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500 Amazing Middle Names for Violet

Oct 18, 2021

500 Amazing Middle Names for Violet

AHEAD: The ultimate list of middle names that go with the first name Violet.

If you’ve chosen the name Violet for your daughter, congrats… you’ve ‘picked’ a gorgeous nature name that’s both botanical and colorful.

Violet is currently the 37th most popular name for baby girls in the United States.

It has 2 different meanings:

  • Flower: Violets are purple flowers with five petals.
  • Color: Violet is a bluish-purple color of light located at the short-wavelength end of the visible spectrum.

Purple is associated with royalty, which is perfect for your little princess!

baby girl violet

Now it’s time to find the perfect name to go with Violet, which is easier said than done.

Whether you want something trendy, elegant, classic, edgy, cute, or uncommon, this ENORMOUS list of middle names for Violet has it all!

I’ve highlighted all of my personal favorites in the graphics throughout! They’re also marked with a purple heart. 💜

middle names for violet

One syllable middle names for Violet (A-J)

All of these great one-syllable names pair nicely with the girl’s name Violet.

  • Violet Anne {grace}
  • Violet Belle {beautiful} 💜
  • Violet Birch {tree}
  • Violet Blair {field or plain}
  • Violet Blake {fair or light}
  • Violet Bloom {to flower}
  • Violet Brooke {small stream} 💜
  • Violet Brie {marshland}
  • Violet Bryn {hill}
  • Violet Claire {clear or bright}
  • Violet Cove {sheltered bay} 💜
  • Violet Dawn {daybreak} 💜
  • Violet Dove {bird}
  • Violet Elm {tree}
  • Violet Eve {life} 💜
  • Violet Fawn {young deer}
  • Violet Faye {fairy}
  • Violet Finch {colorful bird}
  • Violet Fleur {flower in French}
  • Violet Gem {precious stone}
  • Violet Grace {goodness}
  • Violet Hale {hollow dweller}
  • Violet Hart {brave} 💜

middle names for violet one syllable

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  • Violet Hayes {brushwood} 💜
  • Violet Hope {expectation}
  • Violet Jade {green stone}
  • Violet James {supplanter}
  • Violet Jane {gracious}
  • Violet Jewel {precious stone}
  • Violet Jules {youthful} 💜
  • Violet June {sixth month}

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One syllable middle names for Violet (K-Z)

The name combinations continue!

  • Violet Kate {pure}
  • Violet Lace {fine knit}
  • Violet Lake {water}
  • Violet Lane {pathway} 💜
  • Violet Lark {songbird} 💜
  • Violet Leigh {delicate}
  • Violet Liv {life}
  • Violet Lynx {wild cat}
  • Violet Maeve {she who intoxicates}
  • Violet Mae {bitter or pearl}
  • Violet Moon {satellite} 💜
  • Violet Oak {large tree}
  • Violet Paige {helper}
  • Violet Pearl {gem}
  • Violet Quinn {counsel}
  • Violet Rai {like ray of light}
  • Violet Rayne {precipitation} 💜
  • Violet Reese {fiery}

list middle names for violet one syllable

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  • Violet Rey {king}
  • Violet Rhett {advice}
  • Violet Rose {flower}
  • Violet Sage {herb}
  • Violet Shay {tropical tree}
  • Violet Sky {limitless} 💜
  • Violet Sloane {warrior}
  • Violet Starr {astronomical object}
  • Violet Storm {weather event}
  • Violet Wren {small bird}

purple violet flower

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Two syllable middle names for Violet A-E

Now we’ll tackle some cool double-syllable middle names that pair perfectly with Violet!

  • Violet Agnes {pure}
  • Violet Alice {noble}
  • Violet Ainsley {solitary meadow}
  • Violet April {fourth month}
  • Violet Arden {great forest} 💜
  • Violet Aspen {tree} 💜
  • Violet Aster {daisy-like flower}
  • Violet Astrid {divinely beautiful}
  • Violet Aubrey {magical being}
  • Violet Audra {noble strength}
  • Violet Autumn {fall}
  • Violet Ava {life}
  • Violet Avril {April in French}
  • Violet Ayla {oak tree} 💜

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  • Violet Bailey {law enforcer}
  • Violet Beckett {beehive}
  • Violet Bella {beautiful}
  • Violet Blakely {dark wood} 💜
  • Violet Braylee {invented name}
  • Violet Brennan {sorrow}
  • Violet Bria {hill or noble}
  • Violet Brinkley {woodland clearing}
  • Violet Brooklyn {beautiful brook}

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  • Violet Cadence {rhythm}
  • Violet Camden {winding valley}
  • Violet Camille {religious servant}
  • Violet Camryn {crooked nose}
  • Violet Cedar {evergreen tree}
  • Violet Cayla {slender}
  • Violet Chloe {plant sprout}
  • Violet Clara {clear + bright}
  • Violet Constance {steadfastness}
  • Violet Cora {maiden}
  • Violet Crystal {glass}

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  • Violet Daisy {flower}
  • Violet Dalton {valley settlement}
  • Violet Dana {gift}
  • Violet Daphne {evergreen tree}
  • Violet Dara {oak tree}
  • Violet Delia {born on Delos}
  • Violet Demi {half}
  • Violet Denver {green valley}
  • Violet Dixie {nickname for the South}

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  • Violet Eden {place of delight} 💜
  • Violet Ella {fairy maiden}
  • Violet Elsa {pledged to God}
  • Violet Elsie {pledged to God}
  • Violet Elyse {abundance}
  • Violet Ember {spark} 💜
  • Violet Embry {flat topped hill}
  • Violet Emma {whole}
  • Violet Esther {star}
  • Violet Eva {life}

middle names for violet two syllables

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Two syllable middle names for Violet F-L

Are you overwhelmed with all of these amazing middle names for the first name Violet? Hopefully not… because here come some more!

  • Violet Fable {short story} 💜
  • Violet Fairleigh {fern clearing}
  • Violet Farley {fern clearing}
  • Violet Farrah {happiness}
  • Violet Fenmore {dear love}
  • Violet Finley {blonde warrior}
  • Violet Forrest {woods}
  • Violet Frida {peace}

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  • Violet Garland {wreath} 💜
  • Violet Gemma {precious stone}
  • Violet Georgia {farmer}
  • Violet Gracelyn {graceful}
  • Violet Greta {pearl}
  • Violet Gretchen {pearl}

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  • Violet Hadley {heather clearing}
  • Violet Hailey {hay clearing} 💜
  • Violet Halston {holy stone}
  • Violet Hani {happy}
  • Violet Hannah {grace}
  • Violet Hansel {God is gracious}
  • Violet Harbor {safe place for ships}
  • Violet Harley {hare meadow}
  • Violet Harlow {rock hill} 💜
  • Violet Harper {harp player}
  • Violet Hartley {deer meadow}
  • Violet Hayden {heather valley}
  • Violet Hazel {of the Hazelnut tree}
  • Violet Heather {flowering plant}
  • Violet Heidi {noble}
  • Violet Henley {high meadow}
  • Violet Hera {protector}
  • Violet Holland {wooden land}
  • Violet Hollis {dweller near holly trees}

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  • Violet Indra {possessing drops of rain}
  • Violet Ingrid {loved or beautiful}
  • Violet Iris {rainbow in Greek}
  • Violet Isla {island}
  • Violet Ivette {evergreen tree}
  • Violet Ivy {plant}

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  • Violet Jacqueline {supplanter}
  • Violet Jasmine {gift from God}
  • Violet Joelle {Jehovah is God}
  • Violet Jolene {lord}
  • Violet Jolie {pretty}
  • Violet Jordan {flowing down}
  • Violet Josie {Jehovah increases}
  • Violet Jovie {joyful}
  • Violet Julep {rose water}

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  • Violet Kaia {the sea}
  • Violet Kaitlyn {pure}
  • Violet Kali {black one}
  • Violet Kayleigh {slim and fair}
  • Violet Kendall {valley of the river Kent}
  • Violet Kenzie {bright one}
  • Violet Kinsley {king’s meadow}
  • Violet Koa {Hawaiian for warrior}
  • Violet Kora {maiden}
  • Violet Korbyn {raven or little crow}

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  • Violet Lacey {from Lassy} 💜
  • Violet Laila {night}
  • Violet Lana {light, gracious, little rock}
  • Violet Lani {sky in Hawaiian}
  • Violet Lara {fortress}
  • Violet Laurel {evergreen tree}
  • Violet Layla {night}
  • Violet Leah {weary}
  • Violet Leighton {meadow town}
  • Violet Lena {ray of light}
  • Violet Lennon {lover or blackbird}
  • Violet Lennox {elm field}
  • Violet Leva {moon or white}
  • Violet Lia {bringer of good news}
  • Violet Lila {night}
  • Violet Lily {flower}
  • Violet Lindsey {place of linden trees}
  • Violet Londyn {from the great river}
  • Violet Lucy {light}
  • Violet Luna {moon}
  • Violet Lyla {night or dark} 💜
  • Violet Lyra {lyre harp}

middle names for violet 2 syllables

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Two syllable middle names for Violet M-Z

  • Violet Mabel {lovable}
  • Violet Macie {hill}
  • Violet Maisie {pearl}
  • Violet Maple {tree}
  • Violet Mara {river}
  • Violet Maren {sea}
  • Violet Marie {drop of the sea; or beloved}
  • Violet Marin {beautiful place near SF} 💜
  • Violet Marley {pleasant wood}
  • Violet Marlowe {driftwood}
  • Violet Maya {water}
  • Violet Mazie {child of light} 💜
  • Violet Meadow {freely growing grassland} 💜
  • Violet Meena {bird or blue stone}
  • Violet Mercy {compassion}
  • Violet Meryl {of the bright sea}
  • Violet Mia {mine}
  • Violet Michelle {like God}
  • Violet Mila {beloved}
  • Violet Milan {Italian city}
  • Violet Miley {invented name}
  • Violet Mira {wonderful}
  • Violet Mischa {honey bee}
  • Violet Monet {to be heard}
  • Violet Morgan {of the sea}

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  • Violet Nava {pleasant}
  • Violet Nicole {people of victory}
  • Violet Noa {motion or rest}
  • Violet Noe {peaceful}
  • Violet Noelle {Christmas}
  • Violet Nolen {champion}
  • Violet Nora {light}
  • Violet Nova {new}
  • Violet Nyla {champion}

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  • Violet Oakley {oak tree meadow}
  • Violet Onyx {gem}

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  • Violet Paisley {curved pattern}
  • Violet Palmer {she who holds the palm}
  • Violet Penny {from Penelope}
  • Violet Peri {mountain dweller}
  • Violet Peyton {fighter’s estate}
  • Violet Phoenix {mythical bird} 💜
  • Violet Piper {flute player}
  • Violet Poppy {red flower}
  • Violet Portia {pig}
  • Violet Presley {priest}
  • Violet Prudence {careful}

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  • Violet Rachel {female sheep}
  • Violet Raquel {innocent}
  • Violet Rayleigh {scattering of light}
  • Violet Raven {black bird} 💜
  • Violet Rayna {queen}
  • Violet Reagan {king}
  • Violet Rebel {maverick}
  • Violet Remi {oarsman}
  • Violet Reva {rain} 💜
  • Violet Rhea {to flow}
  • Violet Riley {wood clearing}
  • Violet Ripley {wood clearing}
  • Violet Rivers {flowing water} 💜
  • Violet Robin {bright}
  • Violet Rory {red king}
  • Violet Rowan {reddish brown tree}
  • Violet Roxy {dawn}
  • Violet Ruby {strong red gemstone}
  • Violet Ryan {little king}
  • Violet Ryder {horsewoman}
  • Violet Rylan {island meadow} 💜
  • Violet Rylee {valiant}

list middle names for violet 2 syllables

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  • Violet Sadie {princess}
  • Violet Selene {moon goddess}
  • Violet Shiloh {tranquil}
  • Violet Skyler {scholar}
  • Violet Sophie {wisdom}
  • Violet Starlette {little star}
  • Violet Stella {star}
  • Violet Summer {season}
  • Violet Sutton {southern settlement}
  • Violet Sydney {wide meadow}
  • Violet Sylvie  {spirit of the forest}

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  • Violet Taylor {clothing tailor}
  • Violet Teagan {little poet}
  • Violet Tenille {champion or passionate}
  • Violet Terra {earth}
  • Violet Tillie {strength in battle}
  • Violet Tinsley {tynni’s meadow}
  • Violet Tyndall {science name}

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  • Violet Waverly {aspen meadow}
  • Violet Whitley {white meadow}
  • Violet Woodlyn {wood lake}
  • Violet Wynter {season}

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  • Violet Valli {winding plant}
  • Violet Yvette {evergreen tree}
  • Violet Yves {evergreen tree wood}

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  • Violet Zoey {life}
  • Violet Zuri {good + beautiful}

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Three syllable middle names for Violet

baby girl violet purple dress

Here are some incredible 3-syllable middle names that go well with the first name Violet!

  • Violet Abigail {father’s joy} 💜
  • Violet Adara {noble or virgin}
  • Violet Addilyn {nobility}
  • Violet Addison {Adam’s child}
  • Violet Adelaide {noble}
  • Violet Adelia {noble}
  • Violet Adeline {noble}
  • Violet Adella {noble}
  • Violet Agatha {good woman}
  • Violet Alaina {cheerful}
  • Violet Alana {cheerful}
  • Violet Alexis {defender}
  • Violet Alicia {noble}
  • Violet Alison {noble}
  • Violet Althea {with healing power}
  • Violet Alyssa {noble}
  • Violet Amalia {work}
  • Violet Amanda {worthy of love}
  • Violet Amara {grace}
  • Violet Amaya {pleasant place}
  • Violet Amelia {work}
  • Violet Amelie {work}
  • Violet Amina {trustworthy}
  • Violet Annalyse {beauty}
  • Violet Antoinette {priceless one}
  • Violet Aria {air or melody}
  • Violet Ariel {lion}
  • Violet Athena {goddess}
  • Violet Aubrielle {invented name}
  • Violet Augusta {magnificent}
  • Violet Aurelia {golden one}
  • Violet Aurora {dawn}
  • Violet Avery {elf king} 💜
  • Violet Avian {bird-like}

middle names for violet 3 syllables

  • Violet Bethany {house of figs}
  • Violet Brianna {strong and honorable}
  • Violet Briella {God is my strength}
  • Violet Camilla {religious servant}
  • Violet Caroline {free woman or strong}
  • Violet Carrington {place in the UK}
  • Violet Cassidy {curly-haired}
  • Violet Celia {heavenly}
  • Violet Cierra {mountain range or saw}
  • Violet Coraline {diminutive of coral}
  • Violet Cordelia {daughter of the sea}
  • Violet Cynthia {moon goddess}
  • Violet Dahlia {flower}
  • Violet Dakota {friend or ally}
  • Violet Dalary {of the air}
  • Violet Daniella {God is judge}
  • Violet Davina {beloved}
  • Violet Delaney {challenger’s descendant}
  • Violet Delia {born on the island of Delos}
  • Violet Delilah {delicate}
  • Violet Delphina {woman from Delphi}
  • Violet Desiree {desired}
  • Violet Eleanor {shining one}
  • Violet Elena {shining light}
  • Violet Eliza {pledged to God}
  • Violet Ellery {alder tree}
  • Violet Elliott {the Lord is my God}
  • Violet Ellison {child of Elias}
  • Violet Elodie {wealth}
  • Violet Eloise {healthy}
  • Violet Elora {God is my light}
  • Violet Elowen {elm tree} 💜
  • Violet Emberly {spark}
  • Violet Emerald {green gemstone}
  • Violet Emerson {Emery’s daughter}
  • Violet Emery {brave or industrious}
  • Violet Emilia {excel}
  • Violet Emily {rival or to excel}
  • Violet Emmeline {work}
  • Violet Evelyn {wished for child}
  • Violet Everly {brave} 💜
  • Violet Everleigh {brave} 💜
  • Violet Fiona {fair}
  • Violet Fiora {little flower}
  • Violet Florentine {native of Florence}
  • Violet Francesca {free person}
  • Violet Gabrielle {strong woman}
  • Violet Galia {born in waves}
  • Violet Gardenia {flowering plant}
  • Violet Genevieve {tribal woman}
  • Violet Guinevere {white wave}
  • Violet Gwendolyn {white ring}
  • Violet Hadilyn {invented name}
  • Violet Halia {remembrance of a loved one}
  • Violet Harriet {home}
  • Violet Havana {capital city of Cuba}
  • Violet Havilah {stretch of sand}
  • Violet Idara {invented name}
  • Violet Idella {industrious one}
  • Violet Idina {wealthy}
  • Violet Ilana {tree in Hebrew}
  • Violet Indigo {blue or Indian dye}
  • Violet Ireland {country}
  • Violet Isabelle {promise}
  • Violet Ivella {meaning unknown}
  • Violet Ivory {white}
  • Violet Johanna {God is gracious}
  • Violet Josephine {Jehovah increases}
  • Violet Jubilee {celebration}
  • Violet Julia {youthful}
  • Violet Julianne {youthful}
  • Violet Juliette {youthful}
  • Violet Juniper {evergreen shrub}
  • Violet Kehlani {sea and sky}
  • Violet Kennedy {helmeted chief}
  • Violet Kensington {part of London}
  • Violet Lavender {purple flower}
  • Violet Leilani {heavenly flower}
  • Violet Lillian {lily flower}
  • Violet Liana {to climb like a vine}
  • Violet Lydia {beautiful one}
  • Violet Mackenzie {daughter of Kenneth}
  • Violet Madeleine {woman from Israel}
  • Violet Madeline {woman from Israel}
  • Violet Madelyn {woman from Israel} 💜
  • Violet Madison {child of Matthew}
  • Violet Makayla {like God}
  • Violet Malaya {freedom}
  • Violet Malia {bitter}
  • Violet Mallory {unlucky}
  • Violet Margaret {pearl}
  • Violet Marielle {drop of the sea or beloved}
  • Violet Marigold {golden flower}
  • Violet Marilyn {Mary + Lynn}
  • Violet Marina {of the sea}
  • Violet Marion {drop of the sea; or beloved}
  • Violet Matilda {strength in battle}
  • Violet McKenna {child of Cionaodh}
  • Violet Mckinley {child of the fair hero}
  • Violet Melody {song}
  • Violet Meredith {great ruler}
  • Violet Merida {one who has achieved honor}
  • Violet Milana {pleasant + gracious}
  • Violet Milani {invented name}
  • Violet Muriel {sparkling sea}
  • Violet Nadia {hope}
  • Violet Naomi {pleasantness}
  • Violet Natasha {birthday}
  • Violet Novella {short novel}
  • Violet November {11th month}
  • Violet Ophelia {help}
  • Violet Pandora {gifted}
  • Violet Remington {raven}
  • Violet Reverie {daydream}
  • Violet Rhiannon {divine queen}
  • Violet Rosalie {rose}
  • Violet Samara {winged seed}
  • Violet Savannah {treeless plain}
  • Violet Sienna {orange-red}
  • Violet Sierra {mountain range}
  • Violet Sophia {wisdom}
  • Violet Tazara {elegance + grace}
  • Violet Trinity {triad}
  • Violet Zinnia {flower}

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Four syllable middle names for Violet

Last but not least, here are some quadruple-syllable middle names for Violet!

  • Violet Adelia {noble}
  • Violet Adriana {person of Adria}
  • Violet Alessia {defender}
  • Violet Alexandra {defender}
  • Violet Alexia {defender}
  • Violet Amalia {work}
  • Violet Anastasia {resurrection}
  • Violet Angelina {angel}
  • Violet Annabella {graceful + beautiful}
  • Violet Arabella {yielding to prayer} 💜
  • Violet Arianna {most holy}
  • Violet Ariella {lioness}
  • Violet Arizona {small spring}
  • Violet Aurelia {golden one}
  • Violet Avianna {bird}
  • Violet Carolina {free woman}
  • Violet Catalina {pure}
  • Violet Cecilia {blind}
  • Violet Cordelia {daughter of the sea}
  • Violet Elianna {God has answered}
  • Violet Elizabeth {oath}
  • Violet Evangeline {bearer of good news}
  • Violet Evianna {God is gracious}
  • Violet Felicity {Happiness}
  • Violet Fiorella {little flower}
  • Violet Gabrianna {God is my strength}
  • Violet Gabriella {strong woman}
  • Violet Georgiana {farmer}
  • Violet Glorianna {glory to God}
  • Violet Henrietta {state ruler}
  • Violet Imania {faith}
  • Violet Isabella {promise} 💜
  • Violet Isadora {gift of goddess Isis}
  • Violet Izaria {invented name}
  • Violet Juliana {youthful}
  • Violet Leonora {light}
  • Violet Liliana {care free}
  • Violet Magnolia {tree}
  • Violet Marianna {beloved}
  • Violet Mariella {beloved} 💜
  • Violet Marietta {beloved}
  • Violet Mirabella {admirable + beautiful}
  • Violet Natalia {Christmas day}
  • Violet Nazaria {meaning unknown}
  • Violet Octavia {eighth}
  • Violet Olivia {olive tree} 💜
  • Violet Penelope {weaver}
  • Violet Serafina {fiery}
middle names for violet

Final thoughts on choosing the best middle name for Violet

You really can’t go wrong with the girl’s name Violet! It’s a colorful organic name that works well with SO many middle names!

With this huge list of middle names for Violet at your fingertips, hopefully, you won’t need to spend hours scrolling through endless lists elsewhere.

If you’ve managed to narrow down your shortlist, make sure that your daughter’s initials don’t spell any undesirable words, medical conditions, or organizations. (A quick Google search will rule this out right away.)

Congratulations and good luck choosing the perfect middle name for Violet.

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middle names for violet

Middle Names for Violet