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133 Beautiful Middle Names for Violet

Oct 18, 2021

133 Beautiful Middle Names for Violet

Choosing the perfect middle name for Violet…

If you’ve chosen the name Violet for your daughter, congrats… you’ve ‘picked’ a gorgeous name that’s both botanical and colorful.

Violet is currently the 37th most popular name for baby girls in the United States.

It has 2 different meanings:

  • Flower: Violets are purple flowers with five petals.
  • Color: Violet is a bluish-purple color of light located at the short wavelength end of the visible spectrum.

Purple is associated with royalty, which is perfect for your little princess!

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Now it’s time to find the perfect name to go with Violet, which is easier said than done.

Whether you want something trendy, classic, edgy, cute, or uncommon, this list of middle names for Violet has it all!

Note that I’ve marked all of my top picks with the word fave!

middle names for violet

One syllable middle names for Violet (A-J)

All of these great one-syllable names pair nicely with the girl’s name Violet.

Violet Anne {grace}
Violet Belle {beautiful}
Violet Birch {tree}
Violet Blake {fair or light}
Violet Brie {marshland}
Violet Bryn {hill}
Violet Cove {sheltered bay} fave
Violet Eve {life}
Violet Faye {fairy}
Violet Grace {goodness} fave
Violet Hale {hollow dweller}
Violet Hart {brave} fave

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Violet Hayes {brushwood}
Violet Hope {great expectations}
Violet Jade {green stone}
Violet James {supplanter}
Violet Jane {gracious}
Violet Jewel {precious stone} fave
Violet Jules {youthful}
Violet June {sixth month}

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One syllable middle names for Violet (K-Z)

Violet Kate {pure}
Violet Lane {pathway} fave
Violet Leigh {delicate}
Violet Liv {life}
Violet Paige {helper}
Violet Pearl {gem}
Violet Quinn {counsel}
Violet Rai {like ray of light}
Violet Rain {precipitation} fave
Violet Reese {fiery}

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Violet Rey {king}
Violet Rhett {advice}
Violet Rose {flower}
Violet Sage {grayish green herb}
Violet Sky {limitless} fave
Violet Storm {weather event}

purple violet flower

Two syllable middle names for Violet A-E

Continuing on with some cool double-syllable monikers that pair perfectly with Violet!

Violet Arden {great forest}
Violet Aspen {tree w/ heart leaves}
Violet Aster {a daisy-like flower}
Violet Audra {noble strength}
Violet Ava {life}
Violet Ayla {oak tree}
Violet Clara {clear + bright}
Violet Cora {maiden}
Violet Daisy {flower name}
Violet Dana {gift}
Violet Dara {oak tree}

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Violet Delia {born on Delos}
Violet Demi {half}
Violet Eden {place of delight} fave
Violet Ella {fairy maiden}
Violet Elsie {pledged to God}
Violet Elyse {abundance}
Violet Ember {spark} fave
Violet Embry {flat topped hill}
Violet Emma {whole}

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Two syllable middle names for Violet F-L

Violet Haley {hay clearing}
Violet Haven {safe place}
Violet Hazel {of the Hazelnut tree}
Violet Ivy {plant}
Violet Jolie {pretty}
Violet Juno {Roman goddess}
Violet Kara {Cornish name for love}
Violet Kira {throne}
Violet Kylie {a boomerang}
Violet Lacey {from Lassy} fave
Violet Laila {night} fave

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Violet Lani {sky in Hawaiian}
Violet Lara {fortress}
Violet Layla {night}
Violet Leah {weary}
Violet Lena {ray of light}
Violet Lexi {defender}
Violet Lila {night}
Violet Lily {flower}
Violet Lucy {light}
Violet Luna {moon} fave
Violet Lyla {night} fave
Violet Lyra {lyre harp}

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Two syllable middle names for Violet M-Z

Violet Mabel {lovable}
Violet Macie {weapon}
Violet Mara {a river}
Violet Marie {star of the sea} fave
Violet Marin {place near SF}
Violet Maya {water} fave
Violet Mazie {child of light}
Violet Mercy {compassion}
Violet Meryl {of the bright sea}
Violet Mia {mine}
Violet Mila {beloved}

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Violet Mira {peace}
Violet Monet {to be heard}
Violet Nila {dark blue}
Violet Noe {peaceful} fave
Violet Nova {new}
Violet Onyx {gem}
Violet Penny {from Penelope}
Violet Peri {mountain dweller}
Violet Piper {flute player}
Violet Poppy {red flower}
Violet Raven {black bird} fave

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Violet Rebel {maverick}
Violet Remi {oarsman}
Violet Reva {rain} fave
Violet Riley {wood clearing}
Violet Rory {red king}
Violet Rowan {reddish brown tree}
Violet Roxy {dawn}
Violet Ruby {strong red gemstone}
Violet Ryder {horsewoman}
Violet Rylan {island meadow} fave
Violet Rylee {valiant}

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Violet Sadie {princess}
Violet Terra {earth}
Violet Valli {winding plant}
Violet Zoey {life}
Violet Zuri {good + beautiful}

Three syllable middle names for Violet

Finally, here are some incredible 3-syllable middle names that go well with the first name Violet!

Violet Alana {cheerful}
Violet Amara {grace}
Violet Aria {melody or air}
Violet Arya {air or melody}
Violet Avery {elf king} fave
Violet Delia {born on Delos}
Violet Eliza {pledged to God}
Violet Emery {industrious} fave
Violet Fiona {fair}
Violet Genevieve {tribal woman}
Violet Ivory {white}

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Violet Josephine {Jehovah shall grow}
Violet Lillian {lily}
Violet Lydia {beautiful one}
Violet Malia {bitter}

middle names for violet

Final thoughts on choosing the best middle name for Violet

You really can’t go wrong with the girl’s name Violet! It’s a colorful organic name that works well with SO many middle names!

With this huge list of middle names for Violet at your fingertips, hopefully, you won’t need to spend hours scrolling through endless lists elsewhere.

If you’ve managed to narrow down your shortlist, be sure to make sure that your daughter’s initials don’t spell any undesirable words, medical conditions, or organizations. (A quick Google search will rule this out right away.)

Congratulations and good luck choosing the perfect middle name for Violet.

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middle names for violet

Middle Names for Violet