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135 Perfect Middle Names for Ellie

Apr 1, 2022

135 Perfect Middle Names for Ellie

AHEAD: A hand-picked list of names that flow perfectly with the first name Ellie.

If you’ve chosen the name Ellie for your daughter, congrats… you’ve picked a precious name with a glowing meaning.

Ellie means “bright” or “shining one”, which is perfect for the light of your life!

Originally a nickname for classic names like Eleanor and Elizabeth, this precious “E” name has become a popular given name in its own right.

Ellie is currently the 29th most popular name for baby girls in the United States.

(For reference, Eleanor comes in at #22, Elizabeth is #16, and Ella is #15).

baby girl in yellow shirt headband

There are SO many beautiful middle names that pair well with the first name Ellie.

Whether you want something trendy, classic, long, or short, this list of middle names for Ellie has it all!

P.S. Don’t miss my shortlist of favorites at the very end!

Let’s go check ’em out…

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Trendy middle names for Ellie

All of these middle names are popular choices for first names, ranking in the top 100 baby names.

Each name’s meaning is below.

Ellie Abigail

My father’s joy.

Ellie Addison

Daughter of Adam.

Ellie Avery

Elf king.

Ellie Brooklyn

Broken land or beautiful brook. A borough of NYC.

Ellie Caroline

Free woman or strong.

Ellie Charlotte

Free woman. The most populous city in North Carolina.

Ellie Delilah


Ellie Hailey

Hay meadow.

Ellie Hannah ⭐️


Ellie Harper

Harp player.

Ellie Hazel ⭐️

Of the Hazelnut tree.

Ellie Jade

Green stone.

Ellie Josephine

Jehovah increases.

Ellie Kennedy

Helmeted chief.

Ellie Kinsley

King’s meadow.

Ellie Madeline

Woman from Israel.

Ellie Madelyn

Woman from Israel.

Ellie Madison

Child of Matthew.

Ellie Maya


Ellie Natalia

Christmas day.

Ellie Paisley

A cute curved pattern.

Ellie Piper ⭐️

Flute player.

Ellie Quinn

Descendant of Conn.

Ellie Sarah


Ellie Savannah

Treeless plain.

Ellie Scarlett


Ellie Skylar


Ellie Sophia ⭐️


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Ellie Valentina


Ellie Victoria


Ellie Violet ⭐️


If you like these trendy middle names for Ellie you might also like this list of modern names.

One syllable middle names for Ellie

All of these baby names have just one syllable and compliment the name Ellie nicely!

Ellie Beth

Pledged to God. In Hebrew means house and is the second letter of the alphabet.

Ellie Birch

Tree renowned for its unusual bark that peels like paper.

Ellie Blair

Field or plain.

Ellie Blake ⭐️

Bright and shining.

Ellie Brooke ⭐️

Small stream.

Ellie Brynn


Ellie Claire ⭐️

Clear or bright.

Ellie Cove

Coastal inlet.

Ellie Dawn


Ellie Finch

A colorful bird. Also means to swindle, but focus on the first meaning.

Ellie Grace


Ellie Hart


Ellie Jane

Noble or gracious.

Ellie Jewel

Precious stone.

Ellie June

Sixth month.

Ellie Mae

Bitter or pearl.

Ellie Paige ⭐️


Ellie Pearl


Ellie Reese ⭐️


Ellie Rose


Ellie Roux


Ellie Sage

Grayish green herb.

If you like these single-syllable middle names for Ellie check out this complete list of one-syllable girls’ names.

Gender-neutral middle names for Ellie

All of these middle names would work for a boy or a girl. They’re cute with the first name Ellie.

Ellie Camden

Winding valley.

Ellie Hayden

Heather or hay valley.

Ellie Hayes


Ellie James


Ellie Jules


Ellie Leighton

Meadow town.

Ellie Lennox ⭐️

Elm field.

Ellie Phoenix

A mythical bird that rises from the ashes and is born again.

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Ellie Rylan

Island meadow or rye land.

Ellie Saylor

Boat worker.

Ellie Shiloh

Tranquil. Peaceful.

Ellie Tatum

Bringer of joy. Tata’s homestead.

Ellie Taylor

Clothing tailor.

Ellie Teagan

Little poet.

If you like these gender-neutral middle names for Ellie check out this great list of nonbinary names.

Nature-inspired middle names for Ellie

These middle names for Ellie have meanings related to the earth, sky, sea, animals, and seasons.

Ellie Harlow ⭐️

Rock hill.

Ellie Juniper ⭐️

Young. Also an evergreen shrub with berries.

Ellie Lavender ⭐️

A lovely purple flower.

Ellie Meadow

Freely growing grassland.

Ellie Morgan

Of the sea.

Ellie Palmer

She who holds the palm. A pilgrim who carried palm branches back from the Holy Land.

Ellie Primrose

First rose.

Ellie Raven


Ellie Rowan

Reddish-brown tree known for its scarlet berries and mystical history.

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Ellie Tyndall

The Tyndall Effect refers to the light scattering by particles such that blue light is scattered much more strongly than red light.

Ellie Winter

The coldest season.

If you like these earthy and botanical middle names for Ellie check out this complete list of nature names.

4-syllable middle names for Ellie

If you’re looking for a middle name for Ellie with a melodic ring to it, consider one of these quadruple-syllable options!

Ellie Adriana

Person of Adria.

Ellie Alexandra


Ellie Annabella

Graceful + beautiful.

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Ellie Arabella

Yielding to prayer.

Ellie Aubriella

Invented name.

Ellie Gabrianna

God is my strength or strong woman.

Ellie Georgiana


Ellie Henrietta

Estate ruler.

Ellie Isadora

Gift of the goddess Isis.

Ellie Juliana


Ellie Leonora


Ellie Liliana


Ellie Magnolia ⭐️

A tree with large glossy leaves and huge white blossoms.

Ellie Mariana

Drop of the sea. Beloved.

Ellie Marietta

Drop of the sea. Beloved.

Ellie Mirabella


Ellie Octavia


Ellie Philomena

Lover of strength.

Ellie Serafina


Ellie Theodora

Gift of God.

Ellie Veronica

She who brings victory

Ellie Viviana


Ellie Willamina

With gilded helmet. Will. Desire. Protection.

Ellie Wisteria

A plant with cascades of bluish purple flowers.

If you like these lengthy middle names for Ellie check out this complete list of 4-syllable girl names.

3-syllable middle names for Ellie

All of these middle names are three-syllables.

Ellie Desiree


Ellie Juliette ⭐️


Ellie Kensington

Part of London, England.

Ellie Rebecca

To tie or bind.

Ellie Rhiannon

Divine queen.

If you like these triple-syllable middle names for Ellie check out this complete list of three-syllable girl names.

Vintage middle names for Ellie

Last but not least, these middle names for Ellie are inspired by the magic of another era.

Ellie Bridget


Ellie Celeste


Ellie Clara

Clear and bright.

Ellie Constance


Ellie Coraline

Diminutive of coral.

Ellie Corinne

Girl or maiden.

Ellie Cornelia


Ellie Cosette

Victorious or little thing.

Ellie Frances

From France; or free person.

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Ellie Francesca

From France; or free person.

Ellie Genevieve

Tribal woman.

Ellie Georgia


Ellie Gretchen


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Ellie Guinevere

White wave.

Ellie Gwendolyn

White ring.

Ellie Harriet


Ellie Katherine


Ellie Mabel


Ellie Madeleine

Woman from Israel.

Ellie Margaret


Ellie Marion

Drop of the sea; or beloved.

Ellie Ophelia


Ellie Philippa

Lover of horses.

Ellie Phoebe

Shining one. A medium-sized bird native to North and South America.

Ellie Prudence


Ellie Rosalind

Pretty rose.

Ellie Tabitha

Gazelle or graceful.

Ellie Vivian


Ellie Winifred

Peaceful friend or blessed peacemaker.

If you love old-fashioned names check out this huge list of vintage girl names.

Final thoughts on choosing a middle name for the first name Ellie

Hopefully, you’ve found a few middle names that you love on this list, or at least come away with some baby name inspiration.

Here are my personal favorites:

  • Ellie Blake
  • Ellie Brooke
  • Ellie Charlotte
  • Ellie Claire
  • Ellie Hannah
  • Ellie Harlow
  • Ellie Hazel
  • Ellie Juliette
  • Ellie Juniper
  • Ellie Lavender
  • Ellie Lennox
  • Ellie Magnolia
  • Ellie Margaret
  • Ellie Paige
  • Ellie Piper
  • Ellie Reese
  • Ellie Sophia
  • Ellie Violet

Whether you prefer a name that’s trendy, traditional, exotic, long, short, familiar, or rare, all of these girls’ names are beautiful choices.

Congratulations and good luck choosing the perfect middle name for your daughter, Ellie!

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Middle Names for Ellie