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265 Enchanted Middle Names for Ella

Oct 24, 2021

265 Enchanted Middle Names for Ella

Choosing the perfect middle name for Ella…

If you’ve chosen the name Ella for your daughter, congrats… you’ve picked a gorgeous feminine name with a magical and enchanted meaning.

Ella is currently the 15th most popular name for baby girls in the United States. This name is super trendy right now, and it’s easy to see why.

The name Ella has several possible meanings:

  • Goddess.
  • Fairy maiden.
  • Light.
  • Her.
  • A tree that’s part of the pistachio family.

Every single one of those is magical!

baby girl ella

Now it’s time to find the perfect name to go with Ella, which is easier said than done.

Whether you want something trendy, classic, cute, or uncommon, this list of middle names for Ella has it all!

Note that I’ve marked all of my favorites with fave✨ …

middle names for ella

One syllable middle names for Ella

All of these great one-syllable names pair nicely with the girl’s name Ella.

Ella Birch {tree}
Ella Blake {fair or light} fave✨
Ella Blaire {field dweller}
Ella Brie {marshland}
Ella Brooke {small stream} fave✨
Ella Bryn {hill}
Ella Cove {sheltered bay}
Ella Faye {fairy} fave✨
Ella Grace {goodness} fave✨
Ella Hale {hollow dweller}
Ella Hart {brave}
Ella Hayes {brushwood}


Ella Hope {great expectations}
Ella Jade {green stone}
Ella James {supplanter}
Ella Jane {gracious}
Ella Jewel {precious stone}
Ella Jules {youthful}
Ella June {sixth month}
Ella Kate {pure}
Ella Lane {pathway}
Ella Paige {helper}
Ella Pearl {gem}

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Ella Quinn {counsel}
Ella Rai {like ray of light}
Ella Rain {abundant blessings}
Ella Reese {fiery}
Ella Rey {king}
Ella Rhett {advice}
Ella Rose {flower} fave✨
Ella Roux {reddish brown}
Ella Sage {grayish green herb}
Ella Sky {limitless}
Ella Sloane {warrior}

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Two syllable middle names for Ella (A-L)

Continuing on with some cool double-syllable monikers that pair perfectly with Ella!

Ella Ainsley {solitary meadow}
Ella Amber {fossil resin}
Ella Arden {great forest}
Ella Aspen {tree with heart leaves}
Ella Aubrey {magical being}
Ella Audrey {noble strength}
Ella Autumn {fall}
Ella Blakely {dark wood} fave✨
Ella Bridget {strength}
Ella Brinley {burnt meadow}
Ella Camden {winding valley}

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Ella Charlotte {free woman} fave✨
Ella Chesney {oak grove}
Ella Clara {clear + bright}
Ella Constance {steadfastness}
Ella Daisy {flower name}
Ella Danielle {God is judge}
Ella Demi {half}
Ella Dorothy {gift of God}
Ella Frances {free woman}
Ella Georgia {farmer}
Ella Goldie {gold}

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Ella Gracelyn {graceful}
Ella Gracie {graceful}
Ella Hadley {heather clearing}
Ella Hailey {hay clearing}
Ella Hannah {grace}
Ella Hansel {God is gracious}
Ella Harley {the long field}
Ella Harlow {army hill} fave✨
Ella Harper {harp player} fave✨
Ella Hartley {meadow}
Ella Haven {safe place}

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Ella Hazel {of the Hazelnut tree} fave✨
Ella Heidi {noble}
Ella Ivy {plant}
Ella Jacqueline {supplanter}
Ella Jolene {lord}
Ella Jolie {pretty}
Ella Juno {Roman goddess}
Ella Kara {Cornish name for love}
Ella Kinsley {kings meadow} fave✨
Ella Kylie {a boomerang}


Ella Lacey {from Lassy} fave✨
Ella Laila {night}
Ella Lani {sky in Hawaiian}
Ella Lauren {wisdom}
Ella Layla {night}
Ella Leah {weary}
Ella Leanne {graceful wood}
Ella Leighton {meadow town}
Ella Lennox {among elm trees} fave✨
Ella Lexi {defender}
Ella Lila {night}

Ella Lucie {light}
Ella Luna {moon}
Ella Lyla {night}
Ella Lyra {lyre harp}

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Two syllable middle names for Ella (M-Z)

Ella Mabel {lovable} fave✨
Ella Macie {weapon}
Ella Maisie {pearl}
Ella Marie {star of the sea}
Ella Marin {beautiful place near SF!}
Ella Marley {seaside meadow} fave✨
Ella Maya {water}


Ella Mazie {child of light} fave✨
Ella Meadow {freely growing grassland}
Ella Mercy {compassion}
Ella Meryl {of the bright sea}
Ella Michelle {like God}
Ella Monet {to be heard}
Ella Morgan {of the sea}
Ella Nannette {grace}
Ella Nicole {victory} fave✨
Ella Noe {peaceful} fave✨
Ella Noelle {Christmas}

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Ella Oakley {meadow of oaks} fave✨
Ella Olive {from a tree}
Ella Paisley {a cute curved pattern} fave✨
Ella Palmer {she who holds the palm}
Ella Penny {from Penelope}
Ella Peyton {fighting man’s estate}
Ella Phoebe {shining one}
Ella Phoenix {mythical bird}
Ella Piper {flute player}
Ella Poppy {red flower}


Ella Presley {priest}
Ella Prudence {careful}
Ella Raquel {innocent}
Ella Raven {black bird}
Ella Reagan {little king}
Ella Remi {oarsman}
Ella Reva {rain}
Ella Riley {wood clearing}
Ella Ripley {clearing in the woods}
Ella Rory {red king}
Ella Rowan {reddish brown tree}
Ella Roxy {dawn}


Ella Ruby {strong red gemstone} fave✨
Ella Ryder {horsewoman}
Ella Rylan {island meadow} fave✨
Ella Rylee {valiant}
Ella Sadie {princess}
Ella Scarlett {red}
Ella Selene {moon goddess}
Ella Shiloh {tranquil}
Ella Skyler {scholar}
Ella Sophie {wisdom} fave✨
Ella Stormi {weather event}


Ella Summer {season}
Ella Sutton {southern settlement}
Ella Sydney {wide meadow}
Ella Taylor {seamstress}
Ella Teagan {little poet}
Ella Tinsley {Tynni’s meadow}
Ella Valli {winding plant}
Ella Violet {purple} fave✨
Ella Willow {tree}
Ella Zoey {life}
Ella Zuri {good + beautiful}

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Three syllable middle names for Ella

Here are some incredible 3-syllable middle names that go well with the first name Ella!

Ella Abigail {my father’s joy} fave✨
Ella Addilyn {nobility}
Ella Addison {Adam’s daughter}
Ella Adelaide {noble}
Ella Adeline {noble}
Ella Alana {cheerful}
Ella Alexis {defender}
Ella Allison {noble}
Ella Alyssa {noble}
Ella Amara {grace}
Ella Amelia {work}

Ella Amelie {work}
Ella Antoinette {priceless one}
Ella Arielle {lion}
Ella Athena {goddess}
Ella Augusta {magnificent}
Ella Aurelia {golden one}
Ella Aurora {dawn}
Ella Avery {elf king} fave✨
Ella Brianna {strong and honorable}
Ella Carissa {grace}
Ella Carrington {a place in the UK}
Ella Cassandra {shining one}

Ella Clementine {mild and merciful}
Ella Coraline {diminutive of coral}
Ella Cordelia {daughter of the sea}
Ella Delilah {delicate}
Ella Fiona {fair}
Ella Francesca {free person}
Ella Genevieve {tribal woman}
Ella Harriet {home}
Ella Indigo {blue or Indian dye}
Ella Ivory {white}
Ella Josephine {Jehovah shall grow}
Ella Juliette {youthful} fave✨

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Ella Kennedy {helmeted chief}
Ella Kensington {part of London}
Ella Lavender {a lovely purple}
Ella Leilani {heavenly flower}
Ella Lillian {lily}
Ella Lydia {beautiful one}
Ella Mackenzie {Kenneth’s daughter}
Ella Madelyn {woman from Israel}
Ella Madison {Matthew’s daughter}
Ella Makayla {like God}
Ella Mallory {unfortunate}

Ella Margaret {pearl}
Ella Marigold {golden flower}
Ella Marion {beloved}
Ella Matilda {strength in battle}
Ella Melody {song}
Ella Merida {one who has achieved honor}
Ella Milani {from Milan}
Ella Natasha {birthday}
Ella Ophelia {help}
Ella Pandora {gifted}
Ella Remington {raven}

Ella Reverie {daydream}
Ella Rhiannon {divine queen}
Ella Rosalind {pretty rose}
Ella Savannah {treeless plain}
Ella Sienna {orange-red}
Ella Sierra {mountain range}
Ella Sophia {wisdom} fave✨
Ella Susanna {lily}
Ella Tabitha {gazelle or graceful}
Ella Tazara {elegance + grace}
Ella Trinity {triad}

Ella Valerie {strength}
Ella Vienna {Austria capitol}
Ella Virginia {pure}
Ella Vivienne {life}
Ella Zinnia {flower}

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Four syllable middle names for Ella

Finally, here are some incredible long middle names that go well with the first name Ella!

Ella Adriana {person of Adria}
Ella Alessia {Defender}
Ella Alexandra {defender}
Ella Alexandria {defender}
Ella Alexia {defender}
Ella Anastasia {resurrection}
Ella Angelina {angel}
Ella Annabella {graceful + beautiful}
Ella Arabella {yielding to prayer}
Ella Ariana {most holy}
Ella Ariella {lioness}


Ella Aurelia {golden one}
Ella Avianna {bird}
Ella Carolina {free woman}
Ella Catalina {pure}
Ella Caterina {pure}
Ella Cordelia {daughter of the sea}
Ella Elizabeth {oath}
Ella Evangeline {bearer of good news}
Ella Evianna {God is gracious}
Ella Felicity {Happiness}
Ella Gabriella {strong woman}
Ella Georgiana {farmer}


Ella Henrietta {state ruler}
Ella Isabella {promise}
Ella Juliana {youthful}
Ella Leonora {light}
Ella Liliana {care free}
Ella Magnolia {tree} fave✨
Ella Marianna {beloved}
Ella Marietta {beloved}
Ella Natalia {Christmas day}
Ella Octavia {eighth}
Ella Olivia {olive tree} fave✨


Ella Penelope {weaver}
Ella Seraphina {fiery}
Ella Tatiana {Russian family name}
Ella Valentina {strength}
Ella Veronica {she who brings victory}
Ella Victoria {winner}
Ella Virginia {pure}
Ella Viviana {life} fave✨

Final thoughts on choosing the best middle name for Ella

Ella is such a pretty and feminine name for a girl, so it only makes sense that this many middle names go so nicely with it!

Here’s a shortlist of my personal favorite name combinations:

    • Ella Rose
    • Ella Lennox
    • Ella Ruby
    • Ella Abigail
    • Ella Juliette
    • Ella Magnolia

Congratulations and good luck choosing the perfect middle name for Ella.

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