaning: Fig tree.
  • Popularity: This cool short name is not ranking.

Ivette or Yvette

  • Name meaning: Yew, which is a long-lived evergreen tree with red arils (fleshy berries).
  • Popularity: The “I” version of this tree name for girls hasn’t ranked since 2001. The “Y” spelling hasn’t ranked since 2006.

Keziah or Kezia

  • Name meaning: The Hebrew term for the spice tree, Cassia.
  • Popularity: This interesting “K” name is not in the top 1000 baby names.


  • Name meaning: Large trees known for their beautiful autumn colors.
  • Popularity: This friendly 5-letter tree name is not currently ranking.

Nira or Nyra

  • Name meaning: A symbolic name given to girls born on TuB’Shevat, the New Year of the Trees.
  • Popularity: This 4-letter “N” name isn’t ranking.

Oaklynn or Oaklyn

  • Name meaning: Oak lake.
  • Popularity: The tree name Oaklynn ranks #307 and Oaklyn ranks #566.

Oliana or Oleana or Oleanna

  • Name meaning: A poisonous evergreen shrub with beautiful flowers.
  • Popularity: This unique “O” name isn’t ranking.


  • Name meaning: Pine trees or gold. (True meaning unknown). A tree-lined town near San Francisco.
  • Popularity: This unique tree name isn’t ranking.


  • Name meaning: Tilia cordata, also called a small-leaved lime tree, has shiny heart-shaped leaves and grows sweet-smelling yellow flowers.
  • Popularity: This unique “T” name is unsurprisingly not in the top 1000.

tilia cordata tree

Waverly or Waverleigh

  • Name meaning: Meadow of quivering aspens.
  • Popularity: The “W” name Waverly ranks #738 and Waverleigh isn’t ranking.


  • Name meaning: Flower or palm tree.
  • Popularity: This name  hasn’t ranked since 2012.


  • Name meaning: Yew (evergreen tree) wood.
  • Popularity: This Y name hasn’t ranked since 2002.

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Botanical baby names for girls

asian baby girl pink tutu trees

If you weren’t able to find the perfect girl’s tree name on the first two lists, here is some more organic inspiration.


  • Name meaning: A daisy-like flower.
  • Popularity: This cool nonbinary name is not ranking in the top 1000.

aster flowers


  • Name meaning: A thorny plant (such as roses and blackberries) with prickly stems.
  • Popularity: #563


  • Name meaning: Type of orchid.
  • Popularity: #383


  • Name meaning: Plant sprout.
  • Popularity: #27


  • Name meaning: Mild and merciful; or citrus fruit.
  • Popularity: #610


  • Name meaning: Flower.
  • Popularity: #352


  • Name meaning: Flower.
  • Popularity: #143


  • Name meaning: A type of pink lily with double-layered petals.
  • Popularity: #701


  • Name meaning: Holly bushes are known for their red berries and their spiny evergreen leaves.
  • Popularity: #481


  • Name meaning: A lovely purple flower.
  • Popularity: This lovely “L” name is not currently popular for baby girls.


  • Name meaning: Heavenly flower.
  • Popularity: #92


  • Name meaning: Fragrant purple flower that blooms in spring.
  • Popularity: This sweet floral name is not currently popular.

Lillian or Lily

  • Name meaning: Lily flower.
  • Popularity: Lillian ranks #46 and Lily ranks #35.


  • Name meaning: Red flower.
  • Popularity: #462

Rose or Rosie

  • Name meaning: Flower.
  • Popularity: Rose ranks #113 and Rosie ranks #470.


  • Name meaning: Grayish green herb.
  • Popularity: #223


  • Name meaning: Yellow, button-like flowers on a reddish stem.
  • Popularity: This unusual nature name is not currently ranking.

yellow tansy flowers


  • Name meaning: Purple flowers.
  • Popularity: #37

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More earthy baby girl names

indian baby girl holding leaf

The inspiration continues! All of these are great tree-related names for girls.


  • Name meaning: Hill.
  • Popularity: #332


  • Name meaning: The garden of Eden. Place of pleasure.
  • Popularity: #130


  • Name meaning: Flat-topped hill.
  • Popularity: This edgy name is not ranking in the top 1000 baby names.


  • Name meaning: Narrow land.
  • Popularity: #490


  • Name meaning: Graceful wood.
  • Popularity: This tree-inspired girl’s name is no longer popular in the U.S.


  • Name meaning: Freely growing grassland.
  • Popularity: #476


  • Name meaning: Island meadow or rye land.
  • Popularity: This interesting “R” name ranks #870 for girls and #327 for boys.


  • Name meaning: Treeless plain. (Is this the opposite of a tree name?)
  • Popularity: #67


  • Name meaning: Earth.
  • Popularity: This tree baby name is not currently ranking in the top 1000.

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Pretty tree-inspired middle name ideas

girl hugging sequoia tree

Now let’s talk middle names! The names on this list are all nature-related and pair really nicely with tree names for girls.


  • Name meaning: Air or melody.
  • Popularity: #26


  • Name meaning: Fall.
  • Popularity: #82


  • Name meaning: A tree renowned for its unusual bark that peels like paper.
  • Popularity: This cool “B” name is not ranking.


  • Name meaning: Place in Colorado meaning green valley.
  • Popularity: This geographical name ranks #894 for girls and #527 for boys.


  • Name meaning: A tall, fast-growing deciduous tree with an impressive shape.
  • Popularity: This 3-letter baby name is not currently ranking in the top 1000.


  • Name meaning: Green gemstone.
  • Popularity: #957

Hailey or Haley or Hayley

  • Name meaning: Hay meadow.
  • Popularity: Hailey ranks #81, Haley ranks #517, and Hayley ranks #674.


  • Name meaning: Green stone.
  • Popularity: #97


  • Name meaning: The fifth month. Also another name for Hawthorn, a small thorny tree with white or pink flowers.
  • Popularity: This seasonal name is not currently popular; however, Mae ranks #576.


  • Name meaning: Large trees with long lifespans. Fun fact: Oaks support more life forms than any other tree genus in North America.
  • Popularity: This one-syllable name is not currently popular.

Rayne or Rain

  • Name meaning: Precipitation.
  • Popularity: Rayne ranks #775 and Rain is not ranking.

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First + middle name combinations

Just to plant a seed, here are some pretty combinations for a tree-themed name.

  • Acacia Eden
  • Arden Sage
  • Ashby Reese
  • Ashley Juniper
  • Aspen Brooke
  • Aster Magnolia
  • Ayla Blakely
  • Berkley Reese
  • Briar Emerald
  • Brynn Madison
  • Cassia Aubrey
  • Cataleya Jade
  • Cedar Avery
  • Chloe Madelyn
  • Dahlia June
  • Daisy Alexandra
  • Daphne Rose
  • Eden Noelle
  • Ellery Sage
  • Elodie Field
  • Elowen Hazel
  • Embry Faye
  • Emsley Rowan
  • Hailey Lennox
  • Hazel Rayne
  • Holland Meadow
  • Holly Rylan
  • Idra Abigail
  • Ilana Everly
  • Jade Marin
  • Juniper May
  • Keziah Grace
  • Kyla Lillian
  • Laurel Aria
  • Lavender Valli
  • Leanne Maple
  • Leilani Sophia
  • Lennox Paige
  • Lilac Phoenix
  • Lillian Harlow
  • Lindsay Blaire
  • Magnolia Jade
  • Oakley Sage
  • Olive Penelope
  • Olivia Violet
  • Palmer Clementine
  • Poppy Bloom
  • Rowan Harley
  • Rylan Oak
  • Samara Scarlett
  • Savannah Autumn
  • Tansy Phoenix
  • Terra Lennox
  • Tilia Arden
  • Willow Monet

Final thoughts on tree names for girls

Trees represent knowledge, longevity, connectivity, protection, nourishment, strength, solace, peace, good fortune, balance, and healing. What better source of inspiration could there possibly be for your daughter’s name?

With so many beautiful choices of tree-related baby names, narrowing down your list may be difficult. The good news is you really can’t go wrong with any of these!

Congratulations and good luck choosing the perfect tree name for your baby girl.

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67 Majestic Tree Names for Girls